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List of characters that only appear in mangas.

Rockman series[]

Rockman manga Minister of Electric Power

Minister of Electric Power.

Minister of Electric Power[]

Rockman manga Minister of Industry

Minister of Industry

"Minister of Electric Power" (電力大臣) is the Minister of Electric Power in Rockman. He tells Dr. Light to activate Elec Man's safety switch.

Minister of Industry[]

"Minister of Industry" (産業大臣) is the Minister of Industry in Rockman. He tells Dr. Light about Fire Man, Cut Man, Ice Man, and Elec Man attacking the city.

Fake Dr. Light[]


Fake Dr. Light.

Main article: Robotic Copy

In Rockman: Yomigaeru Blues, Dr. Wily created a robot copy of Dr. Light to replace the real one, which is captured by him. The false Dr. Light convinces Mega Man to help Dr. Wily and the Wily Patrol, joining forces with Wily to expand his army. When Mega Man is away, the impostor dismantles Roll and Eddie, but they are repaired by Dr. Cossack. Later, Dr. Wily tries to trick Mega Man with the fake Dr. Light, but Proto Man appears with the real Dr. Light and destroys the copy.

Karate 003[]

Main article: Karate 003

Karate 003 (KARATE003号) is a robot from the Rockman 6 manga, that challenges Mega Man early in the story.



Mengo and Dr. Wily

Mengo (メンゴ) is the manager of the Wily Patrol in Rockman: Yomigaeru Blues.

Wily Blues[]


Wily Blues using Twin Buster.

Wily Blues (ワイリー・ブルース Wairī Burūsu, "Wily Proto Man") is a copy of Proto Man that appears in the manga Rockman: Yomigaeru Blues. He is the leader of an army of robots that is attacking the city. Mega Man discover his hideout and talks with him, but the real Proto Man appears and exposes the identity of the fake, and the two fight against Wily Blues. Proto Man is heavily damaged during the battle, and Wily Blues calls his troops to defeat Mega Man. Fortunately, four of Dr. Cossack's robots appear and help Mega Man by fighting against the robot army while he faces Wily Blues, destroying him. Wily Blues has a retractable shield in his left arm, a projectile attack called Blues Spear in his right arm, and the Twin Buster, a powerful attack with both arms akin to the Double Rock Buster that Mega Man himself used in his fight with the Ra Moon.

Wily Man[]


Wily Man

Wily Man (ワイリーマン Wairīman) is a character from the Rockman 7 manga, appearing in a parody from chapter 16 where Dr. Wily is the hero and Dr. Light and his robots are the villains who are trying to take over Wily Land. Wily uses a robotic armor and the Wily Buster (ワイリーバスター) to fight against Light and his machines, each with an unique attack:

  • Roll - Roll Muchi ("Roll Whip", a whip attack)
  • Rush - Rush Burner (Rush increases the power of his jets to burn the opponent)
  • Eddie - Eddie Bomb (Eddie releases bombs from his head)
  • Beat - Beat Beam (Beat launches a beam from his mouth)
  • Auto - Danger Neji ("Danger Screw", Auto throws several explosive screws)

After Wily Man destroys them and Dr. Light's machine, it is revealed that this is all a video game being played by Dr. Wily while the real Mega Man is making his way through the fortress. Back to the game, the evil Dr. Light orders Mega Man to attack, and Wily Man has trouble against him. Wily Man uses his Anything Hand (なんでもハンド Nandemo Hando) arm parts, which changes his fingers into tools, alongside a Magical Dash (マジカルダッシュ) to rapidly create Gamerizer, ordering it to destroy Mega Man and winning the game.

Wily Man is also mentioned in the Mega Man Megamix story "Power Battle".

Rock & Rush[]

Rockman Brazil[]

Rockman Brazil (ロックマンブラジル Rokkuman Burajiru) is Rockman's brother who seemingly left for Brazil[1] in Sakura's The Capricious Rock & Rush[2] comics. Brazil has made a handful of cameos in 4-koma strips and Capcom Secret Files. He also appears in the image gallery of the PlayStation re-release of Rockman 2[3] and in one panel from the manga Mega Man Megamix.[4]

Rockman & Forte[]

Computer control robot[]


Control robot

An unnamed one-eyed hand-like robot that has the ability to control computers. In the epilogue from Rockman & Forte he uses his ability to make all robots from a new Robot Museum follow him, and Mega Man tries to stop them. The robot is able to defend against Mega Man's attacks by closing his hand. Bass, angry that it tried to control him, challenges him to a fight. It attacks Bass by punching him with his hand closed, crushing him with his hand open, and commemorates his two consecutive attack with a V sign, like rock-paper-scissors. Bass laughs and asks him to continue, saying he is having fun. When the robot attacks with "rock" again, Bass uses "scissors" and makes two small holes in the robot, mocking him saying his stronger scissors is able to beat his rock. The robot then begins firing lasers from his eye in several directions, and he is destroyed by the combined shot of Mega Man and Bass, Bass saying he is the one that defeat it as he is the fastest and strongest of the two.




McCall (マッコール Makkōru) is a federal government minister that contacts Dr. Light near the end of the story.

Mega Man Megamix[]

Mother Computer[]

Main article: Yellow Devil MK-II

Mother Computer (マザーコンピューター) runs the energy of a city. The Yellow Devil MK-II goes after it in the story "Metal Heart" and the Mother Computer is damaged. In the end of the story the Mother Computer and Yellow Devil MK-II are combined in a single machine.


Charlie (チャーリー) is a CPS newscaster based on the character Charlie Nash from the Street Fighter series.

Build Man and Judge Man[]

Scn-B J

Build Man and Judge Man

For the NetNavi from the Mega Man Battle Network series, see JudgeMan.EXE

Build Man and Judge Man are two competitors from the Ultimate Robot Championship that appear briefly in "The Strongest Enemy to Date". When Mr. X starts his attack to conquer the world, they are burned by Flame Man.

Mega Man Gigamix[]


Terra and the robot mob

Battle & Chase competitors[]

Many racers from the Battle & Chase competition were created by fans.[5] One page of the manga includes some concepts of characters used, such as Snipe Man (スナイプマン), Worm Man (ワームマン), Mad Wheeler, and Gazy Man.

Robot mob[]

In October 2009, Hitoshi Ariga opened a contest for fan-made characters to appear in Rockman Gigamix vol. 2, specifying that they would appear in a robot mob and be destroyed.[6] Over one hundred robots appeared in the story "Moon of Darkness", where they are destroyed by Terra.[7]

The characters present are:

  • Entry #14 Lobster Man by em
  • Entry #16 Adley Man by Yasha
  • Entry #17 Nomad Man by Hollyhock
  • Entry #19 Glacier Man by Muramo
  • Entry #21 Rocket Man by Ya
  • Entry #22 Snatch Man by hamao
  • Entry #28 Jet Man by Nautical
  • Entry #31 Pump Man (Pump being short for pumpkin) by Daichi Yo
  • Entry #33 Babel Man by 5 Years Old
  • Entry #36 Aircraft Carrier Robo by Muramo
  • Entry #37 Crab Man by KEI
  • Entry #44 Robo Captain by Masanji Corner
  • Entry #45 Solid Man by Labarthe
  • Entry #46 Weather Man by Muramo
  • Entry #47 Locust Man by Inoue
  • Entry #49 Jelly Man by Elegance
  • Entry #50 Claw Man by Edged
  • Entry #65 Steam Man by Fanewgie
  • Entry #66 Noise Man by Jason Howell
  • Entry #69 Comet Man by Tim Taylor (Sprited by Jason Howell)
  • Entry #73 Cthulhu Man by Crossbill
  • Entry #78 W-Shark by Nicolas Marzano
  • Entry #82 Volt Man by AWD!
  • Entry #83 Satellite Man by Elegance
  • Entry #88 Screw Man by St. John
  • Entry #90 oniyan Man by Muramo
  • Entry #92 Upah Man by Muramo
  • Entry #97 Fairy Man by Bear
  • Entry #98 Rocket Booster by +A
  • Entry #99 Sashimi Man by Mackerel Man
  • Entry #104 The Return of the Space Cowboy (Snipe Man from Burning Wheel) by Keigo
  • Entry #108 Heat Man look-alike (Unnamed artillery robot) by 774
  • Entry #109 "Robot for air combat" by /J/
  • Entry #111 Aero Man by CAPkobun
  • Entry #113 Tetra Blocker by +A
  • Entry #115 Decker by Maria Jose
  • Entry #120 Whale Man by Y.K
  • Entry #121 ? (Unnamed Valkyrie) by wata
  • Entry #122 Snow Man by Destruction
  • Entry #126 Shuttle Man by Mogēra
  • Entry #128 Delta Man by sankaku
  • Entry #129 Sky Man by Iron Circle
  • Entry #130 Tetris Man by Cursed Bluto
  • Entry #132 Fight Man by Repliroid 20XX
  • Entry #134 Radar Man by honix
  • Entry #135 Hide Man by R3
  • Entry #139 Parasol and Umbrella Man by rock_root
  • Entry #145 ? (Unnamed character) by hare
  • Entry #152 Apollo Man and Mach Man by Nuko
  • Entry #156 Clionela by Purple Peach
  • Entry #159 Rainbow Man by Y.K
  • Entry #161 Rumble Man by Keigo
  • Entry #167 Flyin' Car and Mob Mob by OMFire
  • Entry #168 Wash Man by Inoue
  • Entry #171 Hawk Man by rico
  • Entry #172 Analysis Man by rico
  • Entry #176 Teruteru Man by Lutheran
  • Entry #179 Crab Man by Kazuki
  • Entry #180 Balloon Man by honix
  • Entry #182 SOS Man by nami
  • Entry #183 Abyss Man by Keigo
  • Entry #184 Starfish Man by Keigo
  • Entry #190 Mantis Man by zoniken
  • Entry #191 Wing Man by zoniken
  • Entry #193 Moray House by nami
  • Entry #194 Aerial transport robot by koudai
  • Entry #196 Curse Man by Futame
  • Entry #197 Vice Man by em
  • Entry #198 Barnacle Man by Daichi Yo
  • Entry #201 Mariner Boy by koudai
  • Entry #205 Cannon Man by zoniken
  • Entry #206 Ghost Man by zoniken
  • Entry #208 Storm Man by zoniken
  • Entry #209 Neptune Anchor by OM Fire
  • Entry #210 Garu Man and Sea Killer by rou
  • Entry #211 Hydro Man by Heaven's Road
  • Entry #212 Yo-yo Man by Kinmokusei
  • Entry #217 Satellite Man by 666
  • Entry #219 Mob character (dolphin-themed woman) by Akehi
  • Entry #223 Levia Man by Muramo
  • Entry #225 Space Man by Y.K
  • Entry #227 Krak Man by Itimatsu Itizou
  • Entry #229 Manta Type Mob by Ruki
  • Entry #232 Tact Man by zoniken
  • Entry #239 Absorb Man by sulfer
  • Entry #242 Tsunami Man by Thin Man
  • Entry #246 Pilot Robo by tomo
  • Entry #254 Electric Jellyfish Type Robo by seek
  • Entry #255 Octo Man by Pippuppa
  • Entry #256 Sonar Man by Pippuppa
  • Entry #257 Moon Man by Dinh
  • Entry #258 Vacuum Man by Daichi Yo
  • Entry #259 Glide Man by Daichi Yo
  • Entry #260 Assault Man by Muramo
  • Entry #261 Samurai Robo by Kenichi Kisaragi
  • Entry #271 Split Man by koudai
  • Entry #274 Cross Judge Man by Mokke
  • Entry #286 Plesiosaurus Type by Daichi Yo
  • Entry #287 Volant Man and Inky Blinder by Inoue
  • Entry #290 Bamboo Man by coshamine

The back cover also includes some entrant illustrations that didn't appear in the story, such as Entry #20 Monk Man by shosya, Entry #42 Peach Man by The Muzudon, Entry #79 Radio Man by AWD!, and Entry #86 Coil Man by Brett.

Rockman Remix[]


Concept art of Dr. Doppler's support Reploid.

In the history Mega Mission based on Bandai's Carddas Rockman X Mega Mission, Dr. Doppler has an unnamed assistant referred as "Dr. Doppler's Support Reploid" (Dr.ドップラーの助手レプリロイド) in her concept art.


Doppler's assistant

Mega Man Maniax[]


Bass (center) and Auto's robots (four of them obscured). Clockwise from top: Suika Man, Suprise Man, TV Man, Sexy Man, Giga Auto, Sensuikan Man, Massage Man, and Shake Man

Dr. Auto Numbers[]

Dr. Auto Numbers (DAN), known as the Dr. Rightot Numbers (Dr.ライトットナンバーズ DRTN) in Japan, are robots created by Auto (Rightot) in the "Dr. Auto's Laboratory" shorts from Hitoshi Ariga's Mega Man Maniax. The robots were based on ideas readers sent to Ariga. Auto's robots often malfunction and explode, causing injury to Dr. Light. In later stories, Bass went to Dr. Light's Laboratory to face Mega Man, and Auto says that Bass must defeat his robots to find Mega Man. They aren't much of a challenge for Bass as most aren't even able to fight.[8]

  • DAN.001 Surprise Man (ビックリマン Bikkuri Man) - A simple robot that can suddenly change his appearance to surprise people, having a scary grimace. He can also make Battons go out of his mouth. Besides Battons, he ended up releasing screws and springs and exploded. He is later repaired and tries to surprise Bass, but Bass simply tells him to "shut up" and destroys him. He was submitted by "Ayahn".
  • DAN.002 Shake Man (シェイクマン) - A blender robot that ended up blending itself and exploding. Bass later finds him busy in his "stage" (the kitchen) and destroys him. He was submitted by "Hetchee".
  • DAN.003 Giga Auto (ギガ・ライトット Giga Raitotto, Giga Rightot in Japan) - A 57 meters tall robot with resemblance to Auto. It has a cockpit (which is also an escape pod) on its head, but when Auto enters the robot with the pod, it exceeds the weight capacity and explodes, Auto noting that he forgot to take the capsule's weight into account. It was later rebuilt as "Giga Auto R" (Giga Rightot R), but his legs were too thin to support the weight and felt on Bass, causing it to explode Dr. Light's lab. He was submitted by "Auto II".
  • DAN.004 Massage Man (マッサージマン) - A robot created to give massages, being used on Dr. Light in the hospital to help him recover. However, he malfunctions and Auto has no choice but to activate its self-destruction, injuring Dr. Light again. He is the first of Auto's robot fought by Bass, and is easily defeated in the entrance of Dr. Light's lab. In his second appearance he has the word "tsubo" (つぼ, "jar") written on his chest, which his head resembles. His Special Weapon is Massage Finger. He was submitted by "Kurage".
  • DAN.005 TV Man (TVマン) - A robot with a television as head, with a face shown in the screen. Others can pull out anything shown on his screen. While wondering what to test it on, Cut Man asks where is Dr. Light, and Auto decides to try it on him as he is giving an interview in New York. However, Light is a bit chubby to pass the screen and TV Man ends up exploding. He is later repaired and used as the Stage Select screen (shown above) for Bass. He was the last of Dr. Auto Numbers to be defeated, getting caught in Giga Auto R's explosion. He was submitted by "Nagaoka".
  • DAN.006 Suika Man (スイカマン , "Watermelon Man") - A watermelon-like robot representing the suikawari game. The Kanji in his eyes is "hitchuu" (必中), which roughly means "hitting the target", and he has "suika" written in his chest. At first he appears to be a skilled fighter, but he ends up hitting himself and collapses.
  • DAN.007 Sensuikan Man (せんすいかんマン , "Submarine Man") - A submarine-like robot. Due to his small size, Bass was unable to find him inside a bathtub. Tango is the sub-boss from his "stage", the bathroom in Dr. Light's lab.
  • DAN.008 Sexy Man (セクシーマン) - The last robot created by Auto, a robot that uses makeover and has the word "kuchibeni" (クシベニ, "lipstick" in Japanese) written in his abdomen. When Bass faced him, he says he is cute and calls him darling while hugging him. Angry, Bass destroys him. His stage is Roll's room, and when Roll finds Bass inside after Sexy Man's defeat, she throws him out.
  • Maneki-neko Man (招き猫マン) and Tower Man (タワーマン) - Similar to the previous robots, in 2011 Hitoshi Ariga took submissions for new robots before the Rockman Maniax compilation was released, choosing Maneki-neko Man from CDF and Tower Man from kan to be presented by Dr. Auto. Each had a story included in a bonus postcard from the 2011 release of Rockman Maniax and in the flap from the 2015 release ("Bottom" volume).[9][10]

Rockman 4Koma Dai Koushin[]

  • Armor Man (アーマーマン Āmāman) - A resistant robot created by Dr. Wily.
  • Bukinashi Man (武器なしマン , "Weaponless Man") - A robot created by Dr. Wily that has a simple appearance and no special weapon, so Mega Man will not obtain any special weapon from him. However, Bukinashi Man asks Dr. Wily how he can fight without any weapon.

Rockman X[]



Pierrot (ピエロット Pierotto) is the first Maverick to appear in the manga. He attacks extending his arms similar to Clown Man. He was destroyed by Zero.



Kyle (カイル Kairu) is a Special A Class Maverick Hunter from the 17th Elite Unit who was killed by Sigma when he went Maverick.



Marth (マルス Marusu, also translatable as "Mars") is a Maverick Hunter who was initially part of the 17th Elite Unit and friend of X, and later was promoted as captain of the 13th Polar Region Unit. When Sigma goes Maverick and Marth is frozen by Chill Penguin, the tremors from nearby earthquakes cause his emergency engine to turn on, allowing him to burst out of his frozen state and assist X in the Alaska base command room. Marth holds Chill Penguin and sacrifices himself so X can destroy the switch inside of Chill Penguin to stop the earthquake driven avalanches from burying the city below.



Teal and Zero in the airplane

Teal (ティル Tiru) is an A class Maverick Hunter from the 17th unit and Storm Eagle's girlfriend. When Mavericks hijacked an airplane, they took Teal hostage. Zero rescued her and she helped him take care of the Mavericks inside, while Storm Eagle waited outside by Zero's request trusting her safety to him, but he was forced to leave because of a storm. During the fight, a Maverick with explosives attempted to blow up the airplane. All Mavericks were stopped, but Zero was hurt and Teal fell out the airplane with one bomb and exploded in the air. Storm Eagle asked to be transferred to the 7th Air Cavalry unit after her death, and Zero didn't see him again until Sigma's rebellion.



Marty and her crew

Main article: Marty

Marty (マーティ Māti) is a recurring character that helps X in his battles against Launch Octopus, Bubble Crab, and Bit. She first appears on the run from Launch Octopus, who eventually destroys her body, enraging X and driving him to destroy Octopus. However, her consciousness survives and X helps get her a new body.



From top: Boy, Robin, Bukeno and Easy

Boy (ボーイ Bōi) is a character in the first chapter of Rockman X2. He is a member of one rescue team from the Maverick Hunters, which assist and save humans from Maverick attacks. He works with X and is a great fan of his. Boy almost died in the explosion that killed Robin, Bukeno and Easy, but he survived. When he and X where returning to their vehicle, Heel shot him.

It's believed he was based on the Green Biker Dude.

Robin, Bukeno and Easy[]

Robin (ロビン), Bukeno (ブケノ) and Easy (イージー Ījī) are members of the same rescue team of Boy and Heel. When Heel became a Maverick he set a trap for his team, killing them in an explosion.



Heel (ヒール Hīru) is a member of the same rescue team of Boy. He turned into a Maverick and set a trap to kill his team, disguising several robots like humans that exploded when the team was helping them. His right arm can turn into a powerful buster that can pierce through normal Reploids, killing Boy with one shot and knocking X backwards. He thought he managed to kill X, but was killed off-guard by X with a fully charged shot.


RX3 Toshihiko

Toshihiko with a snowman

RX3 Toshihiko snowmen

Toshihiko's snowmen

Toshihiko (トシヒコ) is a character from the Rockman X3 manga, a quiet, young human boy that befriended Blizzard Buffalo. When Blizzard Buffalo went on a rampage and X tried to stop him, Toshihiko appeared and stopped their fight, with Buffalo running away. Toshihiko took X to show him a smiling snowman up in the mountains near the town Buffalo had been attacking. He explained that the snowman is something Buffalo helped him with; he had made the snowman on his own but didn't like its neutral expression because it reminded him that he made it alone, unlike the other kids. He was about to punch it in anger when Buffalo stopped him and simply changed the expression to a smile for him by bending the mouth, which made Toshihiko happy that he had a friend help him. From that point, they ended up being very close...until Buffalo started rampaging wildly. Even though Buffalo froze the entire town in ice and endangered innocent lives, Toshihiko never lost faith in his new friend. Later, Toshihiko and X see that Buffalo destroyed the snowman and began a rampage again. After a violent and drawn out battle with X inside an evacuation shelter, which resulted in a heavy hit in his head, Buffalo returned to normal and realized what he had done. Buffalo requested X to end his life, feeling he could never atone for his crimes. However, X intentionally missed his charge shot and put a hole through the wall behind them instead, which allowed Buffalo to see that, just below, Toshihiko had been creating snowmen one after another the entire time so that he could reach out to his heart the way the Reploid had done for him earlier. After seeing it, Buffalo goes down and they rejoice to be together again, with X stating that Reploids can indeed understand humans because like humans, they have hearts.

Irregular Hunter Rockman X[]




A-1 is a short and friendly Reploid that works as an operator for the Maverick Hunters in the manga Irregular Hunter Rockman X. He is X's friend and gives support to him.

He bears a slight resemblance to Middy, who didn't appear until several years later.

Raigyan β[]

IHRX Ligyan

Raigyan β attacking a market in the first page of the manga.

"Raigyan β" (ライギャンβ) is a liger-like Maverick Reploid that appears in the first chapter of the manga Irregular Hunter Rockman X. He originally worked as the guard of a natural zoo in Africa. He is an agile Reploid and is able to wall jump. He is equipped with claws on his arms and is able to release flames from his tail and smoke from his mouth.

The manga begins with Raigyan β attacking a market, and when he is about to kill a human, X and Zero appear to stop him. Raigyan β runs away and the Maverick Hunters go after him. As they catch up to him, he tries to fight, but is injured in the battle and releases smoke from his mouth to cover his escape. After this he rides in a warehouse to repair his leg. Later, X (with a Ride Armor), Zero and Vile find him and they fight, and as he is in disadvantage, Raigyan β releases smoke again to hide his position. However, X manages to find him and holds him with his Ride Armor. While X is holding Raigyan β, Vile starts shooting at them without regard to X being in vicinity. Raigyan β is destroyed by Vile's attacks, and X barely survives by using the Ride Armor as cover.

Kinko Soda[]

IHRX Kinkou Soudar

"Kinko Soda"

"Kinko Soda" (キンコーソーダー Kinkō Sōdā) is a Reploid that was stealing rare minerals to sell them. Considering Reploids superior to humans, he could not stand to continue obeying humans and decided to become rich so he could do anything he wishes without following orders. He has a small army of Mechaniloids working for him, which includes Dig Labours, Ray Bits, and Spikys. Zero discovered his Maverick plan and destroyed him and his subordinates in the Zalts Mine.

His name may be derived from 金鉱 (kinkō), Japanese for "gold mine".

Rockman X: Team X Shutsujin seyo!![]

Rockman X Team X Shutsujin seyo

X and Warafu


"Warafu" (ワラフゥ) is the antagonist from the manga, a Bioroid. Warafu is the combination of two creatures from a mad scientist, a talking reptile (originally a serpent) that the doctor considered a failure and was chained, mistreated, and threatened to be killed, and a humanoid plant. During the latter's creation, a lightining caused an explosion in the doctor's laboratory, freeing the reptile. The reptile used the opportunity to combine with the dying humanoid plant, mutating into a humanoid reptile plant machine hybrid and becoming stronger. Filled with hatred for humanity, Warafu proceeded to go on a rampage, killing his creator and anyone on his path, and the Irregular Hunters are ordered to go after the unknown threat. Warafu has great physical strength, sharp teeth and claws, extensible claws on the shoulders, and is able to release a substance from the mouth that can mutate machines into plants.

While stepping on flowers being tendered by a girl, she tells him to not do it, pushing him away. Confused, Warafu asks if she is not afraid of him, as he hates humans and killed many of them. After talking a bit, they become friends, the girl, Mika, showing him that he is not a heartless monster. However, a Hunter appears and attacks Warafu, accidentally hurting Mika. Warafu changes the Hunter into a plant and seeks help, but no one believes him, the Hunters assuming that he took Mika as a hostage. When X appears and sees him fighting against a greedy Hunter to protect Mika, X believes him and asks him to calm down. Warafu says it is too late for him, considering himself an abomination. After leaving Mika on a safe place, he challenges X, crying, and X has no choice but to take down Warafu to defend himself while trying to reason with him. After Warafu's defeated, he asks X's name and is glad to be able to rest in peace, exploding. Several seeds fall from his body, which are planted and raised by Mika, her and X believing that Warafu lives on as the resulting flowers.[11]

Warafu's name appears to be derived from the word flower (フラワー furawā).


The doctor is Warafu's creator, a mysterious robed scientist with a robotic right eye. He was attempting to create Bioroids by combining beasts with his biotechnology, but all of them where ferocious and refused to obey him. Seeing that doing it with beasts was not working, he attempted to do it with a plant, but his experiment is interrupted when a lightning strikes on his laboratory and causes an explosion, leading to Warafu's creation and the doctor's demise.


Mika (ミカ) is a young girl that befriended Warafu, showing him that he was more than just a heartless monster. She got injured when a Hunter attacked Warafu. After the incident, she raised the seeds left by Warafu into beautiful flowers.[11]


Several Irregular Hunters appeared in the manga. A few of them have no respect for X and only cared about increasing their rank, thinking that defeating a monster would grant them a promotion, one of them attacking Warafu without carying about Mika's safety. Warafu changed some Hunters into plants, and he punched through the latter after changing him.

Rockman Zero[]


Main article: Lito

Lito (リト Rito) is a main character from the manga.




Cial (シアール Shiāru) is Ciel's younger twin sister and ruler of Neo Arcadia. She's the creator of the Four Guardians, which can fuse to create a powerful Reploid (Copy X, unnamed in the manga).




Much like how Copy X was X's duplicate, Roze (ロゼ) is a duplicate of Zero created by Dr. Weil to challenge Zero in a one-week duel to protect and earn the trust of the village from Dr. Weil's robot. Roze ends up being thrown out of the village by Zero's Zero Knuckle, and is not mentioned again, although he did appear one story later. Roze has weapon technology based off of Zero's original equipment such as the Vulcan, a modified Buster Shot and the R Saber, a modified Z Saber.


  • Lito's two unnamed friends.
  • Lito's Grandfather.
  • A Reploid from the Resistance that helps Zero and is killed by Phantom.
  • Villagers that helps Zero rescue Lito from Blizzack Staggroff.

Mega Man ZX[]




Sho () is a human friend of Vent's. He and Vent are often seen playing a hand-held video game much like a PET and having "competitions" together. After Vent joins the Guardians, Sho decides he wants to join as well so he can become "like the hero he saw". Sho was kidnapped and nearly killed by Purprill the Mandroid, who wanted to use Sho as a ransom to force Vent to hand over the Biometals he had acquired. Purprill fused with Biometals Model H, Model L, and Model F, but was unable to withstand the excess power for long and ended up falling to pieces. The damaged Biometals were returned to Fleuve for repairs and Vent continued on to fight Serpent. Sho rode his motorbike to the top of the Slither Inc. tower and returned the newly repaired Biometals to Vent so he could defeat Serpent, but seemed to be thrown off the edge of the tower by one of Serpent's attacks. After the fight was over, Vent saw that Sho had been saved from falling off the edge of the tower when his shirt collar caught on a protruding piece of stone. The two friends then returned to the Guardian Base together.

Sho briefly reappears in Chapter 0 of the ZX Advent manga as a full-fledged member of the Guardians, now with a new haircut, jacket, and extended earpiece like Vent's. He requests that Ashe and Model A investigate a nearby facility and reveals that the Guardians are low on manpower after Ashe mentions it's odd for the Guardians to hire a Hunter.