The Loath Family (ロース一家 Rōsu ikka) is a group of air pirates in the Mega Man Legends series led by Lex Loath.

In Mega Man Legends 2, the group became the Glyde Gang, known as the Glyde Family (グライド一家 Guraido ikka) in Japan. As Loath's cameo in the game implies that he passed away, Glyde took over his place as the leader of the family. The Glyde Gang's base is in Calbania Island. When Verner Von Bluecher uses the Sulphur-Bottom to find the Mother Lode, the Glyde Gang formed an alliance with the Bonne Family and the pirate brothers Bola and Klaymoor to obtain the Mother Lode for themselves. After hearing about the four keys needed to obtain the Mother Lode, they go in different islands to obtain the keys, Glyde sending his Birdbots to Nino Island. After Mega Man Volnutt helps the island to repel the invaders and destroy Glyde's base, Glyde decides to attack the island personally with his main ship, King Glydon. With Roll Caskett's help, the King Glydon is taken down by the Parabola Gun, ending their attack. The Glyde Gang later works with the Bonne Family to create the Gemeinschaft and use it in Calinca. When Glyde's car is heavily damaged, the Bonne Family detaches it from their car before it explodes, also ending their alliance. The fate of the Glyde Gang after this event is unknown.



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