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Maverick Hunter (Not to be confused with Mega Man Maverick Hunter X) is the codename of a cancelled Mega Man game that was going to be a first-person shooter themed around a new Mega Man character.


Maverick Hunter was cancelled in 2010 but was kept secret until April 9th 2013. It was going to be a darker Mega Man game themed around a new Mega Man designed by Adi Granov. It was confirmed to be a re-imagining of Mega Man X, where the main character is like X and has a human police officer as a sidekick. It was also confirmed that a trilogy was planned, and by the third game in its series, Zero would be playable and forced to destroy a Mega Man who had grown incredibly powerful and infinitely intelligent over the course of two games.


Maverick Hunter: Combat   Maverick Hunter: Using Enemy Weapons
Maverick Hunter (Mega-Man FPS) Part 1 HD

Maverick Hunter (Mega-Man FPS) Part 1 HD


Maverick Hunter: Platforming and Exploration   Maverick Hunter: Armor Transformation
Maverick Hunter: Falling Action Sequence

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