Minor characters from the Mega Man Legends series.

The Misadventures of Tron Bonne


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The Captain of the police from Golden City.


Carl (カール) is the farmer in Sart Farm that attacks the Servbots with a pitchfork.

Diggers in Shala-Kun Ruins

Diggers that appear inside the Shala-Kun Ruins. They are voiced by Mitsuru Ogata and Mami Horikoshi in Japan.

TMoTBMugDigg Uncle Digg (ディグじいさん Digu Jiisan, Dig grandpa in Japan)
A old famous Digger that writes tips for other Diggers on walls. He died in the Shala-Kun Ruins while looking for the "Elixir of Youth", and his ghost is seen in Level 3. He's only able to move on if the elixir is found, which requires three crystals and is revealed to be root beer.
TMoTBMugRoxette Roxette (ロクナン Rokunan)
A person that was trapped in Level 2, but is freed by the Servbots. She was Digg's assistant and doesn't talk much. She tries to find the Elixir of Youth to help Digg to move on, and thanks the Servbots if they find it.
TMoTBMugDantz Dantz (ダンツ Dantsu)
An incompetent Digger searching for the Aurora Stones. He helps the Servbots in Level 1 and eventually proves himself by rescuing Perl from the Birdbots in Level 3.
TMoTBMugPerl Perl (ペール Pēru)
A greedy person looking for the Aurora Stones. She is captured by Birdbots in Level 3, but Dantz and the Servbots saves her. Afterwards, she changes her ways.
TMoTBMugMaude Maude (モーム Mōmu)
A Digger with a bad temper equipped with a pickaxe. She appears in Levels 1 and 3.
TMoTBMugZhagTMoTBMugZhig Zhag and Zhig (ジップ & ザップ Jippu & Zappu, Zip and Zap in Japan)
Twin brothers that appear in Level 2 of the Shala-Kun Ruins and make quizzes. Zhag uses green clothes and his hints lead to good places, while Zhig uses blue clothes and his hints lead to bad places.
TMoTBMugTuttle Tuttle (テイジ, Teiji in Japan)
A mysterious person that appears to be a gentleman with sharp senses. He noticed there's something strange in the lake of Level 2, but he can't swim, being unable to take the chest that appears on it later. In Level 3, he passes by several traps to reach the door with the last Aurora Stone first, being hit by all of them on the way, but when he reaches it, he notices that he doesn't have the door's key. He talks in a cryptic way.
TMoTBMugRussell Russell (ラッセル Rasseru)
An experienced Digger in Level 3 that wants to be like Uncle Digg. He helps out the Servbots and commends their efforts.

Mega Man Legends

Characters in Kattelox Island.


Mega Man Legends Anna concept

Anna's concept art

Anna is a pregnant woman in Apple Market.


Art, known as Artillery (アーティラリー) in Japan, is a young researcher (and apparently a Digger) that wants to solve the mysteries of Kattelox Island, appearing around the island during the game. He was planned to be Mega Man Volnutt's rival for Roll Caskett's affection.[1]


Japanese voice actor: Ikue Ōtani

Ira (アイラ Aira) is a young girl that is in the Uptown hospital. She is very ill and is confined to a wheelchair, unable to walk, and the hospital does not have sufficient equipment to help her. If MegaMan donates 15,000 Zenny to Amelia, the hospital will receive the technology and Ira does get better. As a thanks, she will give MegaMan the Flower Pearl.

Jim, Osh and Bensley


From left: Osh, Jim, and Bensley.

Jim (ジム), Osh (オッシュ) and Bensley (ベンスリー) are a trio of rascals that lives in Downtown. In the beginning of the game they suspect Tron Bonne is a pirate and try to warn the police about her, but no one believes them and they sent a dog called Paprika to chase her. They later ask Mega Man to help them build a "secret base" in Yass Plains by finding tools. After completing their base, Mega Man can exchange three items with Jim, one of them, the X Buster, being necessary to create the Shining Laser.

Museum Curator

Japanese voice actor: Ikue Ōtani

The Museum Curator (美術館館長 / 美術館の館長さん Bijutsukan Kanchou / Bijutsukan no Kanchou-san) is the curator of the art museum in Kattelox Island.

The curator is first seen making a painting of the hospital in Uptown. If Mega Man Volnutt talks to her, she will say that something is missing in her painting and asks him what she should add. If the player says red, she notes that she has no red paint, but thinks her painting is a little drab without it. Mega Man can help her by taking a lipstick in Apple Market to be used as a makeshift red paint. After giving the lipstick, the curator finishes her picture and returns to the museum, opening it. Mega Man can help her further by donating specific objects he finds in ruins for exhibition, increasing the number of visitors.


Not to be confused with Doctor Albert W. Wily or Lord Wily.
Japanese voice actor: Naoki Bandō

Wily (ワイリー) is the owner of a boat house in Uptown that had his boats stolen by the Bonne Family, which were probably used to create the Balkon Gerät. He lends his remaining boat to MegaMan and Roll Caskett in order to reach the Lake Jyun Sub-Gate.

He has a short mention in The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, where his name appears in the back of a boat that was "borrowed" by the Servbots to use in the harbor missions.

Mega Man Legends 2



Maria is the owner of the bar in Yosyonke City. She found Joe hurt and without memories 10 years before the events of the game and took care of him. After Mega Man obtains the last key, she moved with Joe and her daughter to another island.


English voice actor: Jamie Watson

The Guildmaster is the master of the Digger's guild in Nino Island. He sealed the gate from the island to protect the key from pirates, and only opens it to MegaMan after the island is safe from attacks. He's able to do anything to protect the key, even explode the island if the player fails to protect the gate from the Birdbots.



Johnny (ジョニー) is a man that works with the Guildmaster in Nino Island. He helps Mega Man against the Birdbots invasion, using a fire extinguisher in cannons that are damaged and placing crates in front of the first gate.

Mad Mossa

Mad Mossa is a man in Komotoma City that takes care of the golden statue of the city's founder. If the statue is destroyed in the battle against Blitzkrieg, he will accept donations to restore it. He was a fast racer known as "Mad Mossa" when he was younger, and holds the top records of three racing courses: Manda Circuit, Calinca Circuit, and Saul Kada Circuit. After the statue is restored (or didn't broke), he challenges Mega Man to beat his records in the courses.



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