For the anime character named Mac, see Mac and Harry

Mac (マック Makku) is the sub-boss of the Opening Stage in Mega Man X3.


Mac is a Maverick Hunter from the 17th Elite Unit that had gone missing. During the attack to the Hunter Base in the beginning of the game, X finds Mac and asks where he was. Unknown to him, Mac became a Maverick and joined Dr. Doppler's army, capturing X with the help of a Hangerter.

Zero must fight Mac to get X back. He attacks with an automatic spray-shot similar to Flash Man and a bullet shot similar to Vile.

Other appearances

Mac appeared as a team boss in Rockman Xover and as an event character in Zombie Cafe.


X: Mac, where have you been?

(Mac fires a shot that traps X, who can no longer move.)

Mac: You're far too trusting, X. I'm now a member of Doppler's Army! You will make a fine addition to our forces once you have been shown the true destiny of the Reploid race!

(A Hangerter appears and carries X away, and Mac teleports away.)

Other media

Mac appeared in the Rockman X3 manga and as one of Sigma's Maverick followers revived for Worlds Unite.


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