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Lyric (リリック Ririkku) is a football-shaped enemy in the Mega Man series. It is a prototype of Pukapelly that uses a radar to track intruders. They float slowly toward Mega Man, but can be destroyed in one shot.


Mega Man 5

Lyric appears in Charge Man's stage, Gyro Man's stage, Stone Man's stage, the third stage of Proto Man's Castle, and the last part of the first section of the Wily Castle.

Mega Man (Game Gear)

Lyric, named Homing Satellite in the game's manual, appears in Stone Man's Stage.

Mega Man 11

Lyric appears in Block Man's stage, Blast Man's stage, Bounce Man's stage, and the first two Gear Fortress stages.


Mega Man 11 Gallery

An autonomous security drone that bashes into intruders. Not much of a threat on its own, but a swarm of them can cause trouble to even the toughest uninvited visitor!

Location: Block Man's Stage (And Others)

Other media

Lyric has brief appearances in the Rockman 5 manga and Mega Man: Upon a Star as one of the Wily Bots forming Samurai Man.



  • The enemy's name follows the classic series' naming convention based on musical jargon, as the name Lyric refers to words sung along with the melody of a song.
    • This is the only minor enemy in the classic series to have a music themed name.