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For the remake of the first Mega Man X, see Mega Man Maverick Hunter X. For the cancelled first-person shooter reboot of the series, see Maverick Hunter (cancelled game).

The Maverick Hunters, known as Irregular Hunters (イレギュラーハンター Iregyurā Hantā) in Japan, are a law enforcement organization founded by Dr. Cain, dedicated to protecting humans and the world at large from Maverick attacks. To accomplish this, powerful Reploids are deployed to stop Mavericks before they can cause any harm. However, Maverick Hunters could also become Mavericks, suffering high losses when their commander, Sigma, led a rebellion.

The main Maverick Hunter headquarters, stationed in Abel City, was featured in The Day of Σ, only to be heavily damaged near the end of the OVA.


Main Leadership[]

  • Dr. Cain - Adviser.[1] As the founder, he also played a leader role[2] before his retirement sometime pre-X5.
  • Sigma - Former commander and leader of the 17th unit, defected to wage war on humanity after infection by the Maverick Virus.
  • Signas - Commander post-X4.
  • X - Leader of the 17th unit after Sigma's first defeat. X and Zero also appear to act as figureheads due to their experience.
  • Zero - Leader of the 17th unit during Sigma's rebellion.


ArchieMM Issue35 17Unit

Sigma and the 17th Elite Unit, in the Archie Mega Man comics.

The Maverick Hunters are divided in various different units that each specialize in certain areas. It is unknown how many units exist.[note 1] Most of these units disbanded after the fall of Eurasia, including the 17th Elite Unit. The remaining Maverick Hunters reunited afterwards to assist on the efforts of restoring Earth.[3][4]

0th Special Unit (Shinobi Unit)[]

0th Special Unit (Shinobi Unit) (第0特殊部隊(忍び部隊)), also known as the Special #0 Class Unit[5] and Zero Unit,[6] is a unit that appears to focus on covert missions.


4th Land Unit[]

The 4th Land Unit (第4陸上部隊) is a unit that focuses on land missions. It was one of the few units that did not participate in Sigma's rebellion due to their leader's constant abuse of the members for their size.[7]


6th Armada[]

The 6th Armada (第6艦隊) is a unit that focuses on aquatic missions.


7th Airborne Unit[]

The 7th Airborne Unit (第7空挺部隊) is a unit that focuses on aerial missions.


8th Armored Unit[]

The 8th Armored Unit (第8機甲部隊) is a unit that appears to contain members with high defense.


9th Special Unit (Ranger Unit)[]

The 9th Special Unit (Ranger Unit) (第9特殊部隊(レンジャー部隊)) is a unit whose members appear to work as rangers.


13th Polar Region Unit[]

The 13th Polar Region Unit (第13極地部隊) is a unit that focuses on cold regions.


14th Special Unit[]

The 14th Special Unit (第14特殊部隊) was led by Magma Dragoon before the fall of Sky Lagoon. It primarily consists of Reploids with especially effective skills in melee and close-ranged combat.


17th Elite Unit[]

The 17th Elite Unit (第17精鋭部隊) contains elite Hunters.



Other members[]



Vile is placed under arrest by the Hunters.

See also: Hunter Rank

Mega Man X5 was the first game to give a Hunter Rank to the player. Each game from Mega Man X5 to Mega Man X8 has different criteria for obtaining ranks depending of the player's performance. As ranks B, S, and SA are the only ones mentioned in the story, it is unknown if other ranks such as E and AAA are part of the Hunter rankings or a gameplay extra.


  1. An early concept shows that Capcom planned the Maverick Hunters to have 24 units numbered from 0 to 23, but it may not be the case in the final version.

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