Mecha-Mammostal is the sub-boss from Tundra Man's stage in Mega Man 11. It is a mastodon statue standing on top of a big platform robot. It attacks by summoning icicles from the ceiling and dropping them on the floor, spinning around and creating a blizzard that will push Mega Man backwards, and rushing from one side of the room to the other. It can only be damaged by shooting at the platform.

When dodging Mecha-Mammostal's attacks, remember to jump at the right moment when on the ice platforms, or slide after the ice platforms are destroyed to avoid damage.

Its weakness is Scramble Thunder, though Chain Blast is also effective if used with the Power Gear.


Mega Man 11 Gallery

A display robot used for showing off museum exhibits, it always keeps in mind the best angle to really wow the guests. The robot is actually the base, not the mammoth on top.


  • The mastodon statue looks like a non-anthropomorphic Flame Mammoth.
  • THe Mecha-Mammostal's description states that the base is the robot itself, with the mammoth on top being merely placed there as a turret or weapon.
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