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List of items from The Misadventures of Tron Bonne.

Mission items

Those items are used only in missions.

Item nameJapanese nameLocationSell price
Gold ingots from bank銀行の金塊Mission 1 Level 2150000
Gold bullion from bank銀行の大金塊Mission 1 Level 3400000
Blue Aurora Stone聖なるあおい輝石
(Blue Holy Pyroxene)
Mission 3 Level 150000
Yellow Aurora Stone聖なるきいろい輝石
(Yellow Holy Pyroxene)
Mission 3 Level 2150000
Red Aurora Stone聖なるあかい輝石
(Red Holy Pyroxene)
Mission 3 Level 3500000
Diana's Tear Mission 41000000
Steak containers Mission 2 Level 14500 each (total 54000)
Crab containers Mission 2 Level 110000 each (total 30000)
Flour containers Mission 2 Level 212500 each (total 150000)
Coffee containers Mission 2 Level 220000 each (total 60000)
TV containers Mission 2 Level 335000 each (total 420000)
Electronics containers Mission 2 Level 335000 each (total 105000)
Apple containers Mission 6 Level 112500 each (total 150000)
Melon containers Mission 6 Level 120000 each (total 60000)
Pearl containers Mission 6 Level 2
Gold containers Mission 6 Level 235000 each (total 105000)
Cattle containers Mission 6 Level 3
Goat containers Mission 6 Level 370000 each (total 210000)

Normal items

The game menu has space for 126 items, but the player can obtain only 84 item (2 of them exclusive to the Japanese version) as 13 items are used automatically and 30 were removed from the game, making a total of 127 items.

Item name Game description Location and notes Sell price
TMoTBItemIcon1 Recovery items TMoTBItemIcon1
E. Bottle 1
Small energy recharge.Buy in Gesellschaft, find in Mission 3 Level 1, scout
Recovers 512 HP.
E. Bottle 2
Medium energy recharge.Buy in Gesellschaft, find Mission 3 Level 2, scout
Recovers 1024 HP.
E. Bottle 3
Large energy recharge.Buy in Gesellschaft, find Mission 3 Level 3, scout1500
E. Bottle 4
Full energy recharge.Buy in Gesellschaft, scout2000
TMoTBItemIcon2 Stocked items TMoTBItemIcon2
Delicious-looking pork.Gold City houses400
Tasty-looking fish.Harbor water, Gold City houses, scout200
Yummy-looking apple.Trees, scout100
Curry Rice)
Hot and spicy curry.Gold City houses, scout500
Nice juicy hamburger. scout200
Fresh fruit juice.Harbor houses, scout100
Delicious-looking cake.Mission 1 Level 3200
Tire from patrol car.Police cars, scout1000
Police Lights
"Patrol Lamp")
Emergency lights from a patrol car.Police cars, scout1600
Riot Shield
"Policeman's Shield")
Item used by Ryship Police.Shielded policemen, scout1000
Comic book with a funny story.House in Mission 1 Level 2, scout500
Good-looking hat.Scout700
Delicious-looking piece of chicken. 400
Letter written by a resident of the island.Mail box near bank100
Tasty-looking shellfish.Harbor water, scout1500
Beautiful ring.Dust boxes in Gold City, scout3000
A pretty shell.Harbor water, scout300
"Lunchbox made with love by wife")
Workman's box lunch.Houses in harbor, scout1000
Thick, tasty-looking steakFarm Level 2600
Pig taken from ranch.Farm Level 1 (sold automatically for 25000 each) and Level 2.1600
Tasty-looking rabbit.Farm, scout800
Cow taken from ranch.Farm Level 2Automatically sold by 70000 each after the mission, making a total of 420000 Zenny. -
Black Stallion
Black Horse)
Black stallion taken from ranch.Farm Level 3Automatically sold with horses after completing the mission. -
Horse taken from ranch.Farm Level 3Black Stallion and 5 Horses are automatically sold by 840000 Zenny after the mission. -
One of Loath's robots captured at the ranch.Farm500
Fresh, delicious milk.Farm200
Tasty-looking cheese.Farm, scout400
Freshly-made yogurt.Farm, scout
Ice Cream
Cold, sweet ice cream.Scout100
Horseshoe for barnyard animals.Farm, scout3000
Lean ground beef.Farm, scout600
TMoTBItemIcon3 Development items TMoTBItemIcon3
Earthen Pipe)
Dirty pipe found in the Nakkai ruins.Nakkai Ruins - (Give to #31)
Fireworks found in the Nakkai ruins.Nakkai Ruins - (Give to #32)
Iron Plate
Plate made of hardened iron.Nakkai Ruins - (Give to #34)
Extremely light metal ore.Mission 3 Level 2 - (Give to #30)
Hi-Density Tank
Tank with large storage capacity.Talk with #23 - (Give to #30)
Bottle Notes
T. Bonne's memos on making E. BottlesTalk with #28 - (Give to #33)
Rusted Tank
Rusted tank found in the Nakkai Ruins.Nakkai Ruins - (Give to #30)
TMoTBItemIcon4 Servbot power-ups TMoTBItemIcon4
Attack Cube
Matrix containing power from ancient machines.Scout -
Brain Cube
Matrix containing knowledge from ancient machines.Nakkai Ruins, scout -
Speed Cube
Matrix containing speed energy from ancient machines.Scout -
Energy Cube
"Will Cube")
Matrix containing energy from ancient machines.Scout -
TMoTBItemIcon5 Digout related items TMoTBItemIcon5
Card Key
Card key used for opening treasure chests in the Shala-Kun ruins.Mission 3 -
Gate Key
Key used for opening gates in the Shala-Kun ruins.Mission 3 Level 2 -
Room Key
Key used for opening rooms in the Shala-Kun ruins.Mission 3 -
Blue Crystal
"Blue Ore")
One of the keys to unlock the secret treasure of Shala-Kun.Mission 3 Level 1 -
Green Crystal
"Green Ore")
One of the keys to unlock the secret treasure of Shala-Kun.Mission 3 Level 2 -
Pink Crystal
"Pink Ore")
One of the keys to unlock the secret treasure of Shala-Kun.Mission 3 Level 3 -
Super Drill
Strong drill attachment for Servbot Borer.Mission 3 Level 2 -
Hyper Drill
Heavy-duty drill attachment for Servbot Borer.Mission 3 Level 3 -
TMoTBItemIcon6 Gesellschaft related items TMoTBItemIcon6
Refractor Ore
Fossilized refractor; good for weapons development.Scout -
Finance Book
Book full of cost-saving tips.Scout. Permanently reduces the prices of all items in the Lab by 25% except for the Bazooka Parts, which price is highly increased to 1125000. -
Beauty Book
Book full of advice on keeping healthy skin.Japanese version only.
Talk with #40 in Tron's Room.
Give to #38.
Rusty cannon found in ruins.Japanese version only.
Chest in Nakkai Ruins (replaced by one Brain Cube outside Japan).
Give to #38.
Paint Set
Paint set that includes special metal-adhering paints.Talk with #2.
Give this item to #35.
Poetry Book
Collection of famous poems.Talk with #4.
Give this item to #39.
Strategy Notes
Detailed notes on strategy and tactics.Talk with #1.
Give this item to #37.
Design Magazine

Adult Magazine)
Magazine full of tips on interior decoration and how to keep your home clean.House in Mission 1 Level 2.
Give this item to #40.
Red Head Parts
Red head part for Servbot.Talk with #9.
When used, turns one Servbot into Tron's favorite.
Old Instrument
Old musical instrument found in the Nakkai ruins.Nakkai Ruins.
Give to #36.
Loader Parts
Piece of Denise's robot.Complete Mission 1 Level 3.
Give to #36.
"Memories of Elder Brother")
Piece of Gustaff found at Nakkai ruins, shot off when Teisel fought Glyde.Nakkai Ruins.
Give to #35.
Bon Parts
Equipment used by Bon when training.Talk with #13.
Give to #35.
Boutique's Poster)
Boutique pamphlet advertising a sale that was found on the Gesellschaft deck.Talk with #24.
Give to #35.
Contact Lenses
Used to increase vision; useful for seeing distant objects.First talk with #8, and then with #10.
Give to #8.
Loath's Handkerchief)
Tacky handkerchief found on Loath's ship.Talk with #16.
Give to #35.
Ancient Pistol
Ancient pistol found at Nakkai ruins.Nakkai Ruins.
Give to #10.
TMoTBItemIcon7 Gustaff weapons and power-ups TMoTBItemIcon7
Search Cannon
Gustaff starting weapon; has homing capability and is easy to use.Available from the beginning. -
Bonne Bazooka
Gustaff weapon; slow recharge time but packs a powerful punch.Buy in Gesellschaft's Lab. -
Gatling Gun
Gustaff weapon; has a wide range and rapid rate of fire.Buy in Gesellschaft's Lab. -
Hard Armor)
Gustaff armor; increases defensive strength.Buy in Gesellschaft's Lab. -
Hard Armor
Great Armor)
Gustaff armor; offers the best protection available. -
TMoTBItemIconTank1 E. Tank 1
Gustaff energy tank; increases maximum energy.Buy in Gesellschaft's Lab. -
TMoTBItemIconTank1 E. Tank 2
Gustaff energy tank; increases maximum energy.Buy in Gesellschaft's Lab. -
TMoTBItemIconTank1 E. Tank 3
Gustaff energy tank; increases maximum energy.Buy in Gesellschaft's Lab. -
TMoTBItemIconTank1 E. Tank 4
Gustaff energy tank; increases maximum energy.Buy in Gesellschaft's Lab. -
TMoTBItemIconTank1 E. Tank 5
Gustaff energy tank; increases maximum energy.Buy in Gesellschaft's Lab. -
TMoTBItemIconTank1 E. Tank 6
Gustaff energy tank; increases maximum energy.Buy in Gesellschaft's Lab. -
TMoTBItemIconTank1 E. Tank 7
Gustaff energy tank; increases maximum energy.Buy in Gesellschaft's Lab. -
TMoTBItemIconTankP E. Tank P
Gustaff energy tank; made using ancient technology. -

Other items

Those 13 items can't be seen in the menu and don't have description. They are used automatically when obtained.

NameJapanese nameLocationFunctionLocation in menu
Green Apple
あおりんごTreesRecovers 256 HP.First item in menu, above E. Bottle 1
50ディフレク 50
(Deflec 50)
RefractorsZennyBetween E. Bottle 4 and Item000D
100ディフレク 100
(Deflec 100)
200ディフレク 200
(Deflec 200)
250ディフレク 250
(Deflec 250)
500ディフレク 500
(Deflec 500)
Money Bag
(Dollar Bag)
Money bags found inside houses.2000 Zenny
Gold StatueきんのぞうDestroy the animal hospital in Gold City to find a gold statue of the veterinarian.5000 Zenny
Tank Parts
タンクのきそAvailable in Gesellschaft's Lab#30 gains his skillBetween Entrepreneurial Spirit and Search Cannon
Bazooka Parts
バズーカのきそAvailable in Gesellschaft's Lab#31 gains his skill
Gatling Parts
ガトリングのきそAvailable in Gesellschaft's Lab#32 gains his skill
Armor Parts
アーマーのきそAvailable in Gesellschaft's Lab#34 gains his skill

Scrapped items

Those are the remaining 29 items of the menu, which where removed and can't be obtained in normal gameplay. Their names where removed in the English version. Translation of descriptions and a few items are from The Cutting Room Floor.

Name translationJapanese nameDescriptionLocation in menu
Item000Dアイテム000D -Between Gold Statue and Pork
Item000Eアイテム000E -
Item0021アイテム0021 -Between Lunchbox and Steak
Item0022アイテム0022 -
Item0023アイテム0023 -
Item0024アイテム0024 -
Item0025アイテム0025 -
Item002Aアイテム002A -Between Cow and Black Stallion
TMoTBItemIcon2 Signカンバンぎんこうのカンバン とてもおおきい
(The bank's sign. It's very big.)
Between Beef and Pipe
TMoTBItemIcon2 Bonne Bentōボーンべんとうしょくどうでつくられたりょうり うりはらってお金にすることができる
(Food made in the cafeteria. Sell out completely and you can make a lot of money.)
TMoTBItemIcon2 Bonne Gourmetボーングルメ
TMoTBItemIcon2 Bonne Makunouchiボーンまくのうち
TMoTBItemIcon2 Bonne Full Course
(Bonne Complete Meal)
Item0054アイテム0054 - Between Design Magazine and Red Head Parts
TMoTBItemIcon6 Nameplateなふだなまえをかくためのもの
(For writing your name on.)
Between Red Head Parts and Old Instrument
(The legendary pillow of 'always being able to nap')
TMoTBItemIcon6 Hamburger Curryハンバーグカレーコブンににんきのカレーをさらにグレードアップ コブンがサボるのをわずかにおさえるこうかがある
(This popular curry will give your little Kobun a "grade up" in dishes. The Kobun's got it down.)
TMoTBItemIcon6 "Japanese Style Set Meal"わふうていしょくたまにはきぶんがかわるとコブンににんきのいっぴん
TMoTBItemIcon6 Dessert Gourmetデザートグルメデザートだけのたのしいメニューでにんき
(With only the fun of desserts on the menu, a popular Kobun has pretty much got it down.)
TMoTBItemIcon6 Powerful Dinnerパワフルディナーお肉ばっかりのたべごたえのあるいっっぴん
TMoTBItemIcon6 Wanko-sobaわんこそばつぎつぎに おかわりがつがれる
きたのちほうの めいぶつりょうり
(On and on, this northern country dish just keeps coming and coming. A local speciality.)
TMoTBItemIcon6 Recovery Foodりょうようしょくびょうにんようの、 からだにやさしいしょくじ
(Used in hospitals, this food will be good to your body.)
TMoTBItemIcon6 Healthy Grassげんきぐさどんなに おちこんでいても、
これをせんじてのめば げんきふっかつ
(No matter what kind of a slump you're in, brewing this will perk you right up.)
Between Ancient Pistol and Tank Parts
Item0067アイテム0067 -
TMoTBItemIcon6 Tron's Pantiesトロンのパンツせんたくばでみつけたトロンのパンツ ピンク
(Tron's panties, glimpsed in the wash. Pink.)
TMoTBItemIcon6 Album of Memoriesおもいでアルバムトロンたちのりょうしんがけんざいのころの
(An album of times from the Bonne family, when Tron's parents were still feeling well.)
TMoTBItemIcon6 Tron's Diaryトロンのにっきとろんがつけているにっき
(The diary Tron's keeping.)
TMoTBItemIcon6 Elder Brother's Suitアニキのスーツティーゼルのよそいきのスーツ
(Teisel's formal suit.)
TMoTBItemIcon6 Entrepreneurial Spiritしょうばいこころつかうと こうしょうじょうずになれる
(Make use of this and you'll go fabulously far.)
1313 -After E. Tank P, the last item.
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