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  • Capcom -The official site of the company that created Mega Man.

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Popular fan sites

  • The Mega Man Network - A well established Mega Man news site with a popular forum. They have a focus on a large gallery of official art and a lot of information on the Mega Man series.
  • MegaManAyla - A complete source for all the Mega Man series including full detailed strategy guides and a lot of multimedia. This site made a comeback after 5 years of disappearance.
  • The Mechanical Maniacs - A site featuring fan fiction, fan art, video screen caps, and a wide assortment of scans, articles and secrets of the Mega Man series.
  • Sprites INC - A site with a long number of sprites from the Mega Man games.
  • Legends 3 - A central hub and sister site of which links all methods of support for Mega Man Legends 3.
  • MegaMan X9 - An unofficial website and community which stands as a symbol of the continuing love for the X Series and Mega Man Franchise in general.
  • - A fan site featuring music (need torrent) and the cartoons in full watchable format.
  • Iragination - A pretty good website featuring online fan games and web comics for the Mega Man series. Some content uses strong language.
  • Damaged Games - Not really a Mega Man fan site, but it does feature a number of fan games with Mega Man characters.
  • MegaManMUSH Wiki[dead link] - A wiki about an online Mega Man text roleplaying game and the connection info for joining.
  • Mega Man Cartoon[dead link] - Mega Man fan page that reviews each episode of the original Mega Man cartoon of the early 1990s

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