Mechameson (メカメゾン Mekamezon) is an enemy from Mega Man Zero 4 that spits three types of Mechaniloids in sets of three. The color of its "eyes" indicates which enemy it will release next: Yellow for EleDeserters, red for Bombadeers and blue for Hechrystas, most times in this order. Mechamesons appear in the Hanging Gardens, Deep Sea, and Living City.


EleDeserter (エレデザーター Eredezātā) is a flying Mechaniloid released by Mechameson. It moves by continually swirling up and down. It releases electric balls that stuns Zero.


Bombadeer (ボマイダー Bomuidā) is a jumping Mechaniloid released by Mechameson. It will continually hop forward as it sets fire bombs on the floor.


Hechrysta (ヘックリスタ Hekkurisuta) is a floating enemy released by Mechameson. When released, it will slowly rise up and then charge forward until it explodes into six ice shards.

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