Mayor Cain (ケイン市長 Kein Sichō) is a character from Mega Man Battle Network 6.


Cain puts on a kind appearance and is very popular in Cyber City. However, he is secretly revenge-driven where he is angry at society for making his grandfather an outcast for creating Falzar. He is willing to harm others, evidenced when he tries to attack Lan.

Mega Man Battle Network 6

Cain is the Mayor of Cyber City and also the principal for Cyber Academy of Central Town. Despite his respectful roles, he is secretly funding the WWW and wants to capture the Cybeasts. Cain also works with Yuichiro Hikari on projects for the Expo. Likewise, he also led a cult worshipping the Cybeasts under the alias of "The Priest."

Mayor Cain holds a tournament for the mascot Navi and congragulates Lan Hikari and MegaMan.EXE on their victory. A bodyguard always escorts him during that time. That night however, he also makes a call to WWW regarding the Cybeasts. Later, Mayor Cain decides not to make MegaMan.EXE the Operator Navi after MegaMan contained a Cybeast and had transformed himself causing Lan to angrily protest to Mayor Cain that his brother is not a monster.

Later, Blackbeard holds a meeting with Mayor Cain and they're caught by Lan who walks in on them. Mayor Cain explains his past to Lan. His grandfather is the scientist who created Falzar to counter the threat of Gregar. During a battle between the Cybeasts, Mayor Cain's grandfather lost control of Falzar and was outcasted by the society. Cain wanted to use the Cybeasts to get revenge on the society and was about to attack Lan when his bodyguard arrives. The "bodyguard" throws off his cap and hood to reveal that he is actually Chaud and proceeds to arrest Blackbeard and Mayor Cain.


  • The story of Mayor Cain's grandfather is a reference to Dr. Cain of the Mega Man X series.
    • His intention to gain the Cybeasts to exact revenge on society for mistreatment as a result of a disastrous event in the past also resembles Dr. Weil, with the specific difference being whom they were avenging (Cain wishing to avenge his grandfather, while Weil wished to avenge himself).

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