For the Virus with a similar name in Japanese, see Lavagon.
"... You're so naive. ... Listen closely. I let the Sky Lagoon fall! And I'd do it again! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
―Magma Dragoon, Mega Man X4

Magma Dragoon, known as Magmard Dragoon (マグマード・ドラグーン Magumādo Doragūn) in Japan, is a dragon-based Reploid and one of the Maverick bosses in Mega Man X4.


Magma Dragoon was a superlative martial artist, who perfected his own unique form of fist fighting.[1] He was a high-ranking Maverick Hunter, commanding the 14th Special Unit, and became acquainted with X and Zero of the 17th and 0th Units, respectively. Secretly, Dragoon craved a fight-to-the-death duel with the two legendary Maverick Hunters.

When Sigma offered him a chance at this dream, Dragoon agreed to work for him. Sigma ordered him to destroy the aerial city Sky Lagoon, so he sabotaged the city's power reactor and had the giant Mechaniloid Eregion wreak havoc for good measure. The Sky Lagoon crashed onto the city below it, which not only killed thousands of civilians, but resulted in Repliforce (who were patrolling at the time) being blamed for the incident, pushing General to start a bid for Reploid independence that led to the Great Repliforce War. Then, Sigma ordered Dragoon to work for the Repliforce, and aid them in their coup d'état.[2]

Dragoon's final moments.

After the Sky Lagoon incident, Dragoon hid in a volcano to goad X and Zero into fighting him. Once they reach him, he boasts about having deceived them and demands a battle. When defeated, he apologizes for his actions, stating how he had always dreamed of fighting X/Zero, and that ''he'' (Sigma) offered him that chance, which he simply could not refuse. Dragoon then dies afterwards.


Proper movement is crucial to defeating Magma Dragoon; dashing and jumping can avoid most of his arsenal while landing hits in between. The edges of the arena are pits of deadly lava, and Dragoon can make them rise into geysers that cut off the player from wall kicking. When he performs his slower attacks, such as his Flame Attack, the player can get behind him to avoid the move entirely and deal damage to his back.

The player can also bring a Ride Armor into the fight by destroying rocks in the lava, revealing a tunnel to Magma Dragoon's arena. This gives them a considerable edge, as it allows the player to tank hits and deal damage before fighting him on foot (it's possible to defeat Dragoon entirely using a Ride Armor). His weakness against X is Double Cyclone, which stuns him in a whirlwind. Zero's strongest move against him is Raijingeki, though it does not stun him.

Magma Dragoon's fighting style is reminiscent of various Street Fighter characters such as Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Sagat, and Dhalsim.

MMX4 MagmaDragoon Hadoken.gif Hadoken (波動拳, Hadōken; "Surge Fist")[3]
Magma Dragoon cries "Hadōken!" while throwing one to three fireballs horizontally. He may throw them high or low. This is a reference to the iconic Hadoken used by Ryu, Ken, and Akuma, but with the high-low mixup of Sagat's Tiger Shot.
Damage: 6
MMX4 MagmaDragoon Shoryuken.gif Rising Fire (ライジングファイア, Raijingu Faia)[3]
Magma Dragoon cries "Shoryuken! (昇龍拳; Shōryūken; "Rising Dragon Fist")" and performs a flying uppercut wreathed in fire. This move resembles Ken's Hado Shoryuken or Akuma's Goshoryuken.
Damage: 8
MMX4 MagmaDragoon Nosedive.gif Dive Kick (急降下, Kyuukouka; "Nosedive")[3]
Magma Dragoon jumps and performs a diving meteor kick. This move resembles Akuma's Tenmakujinkyaku.
Damage: 6
MMX4 MagmaDragoon FirePillar.gif Fire Pillar Attack (火柱攻撃, Kachuu Kougeki)[3]
Magma Dragoon throws a fireball into one of the corners of the arena, causing a pillar of lava to temporarily rise.
Damage: 4 (fireball), 9 (lava pillar)
MMX4 MagmaDragoon FlameAttack.gif Flame Attack (火炎攻撃, Kaen Kougeki)[3]
Magma Dragoon braces himself before spewing a continuous stream of flames from his mouth. This move resembles Dhalsim's Yoga Fire.
Damage: 9
MMX4 MagmaDragoon FlameBullet.gif Flame Bullet (炎弾, Endan)[3]
When his health is yellow, Magma Dragoon releases a storm of fireballs into the air, which proceed to rain down across the entire arena.
Damage: 4



Sky Lagoon encounter

X: You're Dragoon from the 14th unit!
Dragoon: This isn't good, X! That Maverick just destroyed the power reactor!
X: What?! Then the Sky Lagoon will... come crashing into the ground!
Dragoon: It's too late, X! It's time I made my escape. I suggest you do the same... don't do anything reckless on the way out, okay?

X: The city below will become a sea of flames. Many people will perish... I have no choice but to escape from here and head to the city below!

Zero: Dragoon!? You're in the 14th unit. Why...?
Dragoon: This doesn't look good, Zero! That Maverick took out the power!
Zero: What! Then the Sky Lagoon will... come crashing into the ground!
Dragoon: Yes... and destroy the entire city.
Zero: We have to do something!
Dragoon: It's too late. I must escape now. You'd best do the same, Zero...

Zero: Damn! If the Sky Lagoon falls... it will be disastrous! There's no time... I'm going down!


Dragoon: X... You've arrived.
X: Dragoon! Why did you betray the H.Q.!?
Dragon: Heh... You'll have to defeat me first.
X: But... We're allies!
Dragoon: ... You're so naive. ... Listen closely. I let the Sky Lagoon fall! And I'd do it again! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
X: No! Those were innocent people! You're not Dragoon! Just a Maverick!

Dragoon: You got that right! Power up X! It's time you showed me what you can do!

Dragoon: Zero... It's really you!
Zero: Why did you betray us?!
Dragoon: .........
Zero: Answer me, Dragoon!
Dragoon: I have no answer for you my friend.

Zero: Dragoon!

Post Battle

Dragoon: ... You... are... strong... X...
X: Such a waste... Why Dragoon?
Dragoon: ... Always... wanted... to fight... you. ...Then ...he ... appeared ... and
X: He appeared? Who?!
Dragoon: ...told me to work for Repliforce. To goad you into fighting...
X: You did it just so you could fight me?
Dragoon: ... was worth it... for a final duel...

X: Dragoon!!!

Dragoon: ...I ...wanted ... defeat... you... ...Then ..he ...appeared...
Zero: He? Who!?
Dragoon: ...He ...told me... he'd give me power.. only if I worked... for Repliforce...
Zero: ...What!?
Dragoon: I couldn't... refuse the offer... Sorry Zero...

Zero: ...Dragoon!!!

In-Battle Quotes

  • Note: Pre-battle lines are only present in the Japanese version.
Action Romaji Japanese Translation
Pre-battle Inochigake de tatakatte koso imi ga aru! 命懸けで闘ってこそ意味がある! There's meaning in a fight to the death!
Pre-battle Kyō koso omae ni katsu! 今日こそお前に勝つ! I will defeat you on this day!
Pre-battle Chikara koso ga subeteda! 力こそが全てだ! Power is everything!
Rising Fire Hadōken! 波動拳! Hadoken!
Shoryuken Shōryūken! 昇龍拳! Shoryuken!
Dive Kick Kyaa! キャーア! Kyaa!
Jump before Dive Kick Fun! ふんっ! Huuuh!
Jumping Hiyaaa! ひやぁぁぁ!! Hiyaaa!
Flame Bullet or Fire Pillar Attack Aaaaaa! あぁぁぁぁぁ! Aaaaaa!

Other appearances

Other media

Rockman X4 (manga)

Dragoon challenges X to a duel.

Magma Dragoon appeared in the manga version of Mega Man X4, after the Repliforce launched their coup d'etat and battle for independence against the human government. After X terminates Web Spider, Zero watches on from afar at a hilltop after having previously attacked fellow Maverick Hunters and having deserted the organization. Zero notices he is being pursued, and spots Dragoon behind him. Zero pulls out his saber, and expresses surprise that the Hunters would send Dragoon after him, surmising that he must be pretty highly-valued if they would do such. Dragoon rebuffs Zero's assumption and states that he did not come to fight him, and Zero thus puts away his saber. Dragoon gives off a strong aura as he walks past Zero, which startles him, as he feels murderous intent from him. Nevertheless, they both part ways.

Dragoon later appears after X has obtained the Ultimate Armor and had just brutally killed Storm Owl, along with the rest of his Repliforce air fleet. Dragoon emerges rising from the ground underneath him, and challenges him to a fight, saying power is the only thing that matters, not the "law of heaven" or the "law of the land". Dragoon puts up a difficult challenge, and blocks X's blast with a fire barrier. Dragoon then attacks X with a powerful fire blast. X is able to disperse it by flying directly at it with a Nova Strike charge, and then charges at Dragoon. However, Dragoon catches X in mid-air during his Strike, pounds him to the ground and punches him away into a crater, and compliments X's power while doing so, saying he understands why X bears the title of legend.

Dragoon then assumes X is dead and confidently remarks that Heaven gave the Earth a fleeting legend. Dragoon also remarks that his boredom is what led him to become a Maverick, so he could fight serious battles. X, who has been losing his mind to the power of the Ultimate Armor, has a vision of Zero, Dr. Cain and Marty reaching out for him. X then flies out of the crater and fires a charged shot at Dragoon. Dragoon tries to stop it with a fire blast, but X's power proves too much and Dragoon is then bisected by the charged shot and killed.

Archie Comics

Magma Dragoon is among the many Mavericks resurrected by Sigma-1 to serve in his multiverse-conquering army in Worlds Unite. He went to the world of Street Fighter to set an Unity Engine in Metro City, but is defeated by the new Team Sticks.

Rockman X Giga Mission

X8NavigatorAlertIconEdit.png This section requires expansion.

Magmard Dragoon was revived by the Extreme as Magmard Dragoon EX.



  • The battle with Dragoon is the first time in the series where players are allowed to bring a Ride Armor into a boss battle.
  • Dragoon is also the first Maverick to reappear as a boss in the sequel to his original appearance, due to his appearance as an optional boss in Mega Man X5's Training Area.
  • Dragoon was the only Maverick of the main eight to retain all of his in-battle dialogue voice clips, which were removed from the game as opposed to translating them as was the case in the then-recently released Mega Man 8. Web Spider, only retained his "Sore!" (それ!, Here I come!) in-battle clip that he shouts when firing a Lightning Web and other material was removed. His appearance as a digital simulation in Mega Man X5 re-uses only a few of these voice clips, though they lack the post-processing effects from X4.
  • He is a tribute to the Street Fighter series, using both "Hadōken" and "Shōryūken". His appearance as a dragon further consolidates a tribute to that series, where the ryū in Shōryūken translates to "dragon". Ken's signature move, the Fierce Shōryūken, is mirrored by Zero's Ryuenjin. His dive kick also bears some resemblance to Akuma's Tenmakuujinkyaku (Sky Demon Air Blade Leg).
    • The bead structure around Magma Dragoon's neck is similar to the prayer beads worn by the Street Fighter character Akuma.
    • There is a small plate under Dragoon's chest, which bears the "Heaven/Sky" symbol (天), the same symbol also appears on Akuma's back when he uses the Shun Goku Satsu. Speaking of the Shun Goku Satsu, the sound effect that plays when Akuma KO's an opponent with the move also plays when Magma Dragoon is defeated.
    • The ridges above Dragoon's eyes resemble the signature bushy eyebrows of Ryu and Ken as they were drawn for Street Fighter II. This art style is also evoked by Dragoon's fixed downward scowl.
    • In the Rockman X4 manga, Dragoon strikes a pose very reminiscent of Akuma's as he challenges X for a duel.
  • If external cheating devices (that enables Special Weapon usage) are used in Mega Man X5, it is found he has a weakness, that being the Spike Ball (hitting him with it makes him react as though he'd been hit with a Double Cyclone and also shows a Double Cyclone flying around him). However, the damage this attack will do to Dragoon is much smaller than when hit with X's or Zero's default weapons. Also, Zero's technique equivalent, the Twin Dream, does not have the same exact effect on Dragoon as with Spike Ball under the exact same conditions, but it does deal a significant amount of damage.
    • This could be a leftover from the coding used on Mega Man X4, as X5 was made using the same engine and each weapon was just reprogrammed to work differently.
  • In Mega Man X8, when Zero has the K Knuckle equipped, his Enkoujin is changed into a downwards flaming kick (Enkoukyaku), which is similar to a move Dragoon performs in Mega Man X4. However, it is actually similar to what Burn Rooster uses while crying out "Enkoujin!" in Mega Man X8.
  • Magma Dragoon's descriptive screen after selecting him on the stage select screen is the only time the Maverick Hunters are referred to as the "Irregular Hunters" in a localized version of an X title. This is likely a localization oversight.
    • Interestingly enough this oversight wasn't fixed in Mega Man X Legacy Collection unlike other text from other games.
  • Despite having a desire to fight X or Zero, Dragoon's demeanor is different depending on who it is; he seems cold and hateful towards X (although it could be taken as him trying to goad the normally peaceful X into fighting), while maintaining a friendly respect for Zero, presumably an identical desire expressed by Sigma himself when he turned Maverick. But no matter who he is fought as, it can be surmised that he is a more tragic villain due to actually having remorse for his wrongdoing.
    • It is possible that Magma Dragoon suffered from depression, as this would explain why he is willing to go to such great lengths to fight X and Zero to the death but still feels remorse for his actions: perhaps Dragoon was no longer able to find satisfaction as a Hunter in fighting Mavericks, so by goading X and Zero into fighting him he could feel the thrill of battle one last time and then be freed in death from his suffering.
  • The symbol below Magma Dragoon’s health bar is the Maverick symbol instead of the Repliforce symbol, despite saying that he worked for Repliforce. He was tagged as Maverick due to being the prime suspect of Sky Lagoon's fall (and because it is implied that Sigma is the person who told him to betray the Hunters and work for Repliforce.)
  • Magma Dragoon is the only of the eight stages bosses in Mega Man X4 to have post-battle dialogue.
    • He is also the only Maverick boss fight where X and Zero do not perform a victory pose before leaving the stage.
    • On a similar note, the post-battle dialogue Magma Dragoon gives to X and Zero would be a precursor to the Mega Man Zero series, in which most Mavericks would have post battle dialog when defeated.
  • Magma Dragoon's design is based on European depictions of dragons. His EX form seen in Rockman X Giga Mission, however, is based on Oriental depictions of dragons, although oriental dragons are seldom depicted with wings.
  • Magma Dragoon is the first Stage Select Maverick to be a playable character.

See also

  • Volcano - His stage in Mega Man X4.
  • Training Area - The tutorial stage in Mega Man X5 featuring an emulated version of him.


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