This is a list of known Mega Man Star Force 2 characters that have a Star Carrier and a Personal View.

Main characters

The five main characters. Their Personal View is unique compared with other characters in that it displays their Brother Bands and have a custom wallpaper.

Geo Stelar's Link Power can go up to 400 (100 from each character) with his four game Brothers and 150 with real Brothers.

CharacterBrothersLink PowerInitial Favorites
SF2GeoMug Geo Stelar
(星河 スバル)
MMSF2MugLunaMMSF2MugBudMMSF2MugZackSF2SoniaMug 0-1300 BC SF2 CannonBC SF2 AirSpred1BC SF2 MniGrnde1BC SF2 Recover30
MMSF2MugLunaLuna Platz
(白金 ルナ)
MMSF2MugBudMMSF2MugZackMMSF2MugVeilSF2GeoMug BC SF2 JetSki1BC SF2 PuffBlst2SF2 BC M025BC SF2 SprBarrier
Link Power 80 (Beginning)
130 (+50, after forming BrotherBand with Geo)
200 (+80, after defeating Queen Ophiuca)
250 (+100, after helping her)
Message Be thankful to even be looking at Luna Platz's My Page!
Secret There is a boy like almost as much as I like MegaMan.
Favorite Food Mama's home cooking
Hometown Echo Ridge
Recent Interests Planetarium
Favorite TV Show Koisuru Material
Favorite Phrase -wayo!
She is not good at cooking and is trying to improve, so Geo offers to help. She asks for Yellow Bananas that are found in Whazzap, Coconuts in Grizzly Peak, and a recipe that Geo gets with his mother. After that, Luna says that's enough help as she wanted to cook something for Geo by herself, and gives him a Cookie. Geo's Link Power increases by 20 and Luna's by 50. She also realizes that Geo peeked into her Secret Diary inside her Star Carrier.

MMSF2MugBudBud Bison
(牛島 ゴン太)
MMSF2MugLunaMMSF2MugZackSF2GeoMugSF2AmyMug BC SF2 MoaiFall1BC SF2 HeatUppr1BC SF2 HeatGrndeSF2 BC M019
Link Power 50 (Beginning)
70 (+50, after forming a BrotherBand with Geo and Amy)
180 (+80, after rescue in Whazzap)
200 (+100, after helping him)
Message Hey! I'm Bud Bison!
My dream is to taste the world's best beef!
Secret I'm ashamed to say, I sometimes wet the bed...!
Favorite Food Meat!
Hometown Echo Ridge
Recent Interests Burger Quest
Favorite TV Show Foodtopia TV
Favorite Phrase -daze!
Bud keeps having nightmares with a flaming cow that takes over his body and goes crazy. This is due to Taurus Fire reforming and trying to possess him again. MegaMan defeats Taurus Fire SP and tells Bud he no longer needs to hurry with it. As thanks he gives the Ability HP+500/500, and their Link Power increase by 20.

MMSF2MugZackZack Temple
(最小院 キザマロ)
MMSF2MugLunaMMSF2MugBudSF2GeoMugMMSF2MugMessMan BC SF2 WoodGrndeBC SF2 MopLance1BC SF2 Squall1BC SF2 Recover50
Link Power 50 (Beginning)
10 (After being found in Loch Mess)
100 (+50, after becoming Geo's Brother)
200 (+100, after helping him)
Message I'm Zack Temple.
With my all-knowing encyclopedia, which I call the Zackpedia,
I can get detailed explanations for just about anything!
Secret I have a special device that I hang upside-down from to get taller.
Favorite Food Maro Udon
Hometown Echo Ridge
Recent Interests Nobikko exercises
Favorite TV Show Bibitto TV!
Favorite Phrase -desuyo
His Star Carrier contains the Zackpedia. One of the entries is about a sunken ship at the bottom of Loch Mess that was probably used by Vikings. The Vikings' spirits became EM waves that attracted EM bodies, including viruses. Geo talks with Zack to learn more about it and goes to the ship to investigate, finding a horde of viruses preparing to invade the surface. After defeating them, Geo thanks Zack for the info as it allowed him to save the world. Zack gives Geo a GigCls+1/500 Ability, and Geo's Link Power increases by 50 points.

SF2SoniaMugSonia Strumm
(響 ミソラ)
SF2GeoMug SF2 BC M022BC SF2 BarrierBC SF2 BarrierBC SF2 Cannon
Link Power 0 (Beginning)
100 (After becoming Geo's Brother)
150 (After defeating Harp Note)
200 (+100, after helping her)
Message Hiya! Welcome to Sonia Strumm's My Page! Keep it a secret, OK?
Secret Recently, there's this cute boy I like. But don't tell anybody...
Favorite Food Melting crêpe
Hometown Bayside City
Recent Interests The challenge in cooking
Favorite TV Show TK Music
Favorite Phrase -ne!
She is trying to come up with lyrics for a new song, and Geo helps her. She names it Geo's Song and gives him a Recovery 300 Battle Card and the Sonia WP. Also, Geo's Link Power increase by 20 and Sonia's by 50.


See also: Indie Proof

Auto Brother

"I made a special trip all the way from the world where I live to come here and see you."
—Auto Brother

Auto Brother (オートブラザー ŌtoBurazā, also written as Auto-Brother) is a character that has the opposite version of the game selected by the player (Zerker if playing as Ninja or Saurian, and Ninja/Saurian as Zerker) and will appear in Grizzly Peak to inform Geo that Loch Mess is located in Netopia. Except for Favorite Battle Cards and Link Power, the Auto Brother can be fully customized, including the handle, age, gender, and messages. The Auto Brother can see MegaMan without a Visualizer. The Auto Brother can be used to Tribe On in the form of the player's version, or use Double Tribe with the Auto Brother's version.

TypeMessageSecret Favorite Food Hometown My Boom Favorite TV Show Fav Phrase
MMSF2MugBoy Boy I'm (Handle)'s Brother. Yesss!I wet the bed the other night. Chewing gumNorthern countryCard collectingAsaSuta -zoo
MMSF2MugGirl Girl I'm (Handle)'s Brother. Whooooo!I can't watch scary movies... CandyLand of isolated islandFashion Majokko Berry -run
MMSF2MugTeenagerM Teenager M I'm (Handle)'s Brother. Alright!I like the girl in Echo Ridge. Omelet riceSeaside villageRunning Hero Sentai DX -pyon
MMSF2MugTeenagerF Teenager F I'm (Handle)'s Brother. Yee-haw!I want to be a beautiful model! YogurtHot spring townFortune-tellingKoi no Ri -ne
MMSF2MugYoungMan Young Man I'm (Handle)'s Brother. Sweet!I dream about Sonia every day! HamburgerEastern countryCyclingNews TK -desu
MMSF2MugYoungWoman YoungWoman I'm (Handle)'s Brother. Oh yeah!I binged on corn chips last night! CarbonaraSouthern country Keitai game Subecchau Hanashi -wayo
MMSF2MugMan Man I'm (Handle)'s Brother. Groovy!I can't stand up to my wife. Nuruttoshita monoWestern countryWire puzzleDennou Sports -bai
MMSF2MugWoman Woman I'm (Handle)'s Brother. Woo-hoo!I bought myself a new video game! UdonVillage deep in the mountainsDietHiruDora -daayo
MMSF2MugGrandpa Grandpa I'm (Handle)'s Bro, watch me now!I erased my grandson's game! Rare cheese cakeMerchant townBonsai Sports programs -noja
MMSF2MugGrandma Grandma I'm (Handle)'s Brother. Wow!I don't keep any secrets. Soft senbeiIsland countryKnittingShumi YOU YOU -ccha

When Vega reveals herself, the AutoBrother's Message changes to "We're with you, (Handle)!", it becomes "(Handle), you cleared the game!" after completing the game, and "(Handle), congratulations!" after defeating Le Mu Xa.

Favorites update as story progresses by talking with Auto Brother. The Auto Brother's favorites vary, the list below being only an example.

X8NavigatorAlertIconEdit This section requires expansion.
Beginning600BC SF2 CannonBC SF2 AirSpred1BC SF2 MniGrnde1BC SF2 Recover30
Meet the Auto-Brother60+40BC SF2 Buki1BC SF2 KiloBomb1BC SF2 MoaiFall1SF2 BC M001
Defeat Plesio Surf74
Defeat Terra Condor80+60BC SF2 Buki2BC SF2 KiloBomb2BC SF2 MoaiFall2SF2 BC M002
Defeat Rogue EX92+70BC SF2 Buki3BC SF2 KiloBomb2BC SF2 MoaiFall2SF2 BC M005
Defeat Le Mu104+75BC SF2 Buki3BC SF2 KiloBomb2BC SF2 BombalizrSF2 BC M005
Defeat Apollo Flame128+90BC SF2 AtomMine3BC SF2 KiloBomb2BC SF2 MoaiFall3SF2 BC M005
Collect all Battle Chips
Defeat all SP Bosses
136+95BC SF2 AtomMine3BC SF2 KiloBomb2BC SF2 MoaiFall3SF2 BC M006
Defeat Le Mu Xa150+100BC SF2 AtomMine3BC SF2 KiloBomb3BC SF2 MoaiFall3SF2 BC M006

Event Brothers

Two Brothers delivered in promotinal events for a limited time.[1][2] They are of the Saurian version in Zerker X Ninja and Ninja in Zerker X Saurian.

1300+150 BC SF2 AttckPanelBC SF2 BustrPanelBC SF2 PrlyzeStgSF2 BC M035
Message I'm the original 8-bit MegaMan!
Secret I get my energy from the sun!
Favorite Food E Can
Hometown Laboratory
My Boom Sliding
Favorite TV Show Shooting Star Rockman
L. M. Shin
1000 +150 BC SF2 Recover150BC SF2 SilvMteorBC SF2 AtomMine2SF2 BC M008
Message Thanks everybody, for your support!
Secret ...I really like Luna and Sonia!
Favorite Food Soniavita D!
Hometown Legend Land
My Boom にんていっ!
Favorite TV Show Shooting Star Rockman
Favorite Phrase Let's

Other characters

Other characters from the game have a simpler Personal View showing one of their Profile options instead of Brothers, and most have the same wallpaper with varying color, except for a few that change it to a Mega Man wallpaper. Like Luna, Bud, Zack, and Sonia, most of them have their Personal View visible above their head as a blue square. When the Personal View is red, it means something is troubling them, and Geo can choose to help them by looking into their Star Carrier. Not only will this make them happy, they may also give HP Memory, Battle Cards, Ability Waves, or Key Items as thanks.

Echo Ridge

Echo Ridge
Bonnie Amora
(あいざわ らぶえ)
Bst Featre
Clear Skin
210 BC SF2 PuffBlst1BC SF2 PuffBlst2BC SF2 PuffBlst3BC SF2 RdrMisil1
She got an interest in Styg Dismal, and when Geo tries to help, she asks if he can discover his favorite food. She loses interest on him after discovering it, but thanks Geo.
Chase Winde
(おうぞら トビヒコ)
230 BC SF2 NeedlAtk1BC SF2 StlthLzr1BC SF2 StlthLzr1BC SF2 NeedlAtk1
His RC Copter flew away, and Geo retrieves it in the Sky Wave. As thanks he lets Geo keep the RC Copter and gives the P Reprt.
Don McCard
(あつめ 太陽)
Fav Phrase
Go fo it!
40 BC SF2 ChainBbl2BC SF2 SnoBall2BC SF2 PiranKss2BC SF2 VoltcEye2
A Battle Card collector that is looking for a FireRing1.
Snaila Mail
(ハイケイ かしこ)
280 BC SF2 Squall1BC SF2 Squall2BC SF2 Squall3BC SF2 Squall1
The mail from her boyfriend, Alec Tribec, is taking a long time to arrive, and she is concerned with it. Geo helps her by checking the Mailbox ES, and finds that a Hertz is having trouble carrying the mail due to its weight. She gives HPMem20 as thanks.
Geo's LvRoom
Hope Stelar
(星河 あかね)
Fav Thing
Link Power
280 BC SF2 SnoStormBC SF2 PuffBlst1BC SF2 PuffBlst1BC SF2 SnoStorm
In her cooking diary, Hope ponders how she can make Geo eat vegetables. She remembers that Kelvin Stelar really liked carrots, and there was one dish she used to make that was his favorite, but she is having trouble to remember it. Geo decides to help her, but it was a long time since she last did it. She joking says that the spirits living in the house may remember the recipe, and this gives Geo the idea to talk with a Hertz in the house. One of them, who makes the remote control change channels, remembers it was a dish invented by Hope, "carrot gratin", and Geo tells it to his mother. She says that she will prepare it at night and gives the Battle Card HolyPanel as thanks. Although Geo was happy to help her, he still didn't eat the vegetables.
Ken Suther
(南国 ケン)
Fav. Food
759 BC SF2 DnceFire1BC SF2 DnceFire2BC SF2 DnceFire1BC SF2 DnceFire2
The owner of BIG WAVE. There is no Star Carrier quest to help him.
Claud Pincer
(はさみ チヨキチ)
30 SF2 BC M031SF2 BC M032SF2 BC M033SF2 BC M031
A boy that can EM Wave Change into Cancer Bubble. There is no quest to help him, but Mega Man must see his Star Carrier to help Minor Angler.

Wilshire Hills

Hills Blvd.
Styg Dismal
(ロジウラ ヒカゲ)
Fav Food
80 BC SF2 DblStoneBC SF2 DblStoneBC SF2 DblStoneBC SF2 DblStone
He believes he isn't interesting enough to make Brothers, and is looking for a good joke. Geo tries to help him, and the Weluvski Brothers tell him a great joke that helps him. He gives HPMem20 as thanks.
Kate Chizer
(モンドウ とい)
210 BC SF2 PuffBlst2BC SF2 JngleStrmBC SF2 JngleStrmBC SF2 PuffBlst2
The Quiz Girl. She is looking for someone to give a quiz, and Geo takes her challenge.
Wilshire Hills
Hale Knitter
(おりはた タクミ)
300 BC SF2 PuffBlst1BC SF2 PuffBlst2BC SF2 PuffBlst2BC SF2 PuffBlst1
A woman that likes men with high Link Power and has been going to a knitting school. She wants to make a sweater, but for that she needs a lot of blue wool. After Geo takes wool from a sheep in Messie's Cove for her, she gives a Scarf.
Kaz Nova
(イケツラ モテツグ)
Fav Phrase
Love me!
150 BC SF2 CannonBC SF2 PlusCannonBC SF2 HevyCanonBC SF2 Cannon
A Casanova. He asks Geo if he can bring a pretty girl from IFL Tower for him. It doesn't work, but as he realizes he must do something important like that by himself, he gives Geo a RdrMisil3 Battle Card.
Carma Iffy
(うすい サチ)
70 BC SF2 Recover10BC SF2 Recover10BC SF2 Recover10BC SF2 Recover10
Her Star Carrier has a Link Security that requires a Link Power of 300 to be accessed. In her Star Carrier, MegaMan sees her Mega Card reading, which says that she will have bad luck, catch a cold, and lose money, but a hero in blue will come to her rescue. When Geo talks with Carma, she says she is looking for Mother Hills, a fortune teller, but can't find her anywhere. After finding Mother Hills' Happy House in a hidden area from Wilshire Hills, she reads Carma's fortune and he informs her that she will be very lucky. As thanks she gives a HPMem10.
Van Geaux
(ピカヤマ パブロウ)
260 BC SF2 AtomMine1BC SF2 AtomMine2BC SF2 AtomMine3BC SF2 AtomMine1
A man that is collecting a set of 100 masterpieces. He managed to obtain 98 of them, and later in the game he obtains other, leaving only one left. Geo helps him find it by checking the Suit from Grizzly Peak's Resort, and in exchange Van gives the Battle Card PlsmaGun3.
Iver Gatte
(うつかり シゲゾウ)
180 BC SF2 Recover10BC SF2 ParalyzPlusBC SF2 Recover10BC SF2 ParalyzPlus
He believes that the digital society is causing him to get bald, and Geo tries to help him. He makes some questions to Geo.
Shopping Plaza
Aaron Boreal
(天地 まもる)
Fav Thing
650 BC SF2 RdrMisil1BC SF2 RdrMisil2BC SF2 RdrMisil3BC SF2 RdrMisil1
His Star Carrier has a diary entry where he mentions managing to make a new portable terminal (Star Carrier) that will improve people's living conditions. Since Link Power is important, he wonders if he should name it the Linkster. Later, he needs materias for a Star Carrier upgrade and Geo helps him by answering his questions. He says he gives a Recover150, but he makes a mistake and than gives a HPMem20 and a Blank Card as thanks.
Ere Mitic
(くらがり コドク)
My Glasses
110 (beginning)
90 (later)
BC SF2 VoltEye1BC SF2 AirSpred1BC SF2 AirSpred1BC SF2 VoltEye1
People are avoiding him since he found an Indie Fragment, and Geo helps him. Geo finds the IndFrag1 and faces two BoodachG and a MettennaG. He tries to destroy it, but is unable to and asks Ere to let him take it. Ere reluctantly decides to let Geo have the Indie Fragment.
Ruina Recker
(オオゴワレ マスヨ)
Cntct Lens
250 BC SF2 Buki1BC SF2 Attack+10BC SF2 Attack+10BC SF2 Buki1
Her motto (Fav Phrase) is "Haggle the price even if you only save one ZENNY!". In a month she lost many things, including a fridge, microwave, computer, frying pan, blender, knife, stove, rice cooker, and whisk (In the Japanese version the player's "Fav Thing" also appears in the list). She even broke a guide board in the Shopping Plaza. Geo wonders if she has viruses on her Star Carrier that are breaking things and tries to help her. When he checks the broken information board, he fights against a BaseGunnerG, DarkReaperG, and MonoSwordinG. After deleting the viruses and fixing the board, she gives a HP+300/360 and no longer breaks things.
Movie Theater
Joe Hawnt
(おんりょうじ カイキ)
Ghost Town
13 BC SF2 BooHat1BC SF2 BooHat2BC SF2 BooHat3BC SF2 BooHat1
Lately he has been feeling stiff, and he believes an evil spirit wants to take him to the other world. The reason is that several Mr. Hertz are surrounding him, and they leave after learning that they are causing trouble. As thanks he gives a Charm.
IFL Tower 1
Bob Copper
(五陽田 ヘイジ)
54 BC SF2 WhistleBC SF2 PiranKss3BC SF2 PiranKss3BC SF2 Whistle
A detective that appears in several locations making investigations. After completing the game, his Z Wave Case File #24 says that ghosts have been spotted at IFL Tower, and Geo decides to help investigate. Bob finds it strange for him to know about it as the info wasn't revealed to the public. He tells Geo that ghosts aren't real and he should go home, but he still decides to investigate. In the tower, he fights against a BooGeistG (alongside a GoopyG and HoppaDanceG) and deletes it. As the ghost's signal got weak, he wonders if Geo and MegaMan are related and gives him the Sub-Card AquaSrch with a tracking device on it, but Mega removes it.
Gredy Miser
(ひよう げんさく)
260 BC SF2 GrassStageBC SF2 FireRing2BC SF2 FireRing2BC SF2 GrassStage
The producer of the movie Ghost Crisis. After its cancellation, he became the curator of a museum, but for his misfortune, many exhibits, including the OOPArt, are lost. Due to everything he is involved with failing, he wonders if he is cursed, and Mega finds it interesting. He says he believes there are new exhibits in the museum, byt it is actually some Hertzs playing a prank. After telling them to stop, Gredy gives Geo a WoodSrch Sub-Card.
Han Gard
(トジマリ ミハル)
Fav Game
80 BC SF2 RdrMisil1BC SF2 HeatGrndeBC SF2 Recover120BC SF2 Invisible
A boy that likes to visit museums. After the museum incident, he got so worried about his treasure (his favorite game) being stolen that he can't even sleep. When Geo tries to help him, one of the museum's security Matter Waves tell him how to do it. After a long explanation that he doesn't understand well, he gives Geo one VdeoGame and decides to hide his favorite game under his pillow.

Grizzly Peak

Grizzly Peak
Ai Scrounge
(ヒロイ カネ)
270 BC SF2 SnoStormBC SF2 Recover30
BC SF2 Recover30BC SF2 SnoStorm
She found a lot of stuff lately, including a fridge, microwave, computer, frying pan, blender, knife, stove, rice cooker, and whisk. Finding it strange, Geo talks with her and discover that a Hertz is presenting her, but as it is making her nervous, he stops doing it and she no longer finds random objects. She gives a Whistle Battle Card.
Nival Peaks
(ゆきやま ゆきのじょう)
Fav Food
110 BC SF2 JetSki2BC SF2 JetSki2BC SF2 JetSki2BC SF2 JetSki2
He thinks his Star Carrier is broken, but the problem is with viruses. After Geo solves it, he gives HPMem10.
Leroy Mann
(ナニワ ウリツグ)
Fav Phrase
320 BC SF2 JetSki1BC SF2 SnoBall1
BC SF2 SnoBall1BC SF2 JetSki1
A man that runs a pancake shop and wants new ideas to increase sales. Geo helps him and receives a HPMem10 as thanks.
Rich Dotcom
Rich Party
0 SF2 BC M004SF2 BC M005SF2 BC M006BC SF2 DoublCross
Later, he somehow gets free and plans to go to Whazzap before the cops find him. A game company will make an announcement and he will buy its stocks due to having insider info saying that the stock value will go up. As inside trading is a crime, Geo looks for Bob Copper to report him. To avoid his escape, Geo says that a girl is interested in his Shermani suit and will call her, actually going to Bob Copper. After seeing Bob again, he thanks Geo by giving him 6000 Zennys, and Rich, now in IFL Tower, can no longer use his Star Carrier.
Peak Hotel
Heidy Tidy
(カタヅカ ナイ)
Fav Phrase
You bet!
250 BC SF2 Recover10BC SF2 BarrierBC SF2 BarrierBC SF2 Recover10
She must clean all rooms, but has trouble with it. The Matter Wave Vac Mac (and Mega) gives her useful pointers. As thanks she gives the Sub-Card ElecSrch.
Yugo Astray
(ふくろこうじ まよう)
Fav Food
Beef Stew
210 BC SF2 PlusCannonBC SF2 AirSpred1
BC SF2 MniGrnde1BC SF2 Recover30
Has been working at Grizzly Peak for a year and can't find Foodtopia. He asks for help and Geo gets a map of the resort for him. In exchange he gives a HPMem10. When helping Noira Crush, Mega Man enters on his Star Carrier to find his favorite color: white.
Noira Crush
(くろふく くろみ)
UV Rays
260 BC SF2 HevyCanonBC SF2 AirSpred3
BC SF2 MniGrnde3BC SF2 Recover80
One of the women in black that works for Rich Dotcom. Has a crush on Yugo Astray, and Geo finds his favorite color. In exchange she gives a Sunglass.
Blair Loude
(オオゴエ ねっしょう)
Echo Ridge
210 BC SF2 Recover10BC SF2 Recover10BC SF2 Recover10BC SF2 Aura
He is the principal from Echo Ridge Elementary, and recently has taken up singing, Snaila Mail's Star Carrier showing that he is a celebrity. He is trying to write a new country music about Grizzly Peak titled "Trip by Myself", but is having trouble with the lyrics. When Geo tries to help him, Blair recognizes him but mistakes his name as "Leo". The options that must be chosen for the lyrics are "The Grizzly Peak suites", "Perfect for rich girls!", "Oh! Grizzly Peak!" and "GP Resort Hotel!". As thanks he gives 2000 Zennys.
Rolly Pollyn
(うちやり どす子)
Fav Thing
410 BC SF2 GrndWave1BC SF2 SwordBC SF2 Attack+10BC SF2 Recover30
She wants to go on a diet, and Geo tries to help. She heard there is a diet guru who lives in the city, and asks Geo if he can find and ask him for advice. Geo finds Kate Chizer and sees in her Star Carrier that her secret is avoiding snacks. As thanks she gives a ShrtCake.
(滑田 イサム)
580 BC SF2 SnoBall1BC SF2 SnoBall2BC SF2 SnoBall3BC SF2 SnoBall1
Amy's father. He is trying to think of a souvenir unique to Grizzly Peak, and Geo helps him. Geo talks with him and looks for a gourmand for ideas. After looking in Meala DeVour's Star Carrier, he says something related to water would be good. Gelande gives a SrchEye Sub-Card as thanks.
Meala DeVour
(オオバラ ぐるめ)
Fav. Food
70 BC SF2 PuffBlst2BC SF2 BarrierBC SF2 BarrierBC SF2 PuffBlst2
She believes that she is the world's best eater, but there is a food she didn't knew about, an urban legend among people who love SoulFood. She heard that a woman in Whazzap called the Soul Mother that makes divine SoulFood. Geo finds her in Whazzap Ruins2 and takes some SoulFood for Meala. As thanks she gives a HPMem10.
Chatty Ditz
(まじうけ ぎゃるみ)
Boring Ppl
110 BC SF2 JetSki1BC SF2 JetSki2BC SF2 JetSki3BC SF2 JetSki1
A ditz that is recently into treasure hunting. She found a treasure map, but is unable to understand it, giving the TreasMap to Geo. Geo map's clue leads him to the Museum, where he finds another clue that takes him to Messie's Cove, and then to the Whazzap Lines, where he finds a letter (Memoir) to Chatty written by her granddad. Thinking it is useless, she gives Geo the OldStrap.
Fay Phamish
(へるはら なるみ)
150 BC SF2 JngleStrmBC SF2 SnoStormBC SF2 PoisnStrmBC SF2 JngleStrm
One of the participants from the eating contest in Foodtopia. She is always hungry, and even wonders if Taurus Fire could be eaten. There is no quest to help her, but her Star Carrier has the Cipher Mail code "LYGEENRAD".
Bunny Slopes
Amy Gelande
(滑田 アイ)
Fav Thing
Fan Mail
210 BC SF2 JetSki2BC SF2 JetSki3BC SF2 JetSki3BC SF2 JetSki2
A famous skier that is trying to come up with a new trick. Geo can help her by giving the Battle Cards SnoBall1, JetSki1, and Scythe1. She gives HP+200/225 and Amy WP as thanks.
Black Diamond Run
Ema Nesia
(オットト ウッカリーノ)
70 BC SF2 IceStageBC SF2 AirSpred1BC SF2 AirSpred1BC SF2 IceStage
A girl that often screws up. She wanted to go to Wilshire Hills and accidentally went to the ski resort. She also lost her wallet, and she can't go home without it. Geo helps her find her Wallet, and as thanks she gives the Sub-Card FireSrch.

Loch Mess

Mess Village
Kidd Gruff
(八木 ケン太)
Fav Food
330 SF2 BC M034SF2 BC M035SF2 BC M036SF2 BC M034
A kid from Alohaha that met an EM body named Goat Foo and became able to EM Wave Change. He trains in Mess Village. There is no quest to help him.
Gerry Romero
Fav Food
20 BC SF2 PoisnAppleBC SF2 DoublCrossBC SF2 DoublCrossBC SF2 PoisnApple
A TV director. His Star Carrier has a Link Security that requires a Link Power of 500 to be accessed. After the Messie incident the ratings of his program dropped drastically (5%), and he thinks of getting a pretty girl to star in the show. Geo feels sorry for him and decides to help, asking Wazafowonwon if she would like to appear on TV. Gerry gives a TradrTix as thanks, this being the first time he ever felt grateful to someone. She goes to Loch Mess and the ratings start increasing (15%).
Minor Angler
Fav Food
Soy Sauce
280 BC SF2 PiranKss1BC SF2 PiranKss2
BC SF2 PiranKss3BC SF2 PiranKss1
A fisherman that gives Geo the Matter Wave. Later in the game he has trouble to get fish and asks Geo if he can find a master fisherman in Echo Ridge for tips. The fisherman is Claud Pincer, and Mega Man enters his Star Carrier to find that his secret is to understand "the fish's feelings". After learning it, Minor Angler gives HPMem10.
Obs. Deck
Shudder Bugz
Zoom lens!
240 BC SF2 Scythe1BC SF2 SyncHook1BC SF2 ElecSlashBC SF2 Recover120
A cameraman that worked for Gerry Romero's World Mysteries. After its cancellation, he works on another show. He became Zack's Brother and gives Geo a Projector Matter Wave. Later he has trouble getting a good scenic shot. Geo notices he forgot to return the projector, so he talks with Shudder to return it. Shudder says he can keep it, and that it can also be used as a camera. He likes lanscape photography, and he would love to have a snow scene. Geo takes one from the window of the Suite in Grizzly Peak and shows it to him. In exchange he gives the Sub-Card SrchEye.
Luz Stufalot
Messie Kid
260 BC SF2 MoaiFall1BC SF2 MoaiFall2BC SF2 MoaiFall2BC SF2 MoaiFall1
She has a Brother who lives overseas and sent a SkyBoard Matter Wave for her. Although not displayed in-game, she says her Link Power went up after receiving it. In a month she lost many things, including a fridge, microwave, computer, frying pan, blender, knife, stove, rice cooker, and whisk. When Geo tries to help her, Luz says that her motorbike felt in the loch. Geo searchs it and returns her motorbike Matter Wave. As thanks, she gives a HPMem10 and a Blank Card.
Messie's Cove
Alec Tribec
440 BC SF2 ChainBbl1BC SF2 ChainBbl2
BC SF2 ChainBbl3BC SF2 ChainBbl1
The Quiz Knight. After Quiz Girl loses, he gives a quiz to Geo. He gives PzleBook as a reward for answering all questions.
D'nwan Draun
110 BC SF2 StkyRain1BC SF2 StkyRain2BC SF2 StkyRain2BC SF2 StkyRain1
A boy that wants to learn how to swin. The Matter Wave Divey Jones gives him pointers, and in exchange he gives the Ability Wave ChrgSver/150.
Tayle Spinn
Fav Food
Plane Food
320 BC SF2 StlthLzr1BC SF2 StlthLzr2
BC SF2 StlthLzr2BC SF2 StlthLzr1
A pilot that saw Harp Note in Bermuda Maze before his plane crashed. Afterwards he decides to stay in Mess Village to help clean the loch. He gets bored and wonders if the guy he went through training with is doing OK. Geo decides to help him finds that his friend, Chase Winde. In his Star Carrier, Chase notes that "Mono" crashed his planes many times during training. Geo tells "Mr. Mono" that Chase remembers him, and he gives a TradrTix. Tayle than thinks it is time for him to call his Brother and fly planes again.


510 BC SF2 SpiritFuryBC SF2 Aura
BC SF2 Recover300BC SF2 HolyPanel
The shaman of Whazzap, a serious but kind man that worries a lot about Whazzap's progress. He realizes his knowledge of the world is quite limited and wishes to learn more. Geo helps him by borrowing an encyclopedia in Zack's house for him to use. He gives an AtomMine3★1 as thanks.
Brain prep
260 BC SF2 MopLance1BC SF2 Fokx-Fu1BC SF2 Squall1BC SF2 NeedlAtk1
She is the Quiz Queen. After defeating the Quiz Girl and Quiz Knight, she gives a quiz to Geo. Answering all questions corretly will grant Geo a HPMem20 and the title of Quiz King, and she decides to stop with quizzes.
Y'Gat Riddem
Good beats
170 BC SF2 DnceFire1BC SF2 DnceFire2BC SF2 DnceFire1BC SF2 DnceFire2
A kid that likes music. Geo talks with him and he comes up with a new beat, giving him the Battle Card SilvMteor.
Fav Food
420 BC SF2 PlsmaGun3BC SF2 MumyHand3BC SF2 PrlyzeStgBC SF2 Guardian
Her Star Carrier has a Link Security that needs a Link Power of 400 to be entered. She is looking for a potion that can extend a person's life for 1000 years, which is made from a succulent fish that lives in a loch, and Geo decides to help her. Geo goes to Mess Village and a kid tells him that lately he isn't able to catch fish. Geo goes to the small island in the center of the village and finds out that a Ms. Hertz was accidentally scarying the fish. Later, the kid manages to get some MessFish and gives one for him. Geo takes the fish to Wherzat and she gives a HPMem20 as thanks.
Whazzap Lines
FavTV Show
What's TV?
210 BC SF2 Recover50BC SF2 FlckrKck1BC SF2 Recover50BC SF2 FlckrKck1
As it is too hot in Whazzap, she wants to live in a cooler country and see snow. Geo takes a snow bunny in Grizzly Peak and shows it to her. She gives HPMem10 as thanks.
130 BC SF2 MoaiFall1BC SF2 MoaiFall2BC SF2 MoaiFall3BC SF2 MoaiFall1
A kid that wants to run away from Whazzap to visit other countries and eat Choinese dumplings, Netopian burgers, and Sharo piroshki. Geo convinces Kyanaigotu to not do it by talking about the world to him. He gives his Run-Away plans to Geo and decides he will only leave after finishing school.
180 BC SF2 SyncHook1BC SF2 GrndWave2BC SF2 GrndWave2BC SF2 SyncHook1
His Star Carrier has a Link Security that requires a Link Power of 500 to be accessed. He has many questions, including not knowing what the glowing stone he found is. Geo tries to help and Gabby Guide tells him what it is. He is very happy with his finding and gives 3000 Zennys to Geo as thanks.
Whazzap Ruins 1
Pat Sprigs
Fav Phrase
0 SF2 BC M028SF2 BC M029SF2 BC M030SF2 BC M028
A character from the first game. Although there is no Star Carrier quest to help him, he asks Geo to fight his EM Wave Change, Gemini Spark, to help him control is evil personality, Rey.


  • Although Hyde and Solo are seen using ancient Star Carriers, their Personal View (if those Star Carriers have one) aren't show in the game, and thus they aren't on the list. Also, it is mentioned that Hollow is the only Brother of Dr. Vega, so the two may have Star Carriers.
  • When Mu appears, the Link Power of most Star Carrier users goes down to 0. Known exceptions are the five main characters, Hope Stelar, Aaron Boreal, Claud Pincer, Bob Copper, Amy Gelande, Mr. Gelande, Kidd Gruff, and the Shaman.
  • The Star Carriers of Rich Dotcom and Pat Sprigs can only be seen after completing the game, so it is unknown if their Link Power is 0 due to the Mu events, as Rich has no friends and Pat appears to have no Brothers.
  • Ken Suther's Star Carrier can only be seen during the event he appears for the first time.


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