Master Mikhail is a character from Mega Man ZX Advent. He is one of the Sage Trinity and was named after Mikhail Cossack from the classic Mega Man series. He met Thomas and Albert at some point and formed the coalition government, Legion.


Master Mikhail appears as a very short and hunched elderly man with a more mechanical appearance, wearing a gold-plated mask with three pivoting lens for eyes, the only visible part of his body being a large pointed nose, a long gray mustache and short pointed hair.


Mega Man ZX Advent

He first appears communicating with Ashe or Grey and again when Albert reveals his plans. He functions as an operator during missions and can be somewhat rude at times.

After the final battle with Albert, Thomas reveals to Mikhail that he also wanted to reset the world, but didn't agree with Albert's method. The four enemy Mega Men, Aeolus, Thetis, Atlas and Siarnaq, appear, allied with Thomas, and the scene ends with Mikhail's fate unknown.


  • Due to the abundance of English voice actors from Mega Man X7 returning, Master Mikhail's voice actor had previously provided the voice of Sigma.

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