Manda Island

Manda Island (マンダ島) is a large tropical island that appears to have been heavily cratered in the past. It is the home to a small civilization called Pokte Village. Because Pokte Village is such a small civilization, it makes it the most likely place for the pirates to attack first on their search for the key to the Mother Lode.


Pokte Plains

Pokte Plains (ポクテの草原) are the plains of Manda Island, where the Flutter stay and the gate to the Pokte Caverns.

In Rockman DASH 2 Episode 1, this is the first location of mission 4, where it is full of Servbots with Leopolds and mounted cannons. Mega Man must defeat the Leopold to the east of the area to obtain the key that opens the door.

Pokte Caverns

The Pokte Caverns are ruins located in the Pokte Plains, where a Jaiwan protects one Refractor (a B Refractor). A Golden Miroc can also be found here depending on the enemies encountered. The music used in Lake Jyun Sub Ruins from the first game plays here. 

Pokte Village

Pokte Village (ポクテの村) is the location Mega Man fights against Tron Bonne in the Jagd Krabbe. After the fight, Mega Man can donate money to repair the damages. The Mayor's Home is located to the north, where she likes to make quizzes. She has a 100 question quiz with the Zetsabre as the prize for answering all the questions correctly in a row.

In Rockman DASH 2 Episode 1, this is the second location of mission 4, with land mines and enemies like Draches, Kalmares and a Matrix Battery to the west that has the key of the second door. This version of Pokte Village is bigger than the one in Mega Man Legends 2.

Pokte Mountain Road and Pokte Plaza

Pokte Mountain Road (ポクテの山道) and Pokte Plaza (ポクテの広場) are locations only present in Rockman DASH 2 Episode 1, where Mega Man fights against the Jagd Krabbe.

Manda Ruins

Main article: Manda Ruins

The Manda Ruins are located in a dome near the Mayor's Home in Pokte Village. It has one of the keys to the Mother Lode.

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