The Marlwolf, known as Maulwurf (マオルヴォルフ) in Japan, is a large digging mech piloted by Teisel Bonne in Mega Man Legends. Teisel uses it to try and dig down to the Clozer Woods Sub-Gate since he could not get the key to access the ruins through the surface entrance. It attacks with large green energy orbs from its hands and Servbots throw bombs out the back hatch. The Marlwolf had invulnerable armor but if its hatch (located at the back of its head) is opened, it can be attacked from there. The Powered Buster's shot aimed onto its open hatch is very effective in destroying this boss. The Marlwolf can be slowed down by attacking its caterpillar treads.


  • Height: 15.6 m
  • Length: 17.8 m
  • Width: 8.65 m (excluding arms)


  • Marlwolf is a play of the word Maulwurf, which means mole in German.

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