Mameo (まめ男) is a character in Rockman.EXE Stream. He is a young boy in a lower grade level than Netto Hikari at Akihara Elementary who becomes the operator of Asteroid PlantMan.EXE when he is given to Mameo by Slur.EXE. Mameo hates vegetables. He the title of the Lunch Predictor. But after a firewall is put up around the school lunch system, he fakes illness to avoid eating. Mameo asks PlantMan to get rid of the 30 vegetable salad for lunch, leading PlantMan to attack farms and foreign vegetable imports. But after warnings of total food shortages, he asks him to stop. But PlantMan tricks him into materializing him with a Dimensional Chip. He is kidnapped by PlantMan when Lan and Chaud arrives and brought to a vegetable lab. Mameo is trapped by the large vegetables but eats his way out. Lan and Chaud rescue him. In the end he loves vegetables and eats loads of them.



  • Mameo, Romeda Andou, and Yui Hazuki are the only Asteroid Navi operators who were innocent and unwilling participants when their Navis began caused chaos, having been unaware of their power. All other Asteroid operators were criminals or willing to commit crimes to achieve their goals.

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