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"Ho, ho, ho, ho... You've come to face the master...?"
―Feng-Tian, Mega Man Battle Network 6
"Progress comes through effort..."
―Feng-Tian, Mega Man Battle Network 6

Master Feng-Tian, known as Huten Roshi (風天老師 Fuuten Roushi) in Japan, is a character from Mega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast Falzar. He is the NetOp of TenguMan.EXE and teaches lessons on how to use wind. He always carries a red and white Tengu mask with him.

Game History

Mega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast Falzar

Feng-Tian teaches wind power to NetNavis in Green Town and uses TenguMan.EXE to do so. After taking his lesson, Lan Hikari must NetBattle him to gain the Tengu Cross and TenguMan as a Link Navi. He likes to refer to Lan and MegaMan as grasshoppers.

Anime History

Rockman.EXE Beast

Main article: Futen Roshi (anime)
Futen Roshi is a inhabitant of Beyondard, where he discovered in a boulder by Raika and Dingo. He has them take him to Amita Town, where he indulges in the town's luxuries, leaving the two to pick up after him. They are attacked by the Beyondard version of Narcy Hide, who rules Amita with an iron fist.



  • Fūten Rōshi means "Wind Heavenly Martial Arts Master". Fūten (風天, Fēng-Tiān in Chinese) is made up of the characters for wind and heaven, and rōshi (老師) correlates to the Chinese word for "teacher" (lǎoshī).

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