List of Battle Chips from Rockman EXE 4.5 Real Operation.

The Battle Chip descriptions are from different English games.


-The "mode" chips (sword mode, cannonball mode, etc) are unique to Rockman.exe 4.5

-As for effects of mode chips, the navi will move around across the stage and keep attacking with what seems to be unlimited ammo of what's on the mode chip for a period of time.

Standard Chips

# Image Name Damage Description
001BN45Chip001Cannon40Cannon to attack 1 enemy
002BN45Chip002HiCannon80Cannon to attack 1 enemy
003BN45Chip003Mega Cannon120Cannon to attack 1 enemy
004BN45Chip004Air Shot20Knocks enemy back 1
005BN45Chip005Vulcan 1103-shot to pierce 1 panel!
006BN45Chip006Vulcan 2105-shot to pierce 1 panel!
007BN45Chip007Vulcan 3107-shot to pierce 1 panel!
008BN45Chip008Spread Gun (Spreader)30Creates a large explosion
009BN45Chip009Heat Shot40Explodes 1 square behind
010BN45Chip010Heat-V70Explodes 2 diag. squares
011BN45Chip011Heat Side100Explodes up, down on hit
012BN45Chip012Bubble Shot (Bubbler)50Explodes 1 square behind
013BN45Chip013Bubble-V80Explodes 2 diag. squares
014BN45Chip014Bubble Side110Explodes up, down on hit
015BN45Chip015Thunder Ball 140Paralyzing electric attack!
016BN45Chip016Thunder Ball 260Paralyzing electric attack!
017BN45Chip017Thunder Ball 380Paralyzing electric attack!
018BN45Chip018Wide Shot 160Fires 3sq shotgun blast!
019BN45Chip019Wide Shot 280Fires 3sq shotgun blast!
020BN45Chip020Wide Shot 3100Fires 3sq shotgun blast!
021BN45Chip021Flame Line 170Firebeam 2sq ahead 3sq long!
022BN45Chip022Flame Line 2120Firebeam 2sq ahead 3sq long!
023BN45Chip023Flame Line 3170Firebeam 2sq ahead 3sq long!
024BN45Chip024Gun del Sol 1-Sunshine appear w/ Button
025BN45Chip025Gun del Sol 2-Sunshine appear w/ Button
026BN45Chip026Gun del Sol 3-Sunshine appear w/ Button
027BN45Chip027Blizzard100Snowstorm attack! Ice Panel
028BN45Chip028Heat Breath90Magma Firestorm attack!
029BN45Chip029Elec Shock80Cracker Electric blast
030BN45Chip030Woody Powder100Changes panels to grass
031BN45Chip031Sand Ring-Opens a pitfall trap
032BN45Chip032Twin Fang 170Launch 2 fangs up and down
033BN45Chip033Twin Fang 2100Launch 2 fangs up and down
034BN45Chip034Twin Fang 3130Launch 2 fangs up and down
035BN45Chip035Element Flare1003-sq atk
Powerful on magma!
036BN45Chip036Element Ice1003-sq atk
Powerful on ice
037BN45Chip037Element Leaf803-sq atk
Powerful on grass
038BN45Chip038Element Sand1203-sq atk
Powerful on pitfall
039BN45Chip039MagBolt 190Shocks an enemy ahead
040BN45Chip040MagBolt 2110Shocks an enemy ahead
041BN45Chip041MagBolt 3130Shocks an enemy ahead
042BN45Chip042Tornado20Creates 8 whirlwind ahead
043BN45Chip043Noise Storm (Static)20A static blast 2sq ahead
044BN45Chip044Mini Bomb50Throws a bomb 3 squares
045BN45Chip045Energy Bomb40Throws bomb 3sq ahead
046BN45Chip046Mega Energy Bomb60Throws bomb 3sq ahead
047BN45Chip047Cannon Ball140Breaks 3rd panel ahead
048BN45Chip048Black Bomb210Firebomb hits 3rd sq ahead!
049BN45Chip049Geyser200Geyser 3 squares forward
050BN45Chip050Bug Bomb-Throws a bug-bomb 3sq ahead
051BN45Chip051Bound Note 1 (Binder1)60Fires a sonic blast
052BN45Chip052Bound Note 280Fires a sonic blast
053BN45Chip053Bound Note 3100Fires a sonic blast
054BN45Chip054Sword80Cuts enemy in front! Range: 1
055BN45Chip055Wide Sword80Cuts enemy in front! Range: 3
056BN45Chip056Long Sword80Cuts enemy in front! Range: 2
057BN45Chip057Wide Blade130Cuts enemy in front! Range: 3
058BN45Chip058Long Blade130Cuts enemy in front! Range: 2
059BN45Chip059Custom Sword???Cust Gauge = Atk Str
060BN45Chip060Variable Sword150A magical shifting sword
061BN45Chip061Iai Form (Slasher)240Cut while A Button is held!
062BN45Chip062Fuujin Racket (WindRack)100Blow enemy in front! Range: 3
063BN45Chip063Air Hockey 150Ricochet attack to right
064BN45Chip064Air Hockey 260Ricochet attack to right
065BN45Chip065Air Hockey 370Ricochet attack to right
066BN45Chip066Counter 170Counter-attack to enemy
067BN45Chip067Counter 2110Counter-attack to enemy
068BN45Chip068Counter 3150Counter-attack to enemy
069BN45Chip069Boomerang 160Boomerang encircles field
070BN45Chip070Boomerang 280Boomerang encircles field
071BN45Chip071Boomerang 3100Boomerang encircles field
072BN45Chip072Side Bamboo 180Lance attack 3sq ahead
073BN45Chip073Side Bamboo 2110Lance attack 3sq ahead
074BN45Chip074Side Bamboo 3140Lance attack 3sq ahead
075BN45Chip075Bamboo Lance130Lances through back line
076BN45Chip076White Web 140Stretches web over enemy area
077BN45Chip077White Web 240Stretches web on enemy area
078BN45Chip078White Web 340Stretches web under enemy area
079BN45Chip079Moko Rush 1603 Molokos charge the enemy
080BN45Chip080Moko Rush 2903 Molokos charge the enemy
081BN45Chip081Moko Rush 31203 Molokos charge the enemy
082BN45Chip082Circle Gun 180Stop site w/ Button and attack
083BN45Chip083Circle Gun 2100Stop site w/ Button and attack
084BN45Chip084Circle Gun 3120Stop site w/ Button and attack
085BN45Chip085Kamon Snake20Snake from hole in area
086BN45Chip086Magnum130Cursor destroys panel!
087BN45Chip087Big Hammer 1160Hammr atk smashes in front!
088BN45Chip088Big Hammer 2220Hammr atk smashes in front!
089BN45Chip089Big Hammer 3280Hammr atk smashes in front!
090BN45Chip090Boys Bomb 1220Places BoyBom in your area
091BN45Chip091Boys Bomb 2250Places BoyBom in your area
092BN45Chip092Boys Bomb 3280Places BoyBom in your area
093BN45Chip093Count Bomb (TimeBomb)150An area-wide time bomb
094BN45Chip094Stealth Mine300Places a mine in enemy area
095BN45Chip095Rock Cube-Places a rock cube in front
096BN45Chip096Toppuu (Wind)-WindBox blows at enemy area
097BN45Chip097Suikomi (Fan)-VacuumFan pulls enemies
098BN45Chip098Ouenka (Fanfare)-Take no dmg for a while
099BN45Chip099Discord-Confuses enemies w/ music
100BN45Chip100Timpani-Paralyzes enemies w/ music
101BN45Chip101Silence-MuteAnt to blind enemy
102BN45Chip102Waraningyou (VDoll)-Throws VDoll ahead
103BN45Chip103MetGuard150Repels enemy's attack
104BN45Chip104MetGuard280Repels enemy's attack
105BN45Chip105MetGuard3110Repels enemy's attack
106BN45Chip106Crack Out-Destroys 1 panel in front
107BN45Chip107Double Crack-Destroys 2 panels in front
108BN45Chip108Triple Crack-Destroys 3 panels in front
109BN45Chip109Recovery 10-Recovers 10HP
110BN45Chip110Recovery 30-Recovers 30HP
111BN45Chip111Recovery 50-Recovers 50HP
112BN45Chip112Recovery 80-Recovers 80HP
113BN45Chip113Recovery 120-Recovers 120HP
114BN45Chip114Recovery 150-Recovers 150HP
115BN45Chip115Recovery 200-Recovers 200HP
116BN45Chip116Recovery 300-Recovers 300HP
117BN45Chip117Repair-Recovers HP of items
118BN45Chip118Panel Steal (PanlGrab)-Steals 1 enemy square!
119BN45Chip119Area Steal (AreaGrab)-Steals left edge from enemy
120BN45Chip120Steal Jelly (MetaGel)120Gel attack steals a panel!
121BN45Chip121Steal Punish (GrabBnsh)-Retaliate stolen panels!
122BN45Chip122Steal Revenge (GrabRvng)-Retaliate stolen panels!
123BN45Chip123Panel Return-Fix your area's panels
124BN45Chip124Deathmatch 1 (Geddon1)-Cracks all panel on screen
125BN45Chip125Deathmatch 2-Breaks all empty panels
126BN45Chip126Deathmatch 3-Turns all panels to swamp
127BN45Chip127Heavy Gauge (SloGauge)-CustGauge Temporary slow-down
128BN45Chip128Quick Gauge (FstGauge)-CustGauge Temporary speed-up
129BN45Chip129Blind-Blinds enemy w/ light
130BN45Chip130Super Kitakaze (NrthWind)-Wind blows off aura, barriers
131BN45Chip131Holy Panel-Creates a HolyPanl in front
132BN45Chip132Dark Hole-Appears Hole in front
133BN45Chip133Invisible-Invisible for a while
134BN45Chip134Yukashita (PopUp)-Attacks frm under ground
135BN45Chip135Barrier-Nullifies 10 HP of damage
136BN45Chip136Barrier 100-Nullifies 100 HP of damage
137BN45Chip137Barrier 200-Nullifies 200 HP of damage
138BN45Chip138Kakigenkin (AntiFire)200Fire atk damages you
139BN45Chip139Daikouzui (AntiWatr)200Water atk damages you
140BN45Chip140Hiraishin (AntiElec)200Elec atk damages you
141BN45Chip141Mayoi no Mori (AntiWood)200Wood atk damages you
142BN45Chip142Kawarimi (AntiDmg)120Sets trap and throw stars
143BN45Chip143Shirahadori (AntiSwrd)100Retaliate for sword damage
144BN45Chip144Navi Scout (AntiNavi)-Takes the enemy's Navi away
145BN45Chip145Bad Medicine (AntiRecv)-Damages enemy in recovery
146BN45Chip146Copy Damage-Duplicate damage to 2nd enemy
147BN45Chip147Life Synchro-Makes enemy's HP same
148BN45Chip148Attack+10-+10 for selected atk chip
149BN45Chip149Navi+20-+20 for selected Navi chip
150BN45Chip150Color Point-+10 for next chip attack
151BN45Chip151Roll Arrow 150RollArrow destroys chips
152BN45Chip152Roll Arrow 270RollArrow destroys chips
153BN45Chip153Roll Arrow 390RollArrow destroys chips
154BN45Chip154Guts Punch 1100Launches GutPunch ahead
155BN45Chip155Guts Punch 2140Launches GutStrgt ahead
156BN45Chip156Guts Punch 3180Launches GutImpct ahead
157BN45Chip157Propeller Bomb 1120Rushing causes an explosion
158BN45Chip158Propeller Bomb 2160Rushing causes an explosion
159BN45Chip159Propeller Bomb 3200Rushing causes an explosion
160BN45Chip160Search Bomb 1 (SeekBom1)80Throws a bomb at the enemy
161BN45Chip161Search Bomb 2110Throws a bomb at the enemy
162BN45Chip162Search Bomb 3140Throws a bomb at the enemy
163BN45Chip163Meteo Rain 1 (Meteors1)50Fires 5 Meteors at enemy
164BN45Chip164Meteor Rain 260Fires 5 Meteors at enemy
165BN45Chip165Meteor Rain 370Fires 5 Meteors at enemy
166BN45Chip166Lightning 1100Thunder strikes obstacles
167BN45Chip167Lightning 2130Thunder strikes obstacles
168BN45Chip168Lightning 3160Thunder strikes obstacles
169BN45Chip169Hayabusa Giri 1 (HawkCut1)80Cut twice once wide once long
170BN45Chip170Hayabusa Giri 290Cut twice once wide once long
171BN45Chip171Hayabusa Giri 3100Cut twice once wide once long
172BN45Chip172Number Ball 1???3-shot ball atk reduce HP
173BN45Chip173Number Ball 2???4-shot ball atk reduce HP
174BN45Chip174Number Ball 3???5-shot ball atk reduce HP
175BN45Chip175Metal Gear 1100Gear crushes enemy area
176BN45Chip176Metal Gear 2130Gear crushes enemy area
177BN45Chip177Metal Gear 3160Gear crushes enemy area
178BN45Chip178Panel Shot 1100Lifts panel and throws it
179BN45Chip179Panel Shot 260Lifts panel and throws it
180BN45Chip180Panel Shot 380Lifts panel and throws it
181BN45Chip181Aqua Upper 1110Raises AquaTowrs frm crack
182BN45Chip182Aqua Upper 2140Raises AquaTowrs frm crack
183BN45Chip183Aqua Upper 3170Raises AquaTowrs frm crack
184BN45Chip184Green Wood 1120Raises WoodTowrs frm grass
185BN45Chip185Green Wood 2140Raises WoodTowrs frm grass
186BN45Chip186Green Wood 3160Raises WoodTowrs frm grass
187BN45Chip187Marking-Chase the enemy and attack!
188BN45Chip188Cannon Mode-Briefly fire many Cannons
189BN45Chip189Cannon Ball Mode-Briefly thrw many CannBalls
190BN45Chip190Sword Mode-Briefly slsh many LongSwrds

Mega Chips

# Image Name Damage Description
1BN45MChip001Super Vulcan1012-shot vulcan cannon
2BN45MChip002Neo Variable240A magical shifting sword
3BN45MChip003Shooting Star Swarm40Drop many meteor on enmy area
4BN45MChip004God Hammer250Places a stone statue
5BN45MChip005Ojizou-san (Guardian)200Statue retaliate when hit
6BN45MChip006Jealousy80More chip mean more damage
7BN45MChip007Bug Chain -Fires bugs into enmy area
8BN45MChip008Bug Fix -Repairs & removes bugs
9BN45MChip009Full Custom -CustGauge instantly refills
10BN45MChip010Dream Aura -Repels all attck under 200
11BN45MChip011Sanctuary -Chng all own panel to holy
12BN45MChip012Attack +30 - +30 for selected atk chip
13BN45MChip013Double Point - +20 for next chip attack
14BN45MChip014Muramasa Blade???EvilChip! Power = HP lost
15BN45MChip015Poison Anubis -EvilChip! Anubis poisons
16BN45MChip016Element Dark220EvilChip! Powerful ovr swamp
17BN45MChip017Black Wing20EvilChip! Wings descend
18BN45MChip018Dark Line -Turns all rows into Holes
19BN45MChip019Roll20Attcks an enmy, then heals you
20BN45MChip020Roll SP???Attcks an enmy, then heals you
21BN45MChip021Roll DS???Attcks an enmy, then heals you
22BN45MChip022GutsMan80GutsHammr destroys enmy area
23BN45MChip023GutsMan SP???GutsHammr destroys enmy area
24BN45MChip024GutsMan DS???GutsHammr destroys enmy area
25BN45MChip025WindMan40Whirlwind that spin acrss 3sq
26BN45MChip026WindMan SP???Whirlwind that spin acrss 3sq
27BN45MChip027WindMan DS???Whirlwind that spin acrss 3sq
28BN45MChip028SearchMan20Stop site and fire 5 shots
29BN45MChip029SearchMan SP???Stop site and fire 5 shots
30BN45MChip030SearchMan DS???Stop site and fire 5 shots
31BN45MChip031FireMan100Fire burn to front side
32BN45MChip032FireMan SP???Fire burn to front side
33BN45MChip033FireMan DS???Fire burn to front side
34BN45MChip034ThunderMan90Lightning strikes 3sq ahead
35BN45MChip035ThunderMan SP???Lightning strikes 3sq ahead
36BN45MChip036ThunderMan DS???Lightning strikes 3sq ahead
37BN45MChip037Blues (ProtoMan)100Rush up to enemy and slice
38BN45MChip038Blues SP???Rush up to enemy and slice
39BN45MChip039Blues DS???Rush up to enemy and slice
40BN45MChip040NumberMan30Bomb 3 ahead! Hits 9sq
41BN45MChip041NumberMan SP???Bomb 3 ahead! Hits 9sq
42BN45MChip042NumberMan DS???Bomb 3 ahead! Hits 9sq
43BN45MChip043MetalMan160Iron fist crushes 1sq ahead
44BN45MChip044MetalMan SP???Iron fist crushes 1sq ahead
45BN45MChip045MetalMan DS???Iron fist crushes 1sq ahead
46BN45MChip046JunkMan100Throw any objects on field
47BN45MChip047JunkMan SP???Throw any objects on field
48BN45MChip048JunkMan DS???Throw any objects on field
49BN45MChip049AquaMan70Water Gun sprays 2sq ahead
50BN45MChip050AquaMan SP???Water Gun sprays 2sq ahead
51BN45MChip051AquaMan DS???Water Gun sprays 2sq ahead
52BN45MChip052WoodMan130WoodTowr pierce to enmy area
53BN45MChip053WoodMan SP???WoodTowr pierce to enmy area
54BN45MChip054WoodMan DS???WoodTowr pierce to enmy area
55BN45MChip055TopMan20Attck hit 3 panels ahead
56BN45MChip056TopMan SP???Attck hit 3 panels ahead
57BN45MChip057TopMan DS???Attck hit 3 panels ahead
58BN45MChip058ColdMan100Ices over all and slides!
59BN45MChip059ColdMan SP???Ices over all and slides!
60BN45MChip060ColdMan DS???Ices over all and slides!
61BN45MChip061SparkMan70SparkWave blinds enemy!
62BN45MChip062SparkMan SP???SparkWave blinds enemy!
63BN45MChip063SparkMan DS???SparkWave blinds enemy!
64BN45MChip064ShadeMan120CrshNoise attck all direction
65BN45MChip065ShadeMan SP???CrshNoise attck all direction
66BN45MChip066ShadeMan DS???CrshNoise attck all direction
67BN45MChip067BurnerMan603-direct burnr fry 2 ahead!
68BN45MChip068BurnerMan SP???3-direct burnr fry 2 ahead!
69BN45MChip069BurnerMan DS???3-direct burnr fry 2 ahead!
70BN45MChip070LaserMan100A laser pierces 1 thru!
71BN45MChip071LaserMan SP???A laser pierces 1 thru!
72BN45MChip072LaserMan DS???A laser pierces 1 thru!
73BN45MChip073KendoMan70Attck hit an enemy in front
74BN45MChip074KendoMan SP???Attck hit an enemy in front
75BN45MChip075KendoMan DS???Attck hit an enemy in front
76BN45MChip076VideoMan25Attack tape slam 2.5 in
77BN45MChip077VideMan SP???Attack tape slam 2.5 in
78BN45MChip078VideMan DS???Attack tape slam 2.5 in
79BN45MChip079Gun del Sol EX-Fires a spread sunbeam
80BN45MChip080Z Saber100Repliroid swrd cuts 3 times
81BN45MChip081Fire Plus-Temporary Fire chip dmg +40
82BN45MChip082Elec Plus-Temporary Elec chip dmg +40
83BN45MChip083Aqua Power-Temporary Aqua chip dmg x2!
84BN45MChip084Wood Power-Temporary Wood chip dmg x2!
85BN45MChip085Black Weapon-Power up Buster w/ own HP

Giga Chips

# Image Name Damage Description
1BN45GChip001Meteo Red Sun???A RedSun bombards 3 ahead
2BN45GChip002Holy Dream50Holy shot sucks in HolyPanl!
3BN45GChip003Forte (Bass)60Buster rake half enmy area
4BN45GChip004Bug Charge80EvilChip! Gets powr with turn
5BN45GChip005Black Barrier-A dark barrier regenerate
6BN45GChip006Blue Moon Ray???Blue moon drains 3 ahead
7BN45GChip007Signal Red-Enmy chip is no use while red
8BN45GChip008Forte Another (BassAnly)160A ring that hits 4 times
9BN45GChip009Curse of Bug-EvilChip! Make enmy buggy!
10BN45GChip010Delta Ray Edge260A Button power up by 3 swrd
11BN45GChip011Final Gun50Charge up ultimate attack!
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