Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes (マーヴル VS. カプコン クラッシュ オブ スーパーヒーローズ) is a fighting game from the Marvel vs. Capcom series released for arcade in 1998, and ported to the PlayStation and Dreamcast in 1999. This is the fifth fighting game released by Capcom with characters from Marvel Comics, and third crossover between several Marvel and Capcom series, following X-Men vs. Street Fighter and Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter. In 2012 the game was released alongside Marvel Super Heroes as Marvel vs. Capcom Origins through the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The game features Mega Man as a playable character and Roll as a secret character. Rush, Beat and Eddie appear in their special attacks, and Dr. Light appears in one of Mega Man's victory poses and Roll's ending. There is also a Mega Man stage which features Dr. Wily giving orders in the background and other robots like Mad Grinder, Dark Man 1 (removed in the PlayStation version), Baccones and several Mets.


The game is based on the "Onslaught" storyline than ran through various Marvel Comics in the mid 1990s, with some changes to the story.

Professor Charles Xavier, creator of the mutant super-team known as the X-Men, finds himself overwhelmed by the troubles of the world and the evil influence of his rival Magneto, creating the evil entity known as Onslaught. However, before Xavier loses himself to this power, he is not only able to summon heroes from his world, but, as discovered in the ending to Captain America, he is able to reach out and summon heroes from the Capcom universe.

Now, these heroes must band together to save not only Xavier, but also their two worlds.


Playable characters

Mega Man

Capcom characters

Marvel characters

Secret characters




  • Onslaught (final boss)
  • Red Venom
  • Gold War Machine
  • Orange Hulk

Special partners

Characters that can be summoned to assist the player.




Mega Man using Magnetic Shockwave

  • Mega Man: Mega Man acquires a part of Onslaught and acquires one of his special attacks, Magnetic Shockwave, mimicking the weapon gain screen from the Mega Man games. In the PlayStation port of the game, Mega Man can actually use this attack as a Hyper Combo after completing the game with him and then holding down the Select button while selecting him.
  • Roll: Roll communicates to Dr. Light via a hologram from Rush and tells him she beat the "stage" before Mega Man. Impressed, Dr. Light powers her up (to her Hyper Roll form) and she leaves to defeat Dr. Wily. Mega Man then arrives shortly afterwards, and in frustration, kneels down and sheds a tear.


  • Mega Man's Hyper Combo has him combining with Rush, Eddie and Beat into a super armor, which resembles Go Nagai's character, Mazinger Z. Similarly, Roll forms into Aphrodite A, a female mecha from the same series.

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