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Magnet Mine (マグネットマイン Magunetto Main) is the Special Weapon that X obtains from Magna Centipede in Mega Man X2 and Mega Man Xtreme. Uncharged, X fires a mine that will stick to walls, terrain, and other objects before exploding after a short time. The path of the mine can be aimed up or down as it flies. In Mega Man X2, X can fire as many Magnet Mines on the screen as the player wishes, but cannot fire another one until the previous Magnet Mine has made contact with a wall and stopped moving. X can actually rapid-fire as many as four before the first one explodes if he stands next to a wall and lets them stack onto one another, and it is even possible to attach one Magnet Mine to another. In Mega Man Xtreme, only two Magnet Mines can be fired at a time. When fully charged, this weapon fires a small, slow-moving black hole that will damage enemies in its path and draw in enemy shots. When enough shots are drawn in, the charged Magnet Mine will grow in size (up to two stages). This shot can also be aimed up and down multiple times until it leaves the screen, though it becomes more difficult to control after changing direction.

In Mega Man X2, Magnet Mine was Crystal Snail and Agile's weakness. In Mega Man Xtreme, Wheel Gator and Bospider are weak to this Special Weapon as well.

Damage Data Charts

Mega Man X2

Damage values in units in Mega Man X2.

X2-Icon-MagnetMine Magnet Mine
Boss Damage
Normal Charged
Gigantic Mechaniloid CF-0 -- --
Overdrive Ostrich 1 1
Wire Sponge 1 2
Wheel Gator 1 1
Bubble Crab 1 1
Flame Stag 1 1
Morph Moth 1 2
Magna Centipede 1 1
Crystal Snail 3 4
Violen 1 1
Agile 3 4
Serges 1 2
Neo Violen 0 0
Serges Tank 1 2
Agile Flyer 2 2
Zero 0 0
Neo Sigma: 1st Phase 0 0
Neo Sigma: 2nd Phase 0 0

Mega Man Xtreme

Damage values in units in Mega Man Xtreme.

MMXT1-Icon-MagnetMine-V2 Magnet Mine
Boss Damage
Normal Charged
Vile -- --
Chill Penguin 1 1
Spark Mandrill 1 1
Storm Eagle 1 1
Flame Stag 1 1
Armored Armadillo 1 1
Morph Moth 1 1
Magna Centipede 0 0
Wheel Gator 3 4
Zain 0 0
Geemel 1 1
Zain 0 0
Geemel 1 1
Bospider 3 4
Serges 1 1
Sigma: 1st Phase 1 1
Sigma: 2nd Phase 0 0


Mega Man X2

Mega Man Xtreme

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