Met helmet in Bionic Commando: Rearmed.

This page lists cameos and references that the Mega Man series has made in other video games and different media.

Video games

Games which Mega Man characters have a short, non playable appearance, or are indirectly playable as cards, skins, and other ways.

Capcom games

Media Platform Year of 1st release Cameo
Capcom Baseball Arcade 1989 (Japan only) The members of the "Capcom Games" team are named after various Capcom games, including Rockman.
Capcom Quiz: Hatena? no Daibouken Game Boy 1990 (Japan only) The game has a Mega Man themed map with Guts Man, Elec Man, Quick Man, Wood Man, and Dr. Wily as bosses. The Wily Castle and Mets also appear in the map.
Adventure Quiz: Capcom World Arcade 1989 (Japan only) Dr. Wily is the second boss.
Adventure Quiz: Capcom World 2 Arcade 1992 (Japan only) Ten characters from Mega Man 3 (Mega Man, Proto Man, Dr. Light, Dr. Wily, Gemini Man, Hard Man, Snake Man, Shadow Man, Hammer Joe and Returning Monking) appear as enemies. The Beginner Course has two maps, the first playing the music from Cut Man's Stage and the second from Bright Man's Stage, and stones shaped as Mega Man and Rush appear in one of them. Dr. Wily is the boss from the first map.
Mighty Final Fight NES 1993 Mega Man's face can be seen in a billboard in the ending.
Super Gem Fighter: Mini Mix (Pocket Fighter) Arcade
1997 The character Felicia can use a Mega Man costume, and ten characters from the Mega Man, Mega Man X and Mega Man Legends series appear in the background of the Running Battle mode. One of the random defeat animations has the character exploding like Mega Man characters.
Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter Arcade
1997 The character Norimaro can use a Mega Man costume, and there are Mega Man banners in one stage.
Street Fighter III: New Generation various 1997 A graffiti of a man with blue clothes and a gun with the text "Mega Man in New York" is in Alex's stage.
Street Fighter Alpha 3 various 1998 "Mega Man Drink" billboard in Guy's stage.
SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash Neo Geo Pocket Color 1999 Contains seven Mega Man related cards.
Capcom Park Mobile phone 2000 A Japanese service provided by Capcom for i-mode phones that could be used to download Capcom content, such as games (Tobe! Rockman, Kobun ga Tobun?, etc.), ringtones, and wallpapers. A Servbot appeared in the main menu.[1]
SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters 2 Expand Edition Neo Geo Pocket Color 2001 (Japan only) Contains thirteen Mega Man related cards.
SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters DS Nintendo DS 2006 Contains eleven Mega Man related cards.
Power Stone 2 Arcade
2000 The Powered Buster is a reference to the Mega Buster.
Puchiguru Mobile phone 2001 (Japan only) A puzzle game that contains Mega Man themed icons.
Auto Modellista PlayStation 2
2002 Servbot figures can be placed in the garage.
Capcom Girl no Mind Puzzle Mobile phone 2004 (Japan only) Roll (from the classic series), Tron Bonne and Servbots appear in the game.
Onimusha 3: Demon Siege PlayStation 2
2004 The second costume of the character Jacques Blanc has a Servbot replacing his Oni Gauntlet.
Capcom Classics Collection Volume 2 PlayStation 2 2006 The 15th anniversary Mega Man X bobble head figure appears in the title screen.
Capcom Classics Collection Remixed PlayStation Portable 2006 Mega Man and Cut Man can be seen in one of the illustrations from Captain Commando.
Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure Wii 2007 Mega Man and Mega Man X appeared as Mysterious Treasures.
Dead Rising series Various 2006 (first game) Several cameos, including costumes of Mega Man characters and Servbot masks.
Bionic Commando Rearmed PC
PlayStation Network
Xbox Live Arcade
2009 A Met helmet appears in a warning message from Area 5.
Onimusha: Soul PC 2012 Tron Bonne is a playable character.
Minna to Akashic Heroes Mobile 2012 Promotional Mega Man cards could be obtained by defeating Proto Man, Bass and Wily Machine in 2012 from July 27 to July 31.
Minna to Capcom All Stars Mobile 2012 Capcom crossover that included the Mega Man franchise.
Street Fighter x All Capcom Mobile 2013 Capcom crossover that included the Mega Man franchise.
Otoranger Mobile 2013 Several Mega Man characters appeared in promotional events.
Street Fighter: Battle Combination Mobile 2013 In a 2015 collaboration, three Mega Man characters appeared in rare cards:
  • Everyone's Hero Rockman × Rose
  • Solitary Hero Blues × Balrog
  • Legendary Crimson Repliroid Zero × Ken
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Nintendo 3DS 2015 Mega Man's armor is one of the costumes for Felyne helpers, and his weapon is based on Rush.
Monster Hunter Generations Nintendo 3DS 2015
Monster Hunter Explore Mobile 2015 X and Zero armors and weapons appeared in a 2019 event.
Street Fighter V PC
PlayStation 4
2016 Artwork from Mega Man: The Power Battle can be seen in the back of Sean's CPSP handheld in the story mode.
Breath of Fire 6 Mobile
2016 Mega Man, Roll, Mega Man Volnutt, and Tron Bonne costumes were available in one event.
Monster Hunter Frontier Z PC, PS3,
PS4, PS Vita,
Wii U, Xbox 360
2016 A Mega Man costume became available for Hunters in a 2018 event.
Monster Hunter: World PlayStation 4
Xbox One
2018 Mega Man's armor is one of the costumes for Felyne helpers.
Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition PC
PlayStation 4
2018 Air Man costume for Rashid.
Guts Man costume for Balrog.
Mega Man costume for Ryu.
Roll Caskett costume for Sakura.
E Tank Tower is a Dojo object.
Devil May Cry 5 PlayStation 4
Xbox One
2019 Mega Buster is a DLC Devil Breaker for Nero.
Resident Evil 3 PlayStation 4
Xbox One
2020 The subway has a poster with Dr. Light and Dr. Wily, and the shop Toy Uncle has Bad Box Art Mega Man toys.

Amiibo compatibility


Mega Man Yoshi in Yoshi's Woolly World

Main article: Amiibo
Mario Kart 8 A Mega Man themed costume becomes available for Mii characters.
Yoshi's Woolly World Unlocks a Mega Man themed skin for Yoshi.
Super Mario Maker A Mega Man skin becomes available for the small Mario.

Other games

Media Platform(s) Year
Rokujouman Segagaga Dreamcast 2001
Sega game with parodies of other games, including the Rockman Complete Works version of Rockman 2 as "Rokujōman" (六畳マン, lit. "Six-Tatami Man").[2]
Boktai 2 ShadeMan Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django Game Boy Advance 2004
ShadeMan.EXE appears as an extra boss available after completing the game, and MegaMan.EXE gives the Mega Buster to Django after ShadeMan's defeat. Also features a crossover link battle function where owners from Boktai 2 and Mega Man Battle Network 5 face ShadeMan at the same time, and the first to defeat him wins.
Shinbok Mega Buster Shin Bokura no Taiyō: Gyakushū no Sabata Game Boy Advance 2005 (Japan only)
References include items and decorations based on Mega Man Battle Network characters, and MegaMan.EXE can be replaced by Django in the bike areas. Also features a crossover link battle function similar to the previous game, with The Count of Groundsoaking Blood replacing ShadeMan in this game and Rockman.EXE 6.
Boktai DS Warrock Lunar Knights Nintendo DS 2006
In the Japanese version, linking with a Japanese copy of Mega Man Star Force will unlock Taurus Fire as an optional boss. Defeating him grant the player the ability to have Omega-Xis as an assist character that can summon Mega Man. Players can also form BrotherBands.
Mega Moleman X The Simpsons Game Various 2007
One area contains several posters parodying other games. One is "Mega Moleman Screwed Up X - Limited Edition", based on the cover of Mega Man Maverick Hunter X.
LSNIMMegaKonatan Lucky Star: Net Idol Meister PSP 2009
The game contains a mini-game named "Mega Kona-tan" (メガコナタン Konata Izumi), where the titular character must climb Waku Waku Douga comments as high as possible to defeat Metal Miyuki (メタルミユーキ), a giant copy of Miyuki that resembles Proto Man. In the U-18 Meister Ending, Konata changes into Mega Kona-tan to save the world.[3]
Game Dev Story Mobile systems 2010
One of the random games shown during the Global Game Awards is Omega Man by Campcon.
Scott Pilgrim Finale Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game PlayStation Network
Xbox Live Arcade
The scene where the last boss is defeated is similar to the ending from Mega Man 2.
Super Meat Boy Ch5 Super Meat Boy Various 2010
The intro from each chapter is a reference to a video game, chapter 5 being a reference to the opening from Mega Man 2.[4]
MegaVillainRobes Magicka PC 2011
The DLC pack "Mega Villain Robes" from July 2012 contains three robes based on Ice Man, Fire Man and Elec Man.[5]
Double Dragon Neon reference 1 Double Dragon Neon PlayStation Network
Xbox Live Arcade
The boss of the fourth stage, Airlock, is the Super Combat Bot Mecha Biker, a blue robot riding a red bike. After the Mecha Biker is taken down from his bike, he attacks with three shots, a charge shot or sliding. When defeated, he explodes into energy spheres. Also, there are two shutters before the boss.[6]
AVGNA The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures PC 2013
The stage Happy Fun Candy Time has an enemy that looks and acts like the Goblin.
Monster Strike Mobile 2013
The character Dr. Shrewd appears to be based on Dr. Wily.
  • Cragman
  • Tankman
  • Artifact 4
StrikeForce Kitty series PC 2014 (first game)
The Cragman costume is based on the original Mega Man suit. StrikeForce Kitty 2 included an upgraded named Tankman that is based on X with the Armor Parts from the first Mega Man X game. The upgrade is done by combining Cragman with artifact 4, an E Tank.
Castle in the Darkness Castle in the Darkness PC 2015
Contains references to multiple video games.[7] Mega Man references include a shutter in the end of the Windy Ruins, lethal spikes, and the frog knight having a begging animation similar to Dr. Wily's.
MNVIIC-Sha Megadimension Neptunia VII PC and
PlayStation 4
The character C-Sha makes references to several Capcom franchises, including Mega Man. Her C-Buster skill has her firing three shots from a Buster, Sliding, firing a Charge Shot and teleporting away. When used during her Gold Form she also mentions "Mavericks".[8]
Screenshot 2018-09-24-16-44-04 Hiveswap Friendsim PC and mobile 2018
A spin-off "friendship simulator" game from "Hiveswap". On the tenth volume, in Tegiri Kalbur's route, a "trollified" version of a Mega Man poster can be seen on a arcade machine area.

Television and films

The Wizard Cameo The Wizard 1989
Mega Man 2 can be seen briefly about in the middle of the film as one of the games played by Jimmy while practicing for the video game tournament.[9]
GameCenter CX 2003
A show about video games, with the first four Mega Man games and Mega Man X being the feature from some episodes and other Mega Man games having minor appearances in other episodes.
Just My Luck X Just My Luck 2006
The Mega Mini Pack X figure appears stuck on Katy's face when she first appears.
Spaceballs Cameo Spaceballs: The Animated Series 2008
One of the video game characters in episode 2 resembles Dr. Wily with his Mega Man 8 outfit and a giant brain. While talking about Raccoon City, he is killed with a headshot by a character resembling Agent 47.
Caprica Cameo Caprica 2009
Mattel's WindblastMan figure can be seen in a shelf in the pilot episode.[10]
MAD Guide to Game Cheats Mad 2010
Mega Man appeared in the segments "MAD's Guide to Video Game Cheats" (alongside Strike Man), "Gaming's Next Top Princess", and "Diary of a Wimpy Kid Icarus".
Ixion Saga DT Masks Ixion Saga DT 2012
A mask of Mega Man and other Capcom characters can be seen in the end of episode 15.[11]
Heybot Stage Select Heybot! 2017
Episode 31 contains multiple references to the Mega Man franchise.
Titans 2018
In the episode Doom Patrol, an action figure of Zero can be seen in Gar's room.

Printed media

Appearances in comics, manga, and other books.

Nintendo Power
Howard & Nester has stories based on Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 3.
Club Nintendo
Mega Man and Dr. Light appeared in some of the Super Mario comics.
Warera Hobby's Famicom Seminar
A Japanese gag manga that parodied several Famicom games, including Rockman 2 in chapter 36. It was serialized in Monthly Shōnen Jump between 1986-1990 and released in four tankōbon volumes, the Rockman 2 parody being in volume 3. Featuring Gōji as Rockman, Dr. Faminstein as Dr. Right, Komoru as Dr. Wily, Taka as Air Man, Mako as Heat Man, Rei as Wood Man, the Koro-chan as Kerog, and two robot thieves resembling Monking and Sniper Joe. The Wily Castle and Wily UFO also appear, and Air Man and Heat Man combined to form "Fan Heater Man".
SFWily Street Fighter II (UDON)
Dr. Wily has cameo appearances as one of Shadaloo's scientists.[12]
The cover art from Rockman Zero Collection appears in the back from one issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump in chapter 157.[13]
Boku no Hero Academia SmaBro My Hero Academia
In the first page from the popularity poll in chapter 120, Hanta Sero sees X and Pikachu and asks if that's Smash Bros.. X is also mentioned in Chapter 48 when Izuku attempts to jump on walls.
High Score Girl
Air Man appeared in chapter 35, and Mega Man: The Power Battle is mentioned in chapter 38.

Air Man is absent in the anime adaptation, but the Mega Man: The Power Battle mention was kept, and its title screen appeared in episode 20.

  • Avatar Parody.
  • Trônica.
  • MoniCop.
  • Gamebusters.
  • Batmenino vs Super-Home.
Clássicos do Cinema
A Monica's Gang series parodying movies. Mega Man characters had cameo appearances in some issues:
  • #24 Avaturma (Avatar parody) - X appeared alongside several blue characters.
  • #32 Trônica (Tron) - Mega Man is in an area full of video game characters.
  • #48 MoniCop (RoboCop) - X is in a meeting of robots.
  • #52 Gamebusters (Ghostbusters) - Mega Man is one of the "game ghosts" that appears in the city.
  • #58 Batmenino vs Super-Home (Batman v Superman) - Dr. Wily is one of the mad scientists shown in a screen.
Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It
In the manga chapter 13 and anime episode 5, Ena Ibarada makes a bet with Kosuke Inukai and easily wins, commenting that he is weak like Rockman bosses against the weapon that is their weakness.


Appearances on the web.

Art Vs Artist The Art Vs Artist meme features a layout identical to the stage select screen from the Mega Man franchise.[14]


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