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"Albert was wrong, so I helped the Hunters. But I do think he was right about one thing. This world needs to be reset."
— Master Thomas, Mega Man ZX Advent

Master Thomas is a character from Mega Man ZX Advent. He is one of the Sage Trinity, named after Thomas Light from the classic Mega Man series.


Master Thomas appears as a large rich brown-skinned man with a long wild mane of red hair and a matching beard, invoking a bit of a lion theme. Like his fellow colleagues, he wears the standard Sage Trinity attire; a light purple form-fitting robe with a white cloth draped over the shoudlers.


Before ZX Advent

He was a revolutionary scientist who met up with Master Albert and Master Mikhail. They formed Legion, the world's coalition government after the events of the Mega Man Zero series and created Humanoids to blur the boundaries between human and machine.

Mega Man ZX Advent


Master Thomas along with the four Mega Men

He appears while communicating to Ashe and Grey over the transporter and functions on missions as an operator. While the main characters are arriving at Legion, Albert reveals his plan to reset the world and offers Mikhail and Thomas a do or die choice, but Ashe or Grey arrives before either could respond. Later, when the Ouroborous rises, he gives Ashe, Grey, Vent, Aile, and three Hunters a mission to stop Albert.

In a secret ending obtained by completing the game on Extreme Mode, Thomas and Mikhail are discussing the mission, and during this, Thomas claims that Albert wasn't wrong in what he did. He also believed that the world needed to be reborn, and the only thing he disagreed with Albert on in regards to this course of action was the method he used to do so. Mikhail is appalled, but Thomas continues, revealing what happened to the original immortal Reploid data. The four enemy Mega Men, Aeolus, Thetis, Atlas and Siarnaq, appear beside Thomas and the scene fades to black.

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