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List of Rockman.EXE WS Battle Chips.

Most chips can only be used once, and the player can carry nine of each at a time. The exceptions are Guts Punch, Cold Punch, Dash Attack, Burning Body, Area Steal, Air Shoes, Undershirt, and the Sword type Battle Chips, which can be used any number of times.

# Name Description translation Locations
Dropped by Canodumb and Satella
Dropped by Canodumb and Satella
3Mega Cannon
Dropped by Canodumb
4Mini Bomb
5Small Bomb
6Cross Bomb
7Big Bomb
9Wide Sword
10 Long Sword
11Flame Sword
12Aqua Sword
13Elec Sword
14Shock Wave
Dropped by Mettaur
15Sonic Wave
Dropped by Mettaur 2
16Dyna Wave
17Earthquake 1
18Earthquake 2
19Earthquake 3
20Guts Punch
21Cold Punch
22Dash Attack
23Burning Body
24Recovery 20
Dropped by Spooky, Swordy, VolGear, Billy, ...
25Recovery 60
Found in stage 1
28Invisible 1
29Area Steal
A chip that speeds up Rockman
30Air Shoes
This chip increases jump power!
This chip increases defense power

Program Advances

Equip three Battle Chips in a specific order and they will be highlighted, indicating that a Program Advance can be used. Press down twice to activate the Program Advance.

Cannon + Hi-Cannon + Mega Cannon
Small Bomb + Cross Bomb + Big Bomb
Sword + Wide Sword + Long Sword
Flame Sword + Aqua Sword + Elec Sword
Earthquake + Earthquake + Earthquake 3
Guts Punch + Cold Punch + Dash Attack
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