This is a list of rules and regulations here on the MMKB. Rules are to be followed and adhered to, and failure to may result in bans of varying lengths, and permanent if the offense is severe enough. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Quick, TornadoMan.EXE, or DragonFaku. For discussion page problems, please contact Chaosjester25, the discussion moderator.


A given. Spamming of any sort: inserting gibberish, nonsense, off-topic subjects, or anything regularly considered spam is not allowed. Use common sense.


Arguing and getting into disagreements is human nature. But insulting, inappropriate remarks, or general rudeness is not allowed. Be civil with one another.

Non-related and unofficial content

MMKB is not an image or video hosting site. While it would be nice if everyone could have their own stuff on their profile pages and give it their own personal touch, images and videos not related to Mega Man and fan made content is not allowed. This is to prevent clutter and other issues from arising.


While MMKB used to host a decent amount of fandom, it has since reduced the amount of fan made and unofficial content it has to a few pages. MMKB is the wiki for official Mega Man merchandise, while fanon can be brought to the fanon wiki. We simply can’t allow everyone to put their own fan content on here, as it will flood the official content.

Personal opinion

Personal opinions on the wiki's articles is not allowed. Articles are to be unbiased and free of people's thoughts on the subject that the article is covering. An example of an opinion on an article would be:

  • “Of course, Dr. Wily could be considered foolish for giving the Robot Masters personalities rather than just make them mindless killing machines, and therefore is probably the author of his undoing.”

To be frank, no one came to the wiki looking for your opinion. They came to see info about their favorite characters, games, etc.. What you think on the topic can be discussed elsewhere, but on here, we talk facts.

Edit warring

Edit warring is a no-no. If another user disagrees with your edit, do not constantly undo their edit and go back and forth. Talk discussion of what should go on the page to the talk page.

Undoing an admin's edit

An admin's word is absolute. We make mistakes, and sometimes we're wrong. It happens. But do not undo our edits, rollbacks, undos, etc. if we are telling you no. Instead, contact us with a source for why our edits may be incorrect. If we make a silly mistake, then by all means feel free to undo and correct us, but if we say no, it means no.

Talk pages

Talk pages for articles should only be used for talking about what should go on the article or how the article should be handled, not about the subject of the article. Please take talking about the subject of the article to the discussion page or your own talk pages.

Image etiquette

When uploading an image to MMKB, the following should be added to it:

  • A description.
  • A source and credit to where the image came from.
  • Proper licensing. Most often the images fall under the fair use licensing, as we are using the material we upload here to inform the reader about a subject (Mega Man).
  • A category for organization.

Most images added to the MMKB get none of this. If you need help, please be sure to contact an admin, and refer to the images below.


A common misconception with trivia sections is it is meant for anything editors think is interesting about the article's subject. Trivia sections are actually meant for facts and info about the article's subject that does not fit in anywhere with the rest of the article. It is not meant for comparisons between the article's subject and another character, speculation, fan theories, etc.. Trivia sections should actually be eliminated whenever possible and have its info integrated into the article properly.