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Maddy, known as Madoi Iroaya (色綾まどい Iroaya Madoi) in Japan, is a character and former antagonist in the MegaMan NT Warrior anime series. She is a member of the World Three alongside Mr. Match, Count Zap, and Yahoot and the operator of WackoMan.EXE. Originally an enemy of Lan Hikari and MegaMan.EXE, Maddy and her fellow World Three members eventually becomes an ally and friend to Lan and the others over the course of the series, aiding them on several occasions.


Maddy and WackoMan in the first season intro.

Like her video game counterpart, Maddy caused chaos in society as an agent in the World Three. However, while in the games Ms. Madd is only seen once more after the original game in Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge where it is mentioned she is ex-World Three, in the anime Maddy and her fellow agents open #1 Curry together after the fall of their organization and assists Lan against Grave before ultimately becoming a friend and ally of him and his friends.

Maddy is a very feminine and vain 23 year-old woman, caring about her looks and makeup above all else, and hates being called old. She is seductive and flirty to many of the males that she meets, taking an instant liking to Charlie Airstar as well as others when they first meet. Despite her loyalty to the World Three, she was initially not above taking a better offer if she gets one, and joins Gauss Magnus when he offers her a place in Grave as his secretary against the protest of her fellow World Three members, though this fells through when she finds out Gauss is a cross-dresser. Beyond that, Maddy is loyal to her friends and aids them when they need her, and eventually seems to completely reform from her criminal ways, forming an unlikely friendship Rin Manabe, the superintendent of the NetPolice, and Haruka Hikari, Lan's mother.


MegaMan NT Warrior

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She appears in epiosde 3, where Maddy uses WackoMan to cause a traffic jam, however Yai Ayano desperately needed to use the bathroom and was stuck in traffic. Lan sees her in trouble and escorts her to a bathroom, with the aid of his roller skates. MegaMan was left jacked into a payphone, and manages to defeat WackoMan. Maddy is seen frustrated at a payphone parallel to Lan, leaving him confused, as he did not know Maddy was the operator of WackoMan.

She appears in episode 5 where she, Count Zap, and Mr. Match are scolded by Mr. Wily, but they manage to come up with a scheme to wreak havoc by releasing robotic fish at the aquarium. They watch from the WWW base as their plan wreaks havoc, but also as MegaMan and Lan foil their plans again.

She appears in episode 6, where she uses Tory Froid to contaminate DenTech City's water supply. She controls him by holding his father captive and forces Tory's NetNavi, IceMan into freezing the water system. She watches over Tory as he does her dirty work and fights MegaMan. But, when the water is nearly contaminated, Tory decides to fix the damage. Ms. Madd locks him inside and tells WackoMan to delete IceMan. But, Lan helps MegaMan win and foil her plans.

She appears in episode 10 where she participates in the N1 Grand Prix with Mr. Match, Count Zap, and Yahoot; but is defeated early on by Mayl and Roll.EXE. She later re-enters by rigging the lottery to determine two returning competitors. She fights with Mr. Match against Lan and Mayl in a tag team match. Their in-fighting causes them to start out losing, but gain the upper hand when a rigged Battle Chip causes Roll to turn on MegaMan. Luckily they manage to reverse the effects of the Battle Chip and defeat WackoMan and TorchMan. After the WWW is disbanded when Lord Wily goes missing, Maddy is sent by Yahoot to look for Count Zap. After finding him, they start a curry shop to make a living.

She appears in episode 11.

She appears in episode 12.

She appears in episode 13.

During part two of season one she was hired to be part of the Netmafia Gospel by Gauss Magnus. She is given a gift by Yahoot in case she would ever want to return. However, despite liking it at first, she decided to quit when she realizes how Gospel is going too far. Later she returns to the curry shop and it turns out the gift was a coupon for a free bowl of curry.

MegaMan NT Warrior Axess

She appears briefly in episode 9, where she and the other WWW members "trained" Dex and GutsMan to take on Lan, however this was a ruse to get him out of their hair. Dex returns at the end of the episode, much to the frustration of her and the others.

She appears in episode 15.

Yamato Man

Rockman.EXE Stream

She appears in episode 12.

She appears in episode 35.

She appears in episode 39.

She appears in episode 44.

She appears in the final episode.

Rockman.EXE Beast+

Maodoi is spending time with Rin Manabe and Haruka Hikari when BubbleMan's Miniroid flies into her new basket. After bidding farewell to the two, she finds the Miniroid and tosses it away. I Want Limited Goods Puku

She is turned into cached data by Cache along with the rest of the world in the series finale, but is restored when C.F. Rockman destroys Cache.

Yamato Spear



  • In the DVD description for Working for Grave, Maddy is spelled “Maddie”.
  • Maddy's pants are sometimes jean shorts with colored socks, but the socks are sometimes connected with the jean shorts and become sweatpants.
  • In the English version of Axess, Maddy's bikini is altered to hide her breasts.
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