Man Man is a bumbling, DIY human analogue to Mega Man. He first appears in the Mega Man: Fully Charged episode This Man, This Man Man.


As a wannabe hero, Man Man puts himself out as a stereotypical arrogant superhero, despite his blatant incompetence and lack of special abilities. In the end, though, he's just a well-meaning person who wants to assist Mega Man and help him stop crime.


Man Man is a tall, chubby man. His "costume" is primarily yellow and blue, and has pieces of cardboard taped all over, along with a large soda cup taped to his head.


Man Man does have some rudimentary skills at tinkering, as he was able to create a weapon he calls the "Mega Masher," which is a homemade gun that shoots hot potatoes. He's also able to fix things with his "Man Man Chewing Gum."


  • Man Man is based on Bad Box Art Mega Man from the North American cover for the first Mega Man game.
  • Despite most of the "utilities" in his belt being completely normal things, he adds the phrase "Man Man" (or some variation of it) to the names of all these items (e.g. Man Man Chewing Gum, Man Man Repair Kit, Man-ifying Glass).
  • Aki has been seen in several episodes where Man Man style pajamas, and also has a poster of him on his wall, despite earlier disliking him.


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