"All of the information you had has been stored in the server in my body. If you want it back, you'll have to destroy me and download it from my memory... Will you do it??"
—Maha Ganeshariff, Underground Laboratory, Mega Man Zero

Maha Ganeshariff (マハ・ガネシャリフ Maha Ganesharifu) is the boss of the "Retrieve Data" mission from the first Mega Man Zero game, who is in charge of data processing and handling information in his large body. He is a Mutos Reploid from the Deep Sea Squadron based on the Hindu elephant god Ganesha. He stored all the data he collected in the Underground Laboratory in his body's server, and to recover it, Zero needs to defeat him and download it from his memory. Zero also receives the Cyber-elf Itecle, and must evacuate the Underground Laboratory before it explodes. After completing the mission, Zero receives the Triple Rod from Cerveau. If the player fails in this mission, Ciel will try to hack into the enemy base to keep them from using the data. Zero fights against him again in the Neo Arcadia Core.


Maha attacks with fast slaps, rolling like a ball, releasing bombs while rolling towards Zero, and swinging from the ceiling. He also throws tusks if the player has a high rank.

Attack Description Notes
Hand Slap If Zero is too close to Maha Ganeshariff, he will swing his arms at Zero quickly. Possibly a refference to the Street Fighter character Edmond Honda in how it's used.
Rolling Attack Maha Ganeshariff will transform into a sphere and will try to charge at Zero whilst launching bombs from behind.
Hanging Attack Maha Ganeshariff will transform into a sphere and grapple his trunk to ceiling whilst trying to swing at Zero. The attack can be stopped by slashing the trunk chain with the Z-Saber or Shield Boomerang.
EX SkillTusk Boomerang (タスクブーメラン)

(Also known as Tuskorang.)

Maha detaches his tusks and flings them in Zero's direction like boomerangs. Has small range and inflicts minor damage. Only used if the player is fighting Maha at A or S rank.


Mega Man Zero Official Complete Works bio

The Mutos Reploid responsible for the storage and distribution of information for the Deep sea Squadron lead by Leviathan. To help ensure the security and integrity of the data Maha Ganeshariff handles, he was built to be a data server that can not only transport information, but defend itself if necessary. With valuable servers as innards, his outer body was built as a large, solid shell to protect their contents.

Mission enemies

In-game Quotes

"My name is Maha Ganeshariff. I'm in charge of data processing and handling information. All of the information you had has been stored in the server in my body. If you want it back, you'll have to destroy me and download it from my memory...will you do it??"                           

—1st encounter, Recover Data

"I've fully analysed all your strategies. Let me show you what I have learned!"

—2nd encounter, Neo Arcadia Core

Other appearances

  • Maha Ganeshariff briefly appears in the Rockman Zero commercial, where he was present and presumably commanding the Neo Arcadia forces to attack the structure that Zero was housed inside. He is also shown to be larger than in the game. While he does appear to be twice as tall as Zero in-game, the commercial depicts him as being large enough that Pantheons are riding on him.
  • In Mega Man ZX, the design of the data servers in the background from Protectos the Goreroid's boss room in Area L were based on Maha Ganeshariff's body.[1] Besides his design, the corridors between the room have the text "Data M.G. Server" on them, referencing his name. Also, both bosses are fought when trying to obtain data that they found in an old lab and stored in their body.
  • Maha Ganeshariff appeared as a boss from World 6 in Rockman Xover.



  • His hand slaps are similar to E. Honda in the Street Fighter series.
  • His role as data store may be a reference to the god Ganesha from Hindu mythology. As he is the god of knowledge and education, it might have inspired Ganeshariff's function of containing and protecting data. Ganesha is also the god of obstacles, whose function is both to place and remove them from one's way. How the whole area is blocked after his defeat, as well as the way a new path opens up after that, may compose another reference to the god's role. Enemies such as Ray Blade, who act as barrier-like obstacles to the player, also inhabit the area while he is present, also referencing the god's purpose.
    • His data-storing function may also represent how real elephants are capable of retaining a lot of information on their memory (often reflected in the proverb, "An elephant never forgets".).
  • There is an unused dialog which Maha Ganeshariff says: "I was supposed to be invincible. But it's too late. You're still going to perish!". It's possibly meant to be his final words, but it his unknown if he was supposed to say it in his first or in his second battle against Zero.
  • In the Japanese version, he speaks like Heian nobles. For example, "maro (まろ)", "ojaru (おじゃる)", and "kae? (かえ?)".
  • "Maha" is a prefix meaning "great" in the Pali language.
  • His name may be based off of a combination of "Ganesha" and "Sheriff".


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