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[[Category:Mega Man Xtreme bosses]]
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Magna Centipede, known in Japan as Magne Hyakulegger (マグネ・ヒャクレッガー Magune Hyakureggā), is a centipede Maverick in Mega Man X2. A former Maverick Hunter of the 0th Special Unit, he was captured and brainwashed by the X-Hunters. Centipede was later stationed at the Central Computer Facility where he began transmitting the Maverick Virus around the world.


The way he poses and attacks looks like a ninja-- teleporting around the room and sending shuriken-like projectiles. He'll also cling to the ceiling or attract you magnetically. His "poison" negates X from charging his X Buster. Further poison attacks drastically reduce rapid fire, jumping, and dashing abilities. His weapon, Magnet Mine, can seek out its targets, but if the Silk Shot is used against him, his tail will break off, rendering him unable to use the Magnet Mine.


Mega Man X2 stats:

  • Height: 220cm (7ft)
  • Weight: 124kg (273lb)
  • Power: 2900rp
  • Speed: 8880rp

Stage enemies

Mega Man X2:

Mega Man Xtreme:




  • His Japanese name, "Hyaku-legger", means "one hundred legs".
  • The computer where Agile, Violen, and Serges were spying on X is in this stage, but when you go back to this stage to fight Sigma, it'll show that you're at the X - Hunter castle and your fight with Sigma is below the room where you fought Chop Register.
  • He and Centaur Man both have a pair of extra limbs. Magna Centipede has extra arms and Centaur Man has extra legs.
  • It is interesting to note that he and all the other known (former) members of the Zero Unit (0th Special Unit) (excluding Zero himself) are all arthropods.

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