Magna Quartz (マグナクオーツ Magunakuōtsu) is the sub-boss of Crystal Snail's stage in Mega Man X2. It is an unknown type of machine with an eye-like design encased inside a large crystal quartz and accompanied by a small machine that flies around the room, shooting lasers that ricochet several times. Another machine is sent out by Magna Quartz after enough time passes. Focus on the Magna Quartz itself, as the tiny robots cannot be destroyed. Silk Shot is its primary weakness. Spin Wheel is also useful against Magna Quartz causing continuous damage as it tears through the sub-boss. It is also possible to bring the Rabbit Ride Armor to the sub-boss room, but it requires carefully destroying only a few of the crystal blocks leading up to the room and some tricky jumping. The Ride Armor's charging attack can destroy the Magna Quartz in seconds.

Other Media

Magna Quartz appears in the Rockman X2 manga, attacking X to protect Crystal Snail and the Energen Crystal mine.


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