Mattel, Inc. is an American toy manufacturing company founded in 1945 with headquarters in El Segundo, California. The company's name is derived from the founders Harold "Matt" Matson and Elliot Handler. The products and brands it produces include Fisher-Price, Barbie dolls, Monster High dolls, Hot Wheels toys, among others. In the 2000s, Mattel released several products based on the MegaMan NT Warrior anime series.

Advanced PET

Main article: Advanced PET

2 Inch Figure Dioramas

Series 1
MMNTWG5831 GutsMan vs. TorchMan
Product NumberG5831
Battle Chip#098 StealthMine
MMNTWG5832 ProtoMan vs. MegaMan
Product NumberG5832
Battle Chip#029 MiniBoomer
MMNTWG5833 ElecMan vs. WoodShield Style MegaMan
Product NumberG5833
Battle Chip#088 Guard1
MMNTWG5834 HeatGuts Style MegaMan vs. FreezeMan
Product NumberG5834
Battle Chip#107 Recovery10
MMNTWG5835 ShadowMan vs. AquaCustom Style MegaMan
Product NumberG5835
Battle Chip
MMNTWG5836 MagnetMan vs. ElecTeam Style MegaMan
Product NumberG5836
Battle Chip#150 Navi +20
Series 2
MMNTWH0336 ProtoSoul MegaMan
Product NumberH0336
Battle Chip #030 EnergyBomb
MMNTWH0337 SpoutSoul MegaMan
Product NumberH0337
Battle Chip#081 Lance
MMNTWH0338 MetalSoul MegaMan
Product NumberH0338
Battle Chip#057 ThunderBall
MMNTWH0339 TorchSoul MegaMan
Product NumberH0339
Battle Chip#085 BoysBomb1
MMNTWH0340 SearchSoul MegaMan
Product NumberH0340
Battle Chip#060 Counter1
Series 3 (rare)
MMNTWH7387 MegaMan
Product NumberH7387
Battle Chip#004 AirShot
MMNTWH7388 Bass
Product NumberH7388
Battle Chip#005 Blizzard
MMNTWH7389 ProtoMan
Product NumberH7389
Battle Chip#040 Bound Note 3
MMNTWH7390 BurnerMan
Product NumberH7390
Battle Chip#033 Gun Del Sol 2
MMNTWH7391 SparkMan
Product NumberH7391
Battle Chip#058 Thunder Ball 2
MMNTWH7392 Grave VirusBeast
Product NumberH7392
Battle Chip#065 Air Hockey 3

5.5 Inch Action Figures

Series 1
MMNTWG4370 ProtoMan
Product NumberG4370
Battle Chip#049 WideSword
MMNTWG4371 HeatGuts Style MegaMan
Product NumberG4371
Battle Chip#003 M-Cannon
MMNTWG4372 MegaMan
Product NumberG4372
Battle Chip#002 HiCannon
MMNTWG4373 MagnetMan
Product NumberG4373
Battle Chip#108 Recovery30
MMNTWG5824 Bass
Product NumberG5824
Battle Chip#015 Vulcan1
MMNTWG5825 GutsMan
Product NumberG5825
Battle Chip#201 LifeAura
Virus Attack
MMNTWH2628 CrossFusion ProtoMan
Product NumberH2628
Battle Chip#021 HeatSide
MMNTWH2629 SearchMan
Product NumberH2629
Battle Chip#101 Discord
MMNTWH2630 TorchMan
Product NumberH2630
Battle Chip#012 FlameLine1
MMNTWH2631 WindblastMan
Product NumberH2631
Battle Chip#023 Bub-V
MMNTWH2632 CrossFusion MegaMan
Product NumberH2632
Battle Chip#166 Lightning1
DoubleSoul Deluxe series 1
MMNTWH0349 ProtoSoul MegaMan
Product NumberH0349
Battle Chip#239 ProtoMan
MMNTWH0350 GutsSoul MegaMan
Product NumberH0350
Battle Chip#154 Guts Punch 1
MMNTWH0351 TorchSoul MegaMan
Product NumberH0351
Battle Chip#163 Meteor Rain 1
MMNTWH0352 MetalSoul MegaMan
Product NumberH0352
Battle Chip#031 Mega Energy Bomb
MMNTWH0353 SearchSoul MegaMan
Product NumberH0353
Battle Chip#110 Recovery 80
MMNTWH0354 RollSoul MegaMan
Product NumberH0354
Battle Chip#044 CannonBall
DoubleSoul Deluxe series 2
MMNTWH0355 SpoutSoul MegaMan
Product NumberH0355
Battle Chip#251 AquaMan
MMNTWH0356 WindSoul MegaMan
Product NumberH0356
Battle Chip#227 WindMan
MMNTWH0357 JunkSoul MegaMan
Product NumberH0357
Battle Chip#248 JunkMan
MMNTWH0358 NumberSoul MegaMan
Product NumberH0358
Battle Chip#242 NumberMan
MMNTWH0359 ThunderSoul MegaMan
Product NumberH0359
Battle Chip#236 ThunderMan
MMNTWH0360 WoodSoul MegaMan
Product NumberH0360
Battle Chip#254 WoodMan

ElecTeam Style MegaMan, BurnerMan, and ShadeMan were planned for a second Virus Attack series.[1]

10 Inch Action Figures

Series 1
MMNTWG4374 MegaMan
Product NumberG4374
Battle Chip#018 Spreader
MMNTWG4375 ProtoMan
Product NumberG4375
Battle Chip#050 LongSword
Series 2
MMNTWG9124 GutsSoul MegaMan
Product NumberG9124
Battle Chip#104 BigHammer1
MMNTWG9125 MetalSoul MegaMan
Product NumberG9125
Battle ChipCP 6
MMNTWG9121 CrossFusion MegaMan
Product NumberG9121
Battle Chip#203 Guardian

MegaValue packs

MegaValue is a pack containing three MegaMan NT Warrior products and lower price.

Other products

MMNTWG4300 MegaMan MegaBuster Battle Weapon
Product NumberG4300
Battle Chip#302 Muramasa
MMNTWH4582 MegaMan BattleChip Booster Pack (MegaMan)
Product NumberH4582
Battle ChipVarious
MMNTWH4583 MegaMan BattleChip Booster Pack (ProtoMan)
Product NumberH4583
Battle ChipRandomly comes with five of 15 possible chips: CP 1 ("Tornado"), CP 2 ("Wide Shot 3"), CP 1 ("Life Synchro"), CP 3 ("Wide Blade"), CP 4 ("Long Blade"), CP 3 ("Iai Form"), CP 2 ("Counter 3"), Recovery50 (CP 3), AreaSteal (CP 3), CP 4 ("Quick Gauge"), CP 5 ("Anti Recovery"), CP 3 ("Hayabusagiri 1"), CP 8 ("ProtoMan SP"), and CP 9 ("Delta Ray Edge").
MMNTWH4584 MegaMan BattleChip Booster Pack (GutsMan)
Product NumberH4584
Battle ChipRandomly comes with five of 15 possible chips.
MMNTWH458X MegaMan BattleChip Booster Pack (TorchMan)
Product Number?
Battle ChipRandomly comes with five Battle Chips, possibilities including CP 3 ("Heat Breath"), CP 2 ("Flame Line 2"), CP 2 ("Noise Storm"), CP 1 ("Mag Bolt 1"), CP 2 ("Twin Fang 1"), CP 4 ("Lightning 2"), ? ("FireMan DS"), ? ("Elec Shock"), ? ("Crack Out"), ? ("Ryuusei Gun"), and CP12 ("Holy Dream").
MMNTWH7396 BattleChip Collector Case
Product NumberH7396
Battle Chip
MMNTWC3937 MegaMan NT Warrior (Hot Wheels)
Product NumberC3937
Battle ChipNone
MMNTWC3939 MegaMan NT Warrior (Hot Wheels)
Product NumberC3939
Battle ChipNone
MMNTWC7833 MegaMan NT Warrior (Hot Wheels)
Product NumberC7833
Battle ChipNone
MMNTWG3591 MegaMan NT Warrior BattleNet (board game)
Product NumberG3591
Battle Chip#123 Geddon1
MMNTWH1931 MegaMan NT Warrior (puzzle)
Product NumberH1931
Battle ChipNone
MMNTWH1932 MegaMan NT Warrior (puzzle)
Product NumberH1932
Battle ChipNone
Pocket Pixter: MegaMan NT Warrior
Product NumberH0059
DetailsA Pocket Pixter educational game released by Fisher-Price.

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