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Icon Robot Master Special Weapon Trajectory Effect
DLN.000 Proto Man Proto Shield #Shield --
RCW Icon 01 - Rock Buster
DLN.001 Mega Man Mega Buster (straight) #Charge up
RCW Icon 03 - Rolling Cutter
DLN.003 Cut Man Rolling Cutter #Wide, #Boomerang --
RCW Icon 04 - Super Arm
DLN.004 Guts Man Super Arm #Arc, #Split #Wall breaker
RCW Icon 05 - Ice Slasher
DLN.005 Ice Man Ice Slasher (straight) #Immobilizer
RCW Icon 06 - Hyper Bomb
DLN.006 Bomb Man Hyper Bomb #Arc, #Delay --
RCW Icon 07 - Fire Storm
DLN.007 Fire Man Fire Storm #Barrier + straight --
RCW Icon 08 - Thunder Beam
DLN.008 Elec Man Thunder Beam #Multi-direction #Wall breaker
RCW Icon 09 - Metal Blade
DWN.009 Metal Man Metal Blade #Multi-direction --
RCW Icon 10 - Air Shooter
DWN.010 Air Man Air Shooter #Parabolic --
RCW Icon 11 - Bubble Lead
DWN.011 Bubble Man Bubble Lead #Along floor --
RCW Icon 12 - Quick Boomerang
DWN.012 Quick Man Quick Boomerang #Boomerang #Rapid fire
RCW Icon 13 - Clash Bomb
DWN.013 Crash Man Crash Bomber #Delay + straight #Wall breaker
RCW Icon 14 - Time Stopper
DWN.014 Flash Man Time Stopper #Full screen #Immobilizer
RCW Icon 15 - Atomic Fire
DWN.015 Heat Man Atomic Fire (straight) #Charge up
RCW Icon 16 - Leaf Shield
DWN.016 Wood Man Leaf Shield #Barrier, #Multi-direction --
RCW Icon 17 - Needle Cannon
DWN.017 Needle Man Needle Cannon (straight) #Rapid fire
RCW Icon 18 - Magnet Missile
DWN.018 Magnet Man Magnet Missile #Homing --
RCW Icon 19 - Gemini Laser
DWN.019 Gemini Man Gemini Laser #Rebound --
RCW Icon 20 - Hard Knuckle
DWN.020 Hard Man Hard Knuckle #Remote controlled#Delay #Wall breaker
RCW Icon 21 - Top Spin
DWN.021 Top Man Top Spin #Body contact --
RCW Icon 22 - Search Snake
DWN.022 Snake Man Search Snake #Along floor --
RCW Icon 23 - Spark Shock
DWN.023 Spark Man Spark Shock (straight) #Immobilizer
RCW Icon 24 - Shadow Blade
DWN.024 Shadow Man Shadow Blade #Multi-direction, #Boomerang --
RCW Icon 25 - Flash Stopper
DWN.025 Bright Man Flash Stopper #Full screen #Immobilizer
RCW Icon 26 - Rain Flush
DWN.026 Toad Man Rain Flush #Full screen #Wall breaker, #Interaction
RCW Icon 27 - Drill Bomb
DWN.027 Drill Man Drill Bomb (straight) #Wall breaker, #Detonate
RCW Icon 28 - Pharaoh Shot
DWN.028 Pharaoh Man Pharaoh Shot #Multi-direction #Charge up
DWN.028 Pharaoh Man Pharaoh Wave
RCW Icon 29 - Ring Boomerang
DWN.029 Ring Man Ring Boomerang #Boomerang #Grab
RCW Icon 30 - Dust Crusher
DWN.030 Dust Man Dust Crusher #Split --
RCW Icon 31 - Dive Missile
DWN.031 Dive Man Dive Missile #Homing --
RCW Icon 32 - Skull Barrier
DWN.032 Skull Man Skull Barrier #Barrier --
RCW Icon 33 - Gravity Hold
DWN.033 Gravity Man Gravity Hold #Full screen #Lift
RCW Icon 34 - Water Wave
DWN.034 Wave Man Water Wave #Along floor #Reflect
RCW Icon 35 - Power Stone
DWN.035 Stone Man Power Stone #Spiral --
RCW Icon 36 - Gyro Attack
DWN.036 Gyro Man Gyro Attack #Remote controlled --
RCW Icon 37 - Star Crash
DWN.037 Star Man Star Crash #Barrier, #Wide --
RCW Icon 38 - Charge Kick
DWN.038 Charge Man Charge Kick #Body contact #Wall breaker
RCW Icon 39 - Napalm Bomb
DWN.039 Napalm Man Napalm Bomb #Along floor --
RCW Icon 40 - Crystal Eye
DWN.040 Crystal Man Crystal Eye #Rebound, #Split --
RCW Icon 41 - Blizzard Attack
DWN.041 Blizzard Man Blizzard Attack #Wide --
RCW Icon 42 - Centaur Flash
DWN.042 Centaur Man Centaur Flash #Full screen --
DWN.042 Centaur Man Centaur Arrow
RCW Icon 43 - Flame Blast
DWN.043 Flame Man Flame Blast #Arc #Wall breaker
RCW Icon 44 - Knight Crusher
DWN.044 Knight Man Knight Crusher #Multi-direction, #Boomerang --
RCW Icon 45 - Plant Barrier
DWN.045 Plant Man Plant Barrier #Barrier --
RCW Icon 46 - Silver Tomahawk
DWN.046 Tomahawk Man Silver Tomahawk #Parabolic --
RCW Icon 47 - Wind Storm
DWN.047 Wind Man Wind Storm #Along floor #Lift
RCW Icon 48 - Yamato Spear
DWN.048 Yamato Man Yamato Spear (straight) #Piercer
DWN.049 Freeze Man Freeze Cracker #Multi-direction, #Split #Wall breaker
DWN.050 Junk Man Junk Shield #Barrier, #Split --
DWN.051 Burst Man Danger Wrap #Multi-direction, #Parabolic #Wrap up
DWN.052 Cloud Man Thunder Bolt #Split #Interaction
DWN.053 Spring Man Wild Coil #Along floor, #Front & back #Charge up
DWN.054 Slash Man Slash Claw #Short ranged --
DWN.055 Shade Man Noise Crush #Rebound #Charge up
DWN.056 Turbo Man Scorch Wheel #Along floor #Interaction
DWN.057 Tengu Man Tengu Blade #Rebound, #Body contact --
DWN.057 Tengu Man Tornado Hold #Vertical #Jump upgrade
DWN.058 Astro Man Astro Crush #Full screen #Invulnerability
DWN.058 Astro Man Copy Vision #Turret #Lure
DWN.059 Sword Man Flame Sword #Short ranged #Wall breaker
DWN.060 Clown Man Thunder Claw #Boomerang #Grab, #Interaction
DWN.061 Search Man Homing Sniper #Homing #Charge up
DWN.062 Frost Man Ice Wave #Along floor #Immobilizer
DWN.063 Grenade Man Flash Bomb #Split #Interaction
DWN.064 Aqua Man Water Balloon #Arc --
DLN.065 Concrete Man Concrete Shot #Arc #Immobilizer, #Interaction
DLN.066 Tornado Man Tornado Blow #Full screen #Jump upgrade, #Lift, #Interaction
DLN.067 Splash Woman Laser Trident (straight) #Wall breaker, #Piercer
DLN.068 Plug Man Plug Ball #Along floor #
DLN.069 Jewel Man Jewel Satellite #Barrier#Wide #Reflect
DLN.070 Hornet Man Hornet Chaser #Homing #Grab
DLN.071 Magma Man Magma Bazooka #Wide #Charge up
DLN.072 Galaxy Man Black Hole Bomb #Remote controlled #Detonate
DWN.073 Blade Man Triple Blade #Wide #
DWN.074 Pump Man Water Shield #Barrier#Spiral #
DWN.075 Commando Man Commando Bomb #Remote controlled, #Split #Wall breaker
DWN.076 Chill Man Chill Spike #Arc #Immobilizer
DWN.077 Sheep Man Thunder Wool #Parabolic, #Vertical #
DWN.078 Strike Man Rebound Striker #Rebound, #Multi-direction #
DWN.079 Nitro Man Wheel Cutter #Along floor #
DWN.080 Solar Man Solar Blaze #Split #
DWN.081 Block Man Block Dropper #Vertical #
DWN.082 Fuse Man Scramble Thunder #Along floor#Multi-direction #Piercer
DWN.083 Blast Man Chain Blast #Delay#Wide #Detonate
DWN.084 Acid Man Acid Barrier #Barrier, #Arc #
DWN.085 Tundra Man Tundra Storm #Vertical, #Full Screen #Interaction
DWN.086 Torch Man Blazing Torch #Arc #Piercer
DWN.087 Impact Man Pile Driver #Short ranged, #Body contact #
DWN.088 Bounce Man Bounce Ball #Rebound, #Multi-Direction #
MKN.001 Enker Mirror Buster #Shield #Reflect
MKN.002 Punk Screw Crusher #Arc --
MKN.003 Ballade Ballade Cracker #Multi-direction #Wall breaker
SG  ???.??? Quint Sakugarne #Body contact --
EA SRN.001 Terra Spark Chaser #Homing --
ME SRN.002 Mercury Grab Buster (straight) #Grab
VE SRN.003 Venus Bubble Bomb #Vertical --
MA SRN.004 Mars Photon Missile #Delay --
JU SRN.005 Jupiter Electric Shock #Short ranged #Rapid fire
SA SRN.006 Saturn Black Hole #Full screen --
UR SRN.007 Uranus Deep Digger #Split #Wall breaker
PL SRN.008 Pluto Break Dash #Body contact #Wall breaker
NE SRN.009 Neptune Salt Water #Arc, #Split --
KGN.001 Dynamo Man Lightning Bolt #Full screen #Invulnerability
KGN.002 Cold Man Ice Wall #Along floor #Jump upgrade
KGN.003 Ground Man Spread Drill #Wide #Detonate
KGN.004 Pirate Man Remote Mine #Remote controlled #Detonate
KGN.005 Burner Man Wave Burner #Short ranged #Wall breaker, #Rapid fire
KGN.006 Magic Man Magic Card #Multi-direction, #Boomerang #Grab
SWN.001 Bass Bass Buster #Multi-direction #Rapid fire
Time Man Time Slow #Full screen #Immobilizer
Oil Man Oil Slider #Arc #Ride
Blanka Tropical Hazard #Arc #Jump upgrade
Chun-Li Lightning Kick #Short ranged --
Crimson Viper Optic Laser (straight) #Piercer
Dhalsim Yoga Inferno #Multi-direction, #Short ranged #Rapid Fire
Rolento Mine Sweeper #Arc, #Tail --
Rose Soul Satellite #Barrier + straight --
Ryu Hadoken (straight) #Charge up
Urien Aegis Reflector #Shield #Reflect

Other Special Weapons

This section is about other special weapons and items that are not associated with any Robot Master.

Special Weapon Appears in Trajectory Effect
Wire Mega Man 4 #Vertical --
Super Arrow Mega Man 5 #Delay+(straight) #Ride
Beat Mega Man 5 & 6 #Homing --
Super Adaptor Mega Man 7 #Boomerang, #Homing --
Mega Ball Mega Man 8 #Rebound --

Trajectory Keywords

Along floor

  • The projectiles follow the floors and go down along vertical steps: Bubble Lead (MM2), Water Wave (MM5), Wind Storm (MM6), Ice Wave (MM8);
  • Search Snake (MM3) and Wheel Cutter (MM10) can also climb up walls;
  • Napalm Bomb (MM5) travels a short distance, then explodes;
  • Scorch Wheel (MM7) can be held on Mega Man by holding the "shoot" button;
  • Wild Coil (MM7) actually shoots two coils that jump along the floor;
  • Plug Ball (MM9) can travel along walls and ceilings as well.
  • Ice Wall (MM&B) must be pushed forward, and it will start moving;
  • Scramble Thunder (MM11) is similar to Plug Ball except that it does actual damage to enemies and can be shot upwards.


  • The projectile follows an arc, going up at first, then coming down: Screw Crusher (MMw3) Water Balloon (MM8), Mine Sweeper (SFxMM);
  • Hyper Bomb (MM1) is harmless until it explodes;
  • Super Arm (MM1) throws a boulder that splits into four large chunks when it touches anything;
  • Flame Blast (MM6) creates a flame pillar when it touches the floor or a wall;
  • Salt Water (MMw5) splits into smaller drops that travel in a second arc;
  • Tropical Hazard (SFxMM) works like a balloon, that can be pushed around, then kicked straight or in an arc;
  • Chill Spike (MM10) leaves ice spikes on the floor or wall, when the projectile touches them;
  • Blazing Torch (MM11) launches a ball of fire diagonally into the air, which then shoots diagonally down.
  • Acid Barrier (MM11): as long as the barrier is up, Mega Man can shoot acid projectiles that travel in an arc. 


  • A circular barrier rotates around Mega Man until it damages an enemy or absorbs a projectile: Skull Barrier (MM4), Plant Barrier (MM6)
  • Fire Storm (MM1): the barrier lasts as long as the Fire Storm projectile is on screen;
  • Leaf Shield (MM2): the barrier lasts as long as Mega Man doesn't move, then it's shot in any direction;
  • Star Crash (MM5): the barrier can be shot forward by pressing "shoot" again;
  • Junk Shield (MM7): the barrier can absorb several hits, and it can also be shot away by presing "shoot" again;
  • Jewel Satellite (MM9): the barrier lasts as long as it absorbs less damage than it can by max, or player switches to menu.
  • Water Shield (MM10): the barrier has eight bubbles, which each presents 1 absorbed hit. Bubbles can be shot by pressing "shoot" again.
  • Soul Satellite (SFxMM) allows to shoot while the barrier is active.
  • Acid Barrier (MM11): Unlike the previous Barrier weapons, Mega Man is covered in an acid bubble that shrinks for a few seconds. The barrier also absorbs projectiles and redirects them back towards enemies. 
  • See also: #Shield.

Body contact

  • Mega Man deals damage to the enemies upon touching them, instead of getting damaged.
  • Top Spin (MM3): press "shoot" in mid-air.
  • Sakugarne (MMw2): jump on enemies (like Super Mario).
  • Charge Kick (MM5): press down and "shoot" to slide, or perform regular slide with weapon chosen.
  • Break Dash (MMw5): press and hold "shoot", then release to dash forward.
  • Tengu Blade (MM&B): replaces regular slide.
  • Pile Driver (MM11): does an air dash (can also be used on the ground).


  • The projectile travels to a limited distance, then comes back; this limit is always compensated by an extra feature;
  • Rolling Cutter (MM1) has a #Wide trajectory.
  • Quick Boomerang (MM2) has the added effect of #Rapid fire.
  • Shadow Blade (MM3) has the added feature of #Multi-direction.
  • Knight Crusher (MM6) has the added features of #Multi-direction and #Wide trajectory.
  • Ring Boomerang (MMw4), Thunder Claw (MM8) and Magic Card (MM&B) have the added effect of #Grabbing items.
  • Super Adapter (MM7) has the added effect of #Homing.


  • The projectile bounces against walls, and can hit enemies in different locations.
  • Gemini Laser (MM3), Mega Ball (MM8) bounces at 45° against walls, ceiling and floor.
  • Crystal Eye (MM5) splits into three shards that bounce against walls, ceiling and floor.
  • Noise Crush (MM7) bounces horizontally back towards Mega Man.
  • Rebound Striker (MM10) can bounce off walls total of five times before it disappears, and each bounce increases the projectile's power.
  • Tengu Blade (MM&B) bounces against walls and goes upwards in an arc.
  • Bounce Ball (MM11) can be aimed upwards or downwards and increases in quantity if enhanced by Power Gear. 


  • Hyper Bomb (MM1): the projectile is harmless, but after a while it explodes.
  • Crash Bomber (MM2): when the projectile attaches to the wall, it explodes after a couple of seconds; explodes immediately if it hits an enemy it has no effect on.
  • Photon Missile (MMw5), Hard Knuckle (MM3), Super Arrow (MM5): the projectile stays in place for a while, then shoots straightforward.
  • Chain Blast (MM11): after it attaches to an enemy, it explodes after 3 seconds.

Front & back

  • Mega Man shoots two projectiles, one forward and the other one backwards: Wild Coil (MM7).

Full screen

  • The attack hits all enemies on screen: Rain Flush (MM4), Gravity Hold (MM5), Centaur Flash (MM6), Black Hole (MMw5), Astro Crush (MM8), Lightning Bolt (MM&B), Tornado Blow (MM9), Tundra Storm (enhanced by Power Gear) (MM11).
  • The attack paralyzes all enemies, but it deals no damage: Time Stopper (MM2), Flash Stopper (MM4).


  • The projectile automatically goes after the nearest enemy: Dive Missile (MM4), Spark Chaser (MMw5), Homing Sniper (MM8), Hornet Chaser (MM9).
  • Magnet Missile (MM3) is shot straightforward, and it turns vertically once when aligned to an enemy.
  • Super Adapter (MM7) requires Hyper Rocket Buster upgrade to receive homing capability.
  • Beat (MM5 & MM6) goes after nearby enemies by itself once called down.


  • By pressing the directional pad, the projectile is shot in a different direction.
  • Thunder Beam (MM1) shoots automatically in 3 directions at once (forward, up and down), without need to press the direction button.
  • Metal Blade (MM2) can be shot in 5 directions: forward, up, down, fwd-up, fwd-down.
  • Leaf Shield (MM2) can be shot in 3 directions: forward, up, down.
  • Shadow Blade (MM3) can be shot in 3 directions (forward, up, fwd-up), but it has limited range.
  • Pharaoh Shot (MM4) can be shot in 3 directions (forward, fwd-up, fwd-down), but it can also be charged up above Mega Man's head.
  • Ballade Cracker (MMw4) can be shot in 4 directions: forward, up, fwd-up, fwd-down.
  • Knight Crusher (MM6) can be shot in 3 directions: forward, fwd-up, fwd-down.
  • Danger Wrap (MM7) can be shot in 4 directions: forward (parabolic), up, down, fwd-up (parabolic).
  • Freeze Cracker (MM7) can be shot in 3 directions: forward, fwd-up, fwd-down.
  • Rebound Striker (MM10) can be shot in 3 directions: forward, fwd up, fwd-down
  • Bass Buster (MM&B, MM10) can be shot in 4 directions: forward, up, fwd-up, fwd-down.
  • Magic Card (MM&B) can be shot in 2 directions: forward, up.
  • Yoga Inferno (SFxMM) can be shot in 3 directions (forward, up, down) and has #Rapid fire, but it has limited range.


  • The projectile travels in an arc upwards: Air Shooter (MM2), Silver Tomahawk (MM6), Danger Wrap (MM7), Thunder Wool (MM10).

Remote controlled

  • Shoot, then press up and/or down to modify the trajectory of the projectile: Hard Knuckle (MM3), Black Hole Bomb (MM9), Remote Mine (MM&B).
  • Gyro Attack (MM5): you can press up or down just once to modify the trajectory.
  • Commando Bomb (MM10) can be controlled to any direction.


  • It creates a barrier in front of Mega Man that is especially useful against projectiles
  • Mirror Buster (MMw1) reflects projectiles back.
  • Proto Shield (MM7) protects from projectiles only.
  • Aegis Reflector (SFxMM) reflects projectiles back; it stays in place, instead of following Mega Man.

Short ranged


  • The projectiles spiral away from Mega Man: Power Stone (MM5), Water Shield (MM10).


  • The projectile splits up upon contact with an enemy or a wall. The trajectory of the split shards are different for each weapon.
  • Super Arm (MM1): when it touches anything, it splits into four large chunks that travel forward.
  • Dust Crusher (MM4): when it hits an enemy, it splits into four shards that travel diagonally in four directions.
  • Crystal Eye (MM5): when it touches a wall, it splits into three shards that bounce against walls, ceiling and floor.
  • Salt Water (MMw5): when it touches the floor, it splits into three drops that travel in an arc.
  • Deep Digger (MMw5): when it touches a wall, it splits into several chunks that travel at different angles.
  • Freeze Cracker (MM7): when it touches a wall, it splits into several shards.
  • Thunder Bolt (MM7): when it hits an enemy, it splits into two shards that travel vertically.
  • Junk Shield (MM7): if you press "shoot" again, the barrier will split in three random directions.
  • Flash Bomb (MM8): when it touches a wall, it creates a very large blast that stays in place for a while.
  • Commando Bomb (MM10): when it touches a wall, it splits into two short-ranged blast waves.
  • Solar Blaze (MM10): after a few seconds, or when it touches an enemy, it splits into two solar waves, traveling front and back.
  • Scramble Thunder (MM11): when it touches a floor or ceiling, it splits into two shards that travel along the surface.


  • Instead of shooting, Mega Man leaves a tail of bombs when sliding: Mine Sweeper (SFxMM).


  • Mega Man creates a copy of himself that stays in place and shoots continuously: Copy Vision (MM&B)


  • Wire (MM4) shoots vertically up, sticks into a ceiling and can lift Mega Man up.
  • Bubble Bomb (MMw5) travels vertically up, then follows the ceiling.
  • Tornado Hold (MM8) drops a propeller that shoots vertically up.
  • Thunder Wool (MM10) generates an electric beam that shoots vertically down.
  • Block Dropper (MM11) generate heavy stone blocks that drop down vertically.
  • Tundra Storm (MM11) generates a vertical column of ice and wind. 


  • The projectile is wide, and can hit enemies that would pass under normal Mega Buster shots: Blizzard Attack (MM6).
  • Rolling Cutter (MM1) shoots projectiles along a wide ellipse.
  • Star Crash (MM5) is shot pressing "shoot" twice.
  • Magma Bazooka (MM9) shoots 3 projectiles in wide arc in front.
  • Triple Blade (MM10) shoots 3 blades in 45 degree arc upward when on ground or 45 degree arc downward while in the air.
  • Spread Drill (MM&B) gets wider by pressing "shoot" two more times.
  • Chain Blast (MM11) can be linked with multiple bombs, becoming wider with every bomb attached to each other.

Effect keywords

Charge up

  • Press and hold "shoot" to charge up, release to shot a stronger projectile: Atomic Fire (MM2), Mega Buster (MM4 onwards), Pharaoh Shot (MM4), Wild Coil (MM7), Magma Bazooka (MM9), Hadoken (SFxMM).
  • Noise Crush (MM7) is charged up if Mega Man is hit by its own projectile Rebound back.
  • Homing Sniper (MM8) shoots automatically as long as it's charged up.


  • Press "shoot" a second time to blast the projectile into a large explosion: Drill Bomb (MM4), Remote Mine (MM&B),
  • Black Hole Bomb (MM9) functions the same way, but instead of exploding, it creates a gravity well that drags nearby enemies to it, destroying them in the process
  • Chain Blast (MM11) needs an input of down + shoot to detonate


  • The projectile grabs items and brings them back to Mega Man: Ring Boomerang (MMw4 only), Mega Arm(MMw5, if the MH item is purchased), Thunder Claw (MM8), Hornet Chaser (MM9), Magic Card (MM&B).
  • Grab Buster (MMw5) turns into flying energy capsules when it hits an enemy.


  • These weapons allow to interact with the stage environments in peculiar ways.
  • Rain Flush (MMw4 only) stops quicksands.
  • Freeze Cracker (MM7) can freeze the lava in Junk Man's stage.
  • Thunder Bolt (MM7) turns on elevators and electromagnets.
  • Scorch Wheel (MM7) burns trees, melts ice, lights up candles.
  • Thunder Bolt (MM7), Scorch Wheel (MM7) and Flash Bomb (MM8) light up dark areas.
  • Thunder Claw (MM8) allows Mega Man to swing from poles.
  • Concrete Shot (MM9) can be sticked into a wall and used as platforms and can "freeze" the Magma Beam Generators.
  • Tornado Blow (MM9) can blow some platforms up in Wily castle 1 stage.


  • While the full-screen attack is being performed, Mega Man is immune to any damage and he stops any jump or fall in mid-air: Astro Crush (MM8), Lightning Bolt (MM&B).

Jump upgrade

  • These weapons allow to jump higher: Mega Ball (MM8), Tornado Hold (MM8), Ice Wall (MM&B), Tornado Blow (MM9), Tropical Hazard (SFxMM).


  • The weapon lifts enemies away instead of destroying them: Gravity Hold (MM5), Wind Storm (MM6), Tornado Blow (MM9).


  • Copy Vision (MM&B): enemies will target the copy instead of Mega Man.


  • Enemies get paralyzed instead of getting damaged.
  • Mega Man can switch to another weapon and/or attack: Ice Slasher (MM1), Spark Shock (MMw3 only), Flash Stopper (MM4), Ice Wave (MM8), Chill Spike (MM10)
  • Mega Man cannot switch to another weapon: Time Stopper (MM2), Spark Shock (MM3)
  • Concrete Shot (MM9) can also immobilize some environmental things.


  • The projectiles are not stopped by enemy shields: Yamato Spear (MM6), Laser Trident (MM9), Blazing Torch (MM11), Scramble Thunder (MM11), Optic Laser (SFxMM).

Rapid Fire

  • Press and hold "shoot" to keep shooting: Quick Boomerang (MM2), Needle Cannon (MM3), Electric Shock (MMw5), Bass Buster (MM&B, MM10), Wave Burner (MM&B), Yoga Inferno (SFxMM).


  • The weapon reflects back projectiles: Mirror Buster (MMw1), Aegis Reflector (SFxMM).
  • Water Wave (MM5) just erases the projectiles it touches.
  • Jewel Satellite (MM9) does either of the above, depending on the projectile it touches.


  • Mega Man can get on top of the projectile and ride it along the floor: Ice Wall (MM&B), Oil Slider (MM1P).
  • Super Arrow (MM5) can be ridden in midair

Wall breaker

  • These weapons destroy blocks and open up new passages in stages: Super Arm (MM1), Thunder Beam (MM1), Crash Bomber (MM2), Hard Knuckle (MM3), Drill Bomb (MM4), Laser Trident (MM9), Commando Bomb (MM10), Charge Kick (MMw4 only), Ballade Cracker (MMw4), Break Dash (MMw5)
  • Rain Flush (MMw4 only) and Freeze Cracker (MM7) can destroy flaming barriers.
  • Flame Blast (MM6) and Wave Burner (MM&B) can melt ice walls.
  • Flame Sword (MM8) can burn wooden barriers.
  • Deep Digger (MMw5) affects blocks under Mega Man only.

Wrap up

  • The Danger Wrap (MM7) can encase small enemies in a bubble, that can be pushed against other enemies.
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