Should not be confused with his Earth counterpart.

Masa (マサ), also known as the Masked Captain (覆面隊長 Fukumen Taichō), is a character from Rockman.EXE Beast, a inhabitant of Beyondard. He is the leader of the CM Forces, a human resistance against the Cybeasts and Zoanoroids. Like his Earth counterpart, Masa is flanked by Miyuki Kuroi and Saroma, who act as his lieutenants.


Masa first appears in episode 14, when his men find an unconscious Dingo and bring him back to their camp as Laika follows. When the two get caught, they are taken to a masked Masa, who was in possession of TomahawkMan.EXE's PET. He ejects a chip from it and throws the PET back to Dingo, who asks what Masa did to it, stating that masks are worn by "evil people". Masa tells him he used a translation chip so the could understand each other and tosses it to Laika for him to use and apologizes for the mask, but he wears it as his face is badly scarred. Laika asks who they were, and Masa explains they are a group of humans neutral to Falzer and Glaga's war who provide provisions and supplies to humanity: the CM Forces.

Later that night, Masa explains what happened during the Big Change that made Beyondard what it is today, explaining that NetNavis and Viruses with the beast factor, as well as Falzer and Glaga, were born that day. In the morning, he gives Laika and Dingo supplies and see them off as Miyuki and Saroma tell him the preparations are ready. He unmasks and tells Laika and Dingo to "take their calcium".

He appears in episode 22.

He appears in episode 24.


  • Masa never removes his turban or sunglasses in his appearances, but it can be assumed he looks exactly like his Earth counterpart, though he mentions that his face is badly scarred, while his Earth counterpart has no scars.

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