"That castle's got to go-- along with everyone in it."
—M'egga Man, Sonic Boom #8

M'egga Man is a transformation that appears in the Sonic The Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. It is Mega Man after undergoing Roboticization and becoming one of the most recent Roboticized Masters, programmed to serve Sigma by both Drs. Eggman and Wily. However, the two doctors secretly programmed in a secondary objective into the two that would have them fight against each other once the two worlds were merged in an act of rebellion against Sigma.


M'egga Man has a number of design differences than his base form. Firstly, his helmet has a purple Eggman Empire insignia on the front, yellow fins on the sides of his helmet resembling Eggman's mustache, and a green gem placed on the forehead of his helmet. He also has yellow lines across his torso, making his armor look more like the outfit of an Egg Boss, along with having his color scheme altered to dark blue and blue from his normal light blue. His Mega Buster has also been altered to a yellow design, and his eyes have been altered to black and white, rather than his normal blue and white eyes.

Special Weapons

Egg Wrecker Egg Wrecker
A checkerboard-patterned ball-and-chain device connected loosely by rings in a chain.
Egg Hammer Mark Five Egg Hammer Mk. 5
Creates a large hammer with spikes around the circumference of each edge. M'egga Man can control the size of the hammer, first using a small hammer against Amy Rose and later a large hammer against Sonic Man.
Egg Bumper Egg Bumper
M'egga Man's hands gain a bumper shape, allowing him to use them as punching gloves and as shields to block attacks.
Egg Flame Cannon Egg Flame Cannon
Releases fireballs from the buster.
Egg Bubble Trap and Egg Drill Launcher Egg Bubble Trap
Releases bubbles that trap opponents inside.
Egg Drill Launcher
Launches a large spinning drill from the buster.
Egg Decoy Barrier Egg Decoy Barrier
Creates pods around M'egga Man that act as a shield. When a pod is hit, it transforms into a large M'egga Man head and explodes. M'egga Man is also able to launch the pods.
Egg Laser Egg Laser
M'egga Man's most powerful weapon. Unleashes a laser beam from his buster, which is strong enough to knock down Gemerl in one shot at point blank. This is Sonic Man's weakness, causing him to revert into Sonic the Hedgehog.


  • Strangely enough, the Roboticization procedure used to create this form would otherwise destroy Mega Man, as attempts to roboticize an already mechanical creation would cause it to explode. However, this may have been solved due to Mega Man's transformation also using futuristic technology from Sigma and Dr. Wily's knowledge. Also, it may not be an issue in the post-Super Genesis Wave world, Mega Man's and Sonic's being the first roboticization seen after Worlds Collide.

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