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"It is all for the ideal!"
―Mach Jentra, Mega Man X: Command Mission

Mach Jentra, known as Mach Gentler (マッハジェントラー Mahha Jentorā) in Japan, is the "Reinforced Light Armor Aerial Reploid" from Mega Man X: Command Mission. He is based on a swallow, specifically a barn swallow.


Originally he was sent by the Federation to assist in peacekeeping duties in Giga City, but later defected and joined the Rebellion. His personality is that of a refined British gentleman, even going as far as to carry a cane or scepter-like staff. His body is modeled after a formal wear tailcoat and cape with parts taking on a swallow's silhouette.

First appearing in Chapter 5 of the storyline, Jentra was in charge of the Ulfat Factory, a giant smelter and production plant for the Preon Mechaniloids. He defeated Zero in one-on-one combat when the former recklessly attempted to fight him alone before X and Axl arrived on the scene.

Jentra personally operated the factory core "Duboar", a seemingly simple AI controlled directly by his vocal patterns that spawned Preons to aid him in battle. After Jentra's defeat, Duboar runs out of control, mass-producing Preons at an alarming rate. Axl, in a desperate attempt to stop it, mimics Jentra. By taking on Jentra's form, he was successful in commanding Duboar to cease its attack by vocal command, leaving it vulnerable to the final strike administered through the combined efforts of X and Zero. With this came the destruction of Duboar and a halt to its production for good.

Stats and Abilities

Mach Jentra possesses flight powered by thrusters located in his boots and on his back. Unlike many of the other flight-types in the game, he can be knocked to the ground for one turn by taking enough damage between his two turns, negating the evasion bonus granted by his flight to ground-based attackers.

First Encounter at Ulfat Factory

Second Encounter at Far East HQ

Support Units

Enemies that support Jentra in combat in both encounters.

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Vs. Mach Jentra - First Encounter   Vs. Mach Jentra - Second Encounter
MMX Command Mission Ch

MMX Command Mission Ch.5 Boss Mach Jentra

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Megaman X Command Mission Mach Jentra Again