For the Mega Man X5 stage, see Magma Stage

Magma Area (マグマエリア Maguma Eria) is Blaze Heatnix's stage in Mega Man X6. It is an underground hotspot that, according to the Stage Select Screen, is located around southeastern China.


The stage is composed of a series of sub-bosses, the Nightmare Snakes - a total of five are fought throughout. Each sub-boss is separated by short platforming segments through dark caverns and industrial areas spewing fire. The area's magma has been turned purple by the Nightmare, and is deadly to the touch. If the Nightmare Phenomenon is in effect, Nightmare Fire and Iron can be found.



  • Life Up: After the second Nightmare Snake, climb up the tunnel instead of entering either of the two doors. Zero's Double Jump or X's Blade Armor can reach the ledges found there, where the Life Up and several Reploids are found.
  • Sub Tank: Continue past the Life Up and Light Capsule to find and enter the Nightmare portal to the secret area. While climbing a vertical area, the Sub Tank can easily be found on the right.
  • Shadow Armor's Arm Program: Continue up the shaft past the Life Up to easily find the capsule straight above.

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