X dashing with the Foot Parts.

The following is a list of actions performed by playable characters in the Mega Man franchise.


Move (移動) is the most basic of the commands. It allows the player to navigate the character through the gameplay environment by walking, running, etc. Some items and moves, like Speedster and Dash, improves the mobility of the character.


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Jump (ジャンプ) is a common action that allows characters reach higher places. Nearly all characters and bosses can jump.


Mega Upper

Attack is how the character defeats an enemy. It can be shooting, punching, kicking or other forms of combat.

Special attacks in fighting games: (i.e.:Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters and Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes)

  • Mega Upper (Rock Upper) - Mega Man's special attack, a powerful uppercut.
  • Proto Strike (Blues Strike) - Proto Man's special attack, a powerful punch-like charge shot of short range.
  • Crescent Kick - Bass' special attack, a crescent kick with both legs.
  • Giant Knuckle - Duo's special attack, an uppercut that once executed, allows he for attack by slamming the enemy down once lifted.

All four can be unleashed by fully charging the weapon and releasing it while pressing UP. Proto Man uses various Proto Strikes in other games (most charged-like shots).


  • Megaton Crash: The special attack of Model FX. It can push or even break obstacles.
  • Hadouken (Fireball) and Shoryuken (Flaming Dragon Punch) - The first appears in Mega Man X as a secret special move that destroys any enemy with a single hit in a Upgrade Capsule, and the second in Mega Man X2 as a secret special move in another Capsule that causes heavy damage (or if near enough, "kill like a spike") any enemy with a hit. Both reappear in Mega Man Xtreme and Mega Man Xtreme 2.


See also: Buster

Shot (ショット) is the basic attack of most playable characters, depending of their weapons. Initially, Mega Man could shoot only three bullets at a time from his Mega Buster and the bullets could pass through walls, but he and other characters had different abilities depending on the games and parts equipped. Examples include a limit of 2-5 bullets on screen, shots that can't pass through walls, bigger shots to increase the chance to hit targets, the ability to charge the shot, rapid fire, limited energy, and other variations.

Charge Shot

A Charge Shot (チャージショット) is performed by holding the Shot button to charge energy and cause more damage to enemies, with the added advantage of plowing through enemies who succumb to its power. It usually causes about three units of damage, except in Mega Man 7, where it causes two. In the Mega Man Battle Network series, the Charge Shot depends on what kind of Style or other transformation the player gives to MegaMan.EXE. MegaMan.EXE's basic power for this is about 10 damage. In Mega Man Star Force, the Shot button could be held to rapid-fire and released to charge, the opposite of the usual method.

A FMV cutscene for Maverick Hunter X has shown the Charge Shot to be extremely powerful, moreso than in gameplay: In the ending for Vile Mode, Mega Man X fired a Charge Shot at Vile that was powerful enough to bring him down for the count, leaving him heavily damaged with a gaping hole through the chest. Likewise, when Vile discovered that X was going to shoot him with a Charge Shot, he expressed genuine worry shortly before X fired it at him. Likewise, in the OVA The Day of Σ included with the game, the Charge Shot also was powerful enough to knock down a Maverick Mechaniloid and knock it unconscious temporarily, although it did not severely wound the Maverick.

Mega Man uses this for his Side Smash in the Super Smash Bros. series, though he holds it to stablize himself.

Aquired skills

Almost all playable characters in the Mega Man franchise can obtain abilities in one way or another, usually by defeating opponents, with methods including:


Crouch (しゃがむ Shagamu) is a command usable in Mega Man X5, X6, X7, Mega Man X DiVE, and the Mega Man ZX series (in the base Humanoid form, Reploid with Grey) that helps to dodge attacks. In Mega Man X5 and beyond, the characters can't move while crouching, but the base form from the Mega Man ZX series can crawl, allowing the character to pass through narrow passages.


Bass Dash
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Dash (ダッシュ) is a command that speeds up the character. While dashing, the character lowers their body, and can avoid some attacks. The Dash can also be used to boost jumping distance. However, it cannot get the character as low to the ground as a slide can. If a NetNavi were to use Charge Cross, their Charge Shot would be a dash that would damage other NetNavi/viruses in the way.


Zero Knuckle

Hanging (ぶら下がり Burasagari) is an action that MegaMan Volnutt can perform. It allows him to hang on ledges and climb up, reaching higher places.

Rope Hold

Rope Hold (ロープつかまり), also known as Wire Hook, is a move used by X and Zero to catch ropes and poles in Mega Man X5 and X6, using a device to hold and move over them. X and Zero can also dash on ropes while hanging.

MegaMan.EXE can also do a similar move in Mega Man Network Transmission to hold and move on electro-bars (電脳バー Dennō Bā).

Lift Grip

Lift Grip (リフトグリップ), also known as Lift/Grab, is a move that Zero can do with the Zero Knuckle in Mega Man Zero 4, even if the Zero Knuckle is unequipped. It allows Zero to hold bars and other objects. As Zero is using the Zero Knuckle, he can't attack with it while hanging, but he can still attack with the Buster Shot or Z-Saber. He can also turn around while hanging to attack in other directions.

Hanging Wedge

Hanging Wedge (ハンギングウェッジ), also known as Hanging Edge, is a move from Model P users in the Mega Man ZX series. It is similar to Lift Grip, the difference being that the Model P user can also use it to hold on almost any ceiling and climb up small platforms. Purprill the Mandroid also uses this move.

Rolling and Cartwheel

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Rolling, also known as Roll, is an evasive move used by Axl in the Mega Man X series. Axl rolls forward to avoid attacks.

Cartwheel is a similar move used by MegaMan Volnutt in the Mega Man Legends series, with MegaMan rolling either left or right to avoid attacks.


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Sliding (スライディン), also known as Slide, is a move introduced in Mega Man 3. Sliding allows passage through narrow passageways. The only playable characters that can slide are Mega Man, Proto Man and Model a; however, some bosses like Shadow Man, can also slide. Other playable characters use similar actions such as Dash and Crouch to avoid attacks and pass through narrow passages. MegaMan.EXE can also slide in Mega Man Network Transmission and Rockman.EXE WS, and MegaMan Volnutt in Mega Man X DiVE.


Swim (スイム) allows the character to move freely in the water. Mega Man can swim in Mega Man 8 and Mega Man 3 for DOS. In Mega Man ZX series, the playable character can swim as Model L/LX and Chronoforce the Xiphosuroid. The base Humanoid (Reploid for Grey) form from the Mega Man ZX characters are only able to swim across the surface and will try to swim straight up if submerged, being unable to stay underwater.


Talk (話す) is a command that allows the player communicate with other characters for hints, items, or just for fun. It's more common in RPG games than action platform games, so the Mega Man Legends, Battle Network and Star Force series use it most frequently while the Mega Man Zero series and Mega Man ZX series use it less. It also appears in Mega Man X: Command Mission due to its RPG nature.

Wall Kick

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The Wall Kick (壁蹴り Kabe Keri), also known as Wall jump, allows playable characters to propel themselves upwards by repeatedly kicking walls, which allows access to higher places. If the player holds the directional button towards a wall, the character can stick to it and slowly slide down. Mega Man X5's Gaea Armor, Mega Man X6's Shadow Armor and Mega Man ZX Advent's Vulturon transformation allow the character to stick to walls without sliding down. Also, the Frog Chip present in Mega Man Zero 3 and 4 can slow down Zero's wall sliding.

All playable characters from the Mega Man X, Mega Man Zero and Mega Man ZX series (excluding non-Megamerged forms, as well as some Pseudoroid transformations from Mega Man ZX Advent) can perform this action.

Jack in

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Jack in, pulse in, and trans in are actions from the Mega Man Battle Network and Star Force series that allows operators to send NetNavis, Wizards, or even themselves by performing EM Wave Change, into a cyberworld or Wave World.