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"Come on, Lan, let's go! Onward to a great future!!"
―MegaMan.EXE, Mega Man Battle Network 6

MegaMan.EXE, known as Rockman.EXE (ロックマン.EXE Rokkuman Eguze) in Japan, is a protagonist of the Mega Man Battle Network series and NetNavi operated by Lan Hikari. Together, they're a powerful NetBattling and virus busting duo that has saved the world many times over. He is sometimes called as just Mega, or Rock (ロック Rokku) in Japan.

MegaMan is Lan's twin brother, Hub Hikari, known as Saito Hikari (ひかり 彩斗さいと Hikari Saito) in Japan, who died shortly after birth, because of a rare heart condition that is known as HBD. His father, Yuichiro Hikari, then used Hub's data to revive him as a NetNavi, MegaMan.EXE.


As an opposite to his operator, MegaMan is polite and well-behaved. He is often reminding Lan of his obligations such as his schoolwork and his laziness, which mostly is the main reason they argue a lot. Despite being more powerful than the opponents he fights, he continues to keep his polite composure.

MegaMan is also very loyal to his friends, prioritizing their safety over his. He's shown over and over again to burden the pain over seeing his friends get hurt. These cases resulted in many near death instances.


MegaMan's mouth guard.

Hub Hikari e-Reader Card art.

MegaMan stands at 148 virtual centimeters (roughly 4'9"), which is small compared to other NetNavis. He has indigo biceps, with cyan stripes down his sides, ending at his blue boots which are tipped with black soles. He has two yellow shoulder guards and his blue helmet has two ridges running along the top. These ridges come to a stop at the helmet's base and allows his dark hair to stick out in four spikes. He has green eyes and a overall human appearance. As a customized NetNavi, MegaMan sports the symbol of the Hikari family on his chest and both sides of his helmet. This symbol is a red circle with a black line running diagonally through the center which ends in two triangles, all of which are surrounded by a gold ring.

In battle, MegaMan is shown with a mask covering his mouth and nose when in battle and in some of the Battle Chips with images of him. In the anime and manga, he only wears the mask sometimes, then completely abandoning using them outside of forms later on.

As Hub Hikari, MegaMan has brown hair with swayed back bangs and his usual hair spikes are more wavy.


MegaMan is considered as part of the Hikari family, even going as far as to calling Lan's parents as Mom and Dad, and in turn, both parents consider MegaMan as their son.

Outside his family, he spends his time NetBattling with other Navis, or with his friends, Roll, GutsMan, and Glide. He keeps a good relationship with them, assisting them no matter how menial the task is.

Somewhat mirroring Lan, several of MegaMan's relationships are studies in contrast; his relationship and rivalry with ProtoMan being the foremost example. While they are both very similar in one respect—both are accomplished and intelligent Navis with impressive NetBattling skills and impressive pedigrees—they differ incredibly from one another. With time, like his operator, ProtoMan eventually begins to recognize MegaMan's skill, and their rivalry has become friendlier than the time when they first met.

MegaMan's potential often attracts many strong Navis, the most particular being Bass. MegaMan and Bass have clashing opinions due to their different views of humans. Bass initially doesn't pay much attention on MegaMan until his defeat at the hands of the latter. Even after he became an amnesiac, he was still obsessed about fighting MegaMan and constantly hurl taunts at him.

Lan's relationship with MegaMan is the most significant among all others. Lan and MegaMan are as close as brothers. MegaMan often behaves as the dutiful older brother, reminding Lan of his obligations and trying to serve as a voice of reason, and sometimes even acting as his conscience. Even though they sometimes argue, they always manage to reconcile. MegaMan is loyal towards Lan and is willing to sacrifice his own life to save Lan. In return, Lan is also willing to go through great length in order to save MegaMan even with the risk of him losing his own life. The close bond between the two actually forms the basis of one of MegaMan's strongest powers, Full Synchro.


MegaMan is a unique NetNavi in the fact that he is the ultimate result of the Navi Project, an experiment undertaken by all of SciLab and led by Yuichiro Hikari. The Navi Project was designed to successfully graft a human's DNA and soul into a NetNavi. The process took a NetNavi's data and made it able to adapt to almost any situation. Yuichiro was only able to create about 95% of the actual project but no further when he and his wife had two children: twins Lan and Hub.

Hub was quickly diagnosed with HBD and died shortly after birth. To keep Hub's soul alive, Mr. Hikari decided to use Hub's DNA to create MegaMan.EXE and gave the Navi to Lan. As Lan and Hub were identical twins, Lan and MegaMan developed a brotherly bond perfecting Yuichiro's Navi project. However, it was presumed that if Hub's exact DNA were to be used, the twins would sense each others' internal and external pain. As such, Dr. Hikari had modified Hub's DNA by .001%. This remaining .001% was programmed into the Hub.bat. if the need to reset Hub's DNA to the original was necessary. Largely because of how he had originally died, MegaMan.EXE was also able to instantly recognize the symptoms of HBD, which is evident by his meeting Mamoru Ura at Seaside Hospital.

Throughout the games, MegaMan is used by Lan to NetBattle and communicate with his friends' NetNavis. MegaMan also gains a plethora of transformations, some of them even had him "make a deal with the devil", accessing abilities that makes his powerful but go out of control.

In Mega Man Battle Network 2, Lan and MegaMan traveled to YumSquare and took a special data called Change.bat. Yuichiro uses it to create a new program for MegaMan, the Style Change transformation, starting the path of MegaMan undergoing form changes. In the game's finale, Lan's body is knocked out in the real world, but miraculously his consciousness reached the cyberworld and has fused with MegaMan's. By putting his "heart program" into full synch, Lan is able to operate MegaMan and send chips using his heart, without any physical connections.

In Mega Man Battle Network 3, sometime after Lan joins minds with MegaMan through the Pulse Transmission System, they're captured by a part of Alpha. In a desperate attempt, MegaMan builds up his energy to overload and explode an opening for Lan to escape. At that point, MegaMan was considered dead, and as he's part human, he cannot be restored like other Navis... Later Yuichiro discovers, after decoding the note given to him by his late father, that Alpha had an area that even itself couldn't reach. From that data pocket of safety, he's able to bring back MegaMan.

In Mega Man Battle Network 4, in order to defeat ShadeMan, a Navi they couldn't damage no matter what they try, Lan and MegaMan resorted to using a Dark Chip. This chip's evil Dark Power dwells within MegaMan even after the physical chip itself has been destroyed. His enemies afterwards continue to extract this Dark Soul and pit it as against him, to remind MegaMan the dark strength that exists within. Throughout the game he's thrusted into many strange scenarios as he and Lan participates in tournaments. Notables ones include getting his consciousness pulled out of his body and have JunkMan possess his body, and Eugene Chaud operating him to bring back an out of control ProtoMan.

In Mega Man Battle Network 5, Nebula captures MegaMan after the SciLab 3 Liberation Mission with the intention of turning him into the dark warrior, Dark MegaMan. MegaMan eventually overcomes his darkness thanks to Lan's voice and retakes his body. In the game's finale, as MegaMan is overwhelmed by the Dark Power from Dr. Regal, Tadashi Hikari's ghostly voice echoes, stating Lan and MegaMan has a powerful link. A miracle occurs and MegaMan transforms into a spiritual silhouette of Hub Hikari. Hub quickly takes care of the Dark Power with a blast from his hand. He quickly exhausted his power and turns back to MegaMan. This was only a momentary victory as the Dark Power quickly regenerates itself.

In Mega Man Battle Network 6, after the Cybeast is released from their prison and wreaks havoc, Lan and Mega take it upon themselves to lessen the damage on the Net. When encountering the Cybeast, MegaMan utilizes the ExaMem, a program that increased his memory capacity, to seal away the Cybeast. Despite Lan and his father's warnings, he goes ahead and does it. This ruins MegaMan's body and time to time, he will involuntarily Beast Out and have the Cybeast power go wild. This continuously forced Lan to operate other Navis to try and rescue MegaMan from himself. In the game's finale, the Cybeast is extracted from him.

Other appearances

Yamato Man

Rockman EXE 4.5 Real Operation

Rockman in the PET.

Rockman is one of the four playable starter Navis along with Roll, GutsMan and NumberMan. His theme is a remix from the first Battle Network Rockman EXE main menu.

Instead of using HP Memory, Rockman can increase his max HP if the player beats the daily minigames that can be found in Mystery Data.

Yamato Spear

Other games

Other media

In other media of the series, MegaMan isn't explicitly said to be the deceased brother of Lan, but the two still share a powerful bond with each other.

MegaMan NT Warrior

Main article: MegaMan.EXE (anime)

MegaMan.EXE in the anime.

In the MegaMan NT Warrior anime, MegaMan is largely the same, albeit a bit more reserved and cautious of the rash actions Lan wants to do. He's also scared of ghost-based viruses, a trait his game counterpart never displays. MegaMan is quite popular among female Navis, perticularly Roll and Meddy, but he remains oblivious when the two fight over being with him. In Rockman.EXE Beast, he fills a big brother role to the NetNavi, Trill.

MegaMan NT Warrior manga

MegaMan.EXE in the manga.

In the MegaMan NT Warrior manga, MegaMan is still as polite like in the game and anime, but he is more comical and even likes to tease Lan often. He is also easier to anger, when anyone decides to mess with his Lan, he'll go berserk and unleashes his unrestrained fury on his enemy. The manga's version of Bass also has antagonistic obsession with MegaMan, creating a powerful bond made through their rivalry. In the Japanese version and some non-English translations of the manga, Lan calls him just as Mega (Rock in Japan).

By the end of the manga, MegaMan reaches immeasurable power (he has to wear limiters to contain his power). He can evolve his Mega Buster into an enormous cannon that shoots a giant bullet.

Battle Story MegaMan NT Warrior

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While Lan was choosing his NetNavi, the building was set on fire by an evil NetNavi and Lan used MegaMan to stop him, deciding to stay with him. Since then the two became inseparable, and together they faced many dangers.

Solar Boy Django

MegaMan (mistranslated as "Rocket-Man" in the English manga) appears in Django's world to stop ShadeMan (mistranslated as "ShadowMan").


MegaMan's Navi Mark

In addition to the Battle Chips and Navi Customizer changes he receives from Lan, MegaMan has special abilities that makes him a powerhouse. He began with having power based on elements, but he eventually gains the ability to use other characters' power and remixes them for his own.

  • Mega Buster: This is MegaMan.EXE's standard weapon, he can either shoot the buster rapidly or charge the buster for his signature Charge Shot. Lan can modify its power through customizing.
  • Armors: Used in Battle Network 1 and Network Transmission. MegaMan can wear armors based on the Fire (Heat), Aqua, Elec and Wood elements. He will take half damage from all attacks, but will take double damage if he takes a hit from that element’s weakness.
  • Hub.bat: A special program by that when equipped on to MegaMan's system completes Hub's DNA within him. It grants him phenomenal powers and lets him synchronize stronger with Lan.
    • In Megaman Battle Network 5, MegaMan turns into spirit form of Hub in order to defeat Nebula Gray. Which he does by simple blast from his hand, however this form seems to completely drain him of energy.
  • Synchronization: Also known as Full Synchro. This is a power that MegaMan can use to fully tap into his bond with Lan, making him more powerful than they would through normal operating.
  • Dark Power: MegaMan can utilize the power of darkness by using Dark Chips, and tap into his Dark Soul. He would lose access to his "light" power, but gains access to a full array of "evil" abilities and Battle Chips. While the story opposes MegaMan to use it, the player can take MegaMan into the depths of evil as they're willing to. When overloaded with Dark Power, MegaMan will lose himself and become Dark MegaMan.
  • Modification Cards: Also known as Mod Cards. Players can insert special e-Reader Cards to customize MegaMan into Modded MegaMan (改造ロックマン Kaizou Rokkuman, Modded Rockman). These cards cause various effects such as HP Boosts, Navi Customizer Parts, Buster Changes, Charge Shot Modifications, and B+ Back Abilities. They could also cause negative effects to occur, giving MegaMan all sorts of bugs and even disabling already existing abilities.
  • Shooting Star Program (SSプローグラム): Also known as Star Force Program. Used in Rockman.EXE Operate Shooting Star only. Gifted by Star Force Mega Man, Lan is able to swap MegaMan.EXE out in battle to have a data copy of Star Force MegaMan take his place.
  • Mega Booster: Manga only. A special chip for MegaMan that transforms his backpack into a booster pack. He can travel large distances in bursts.


  • Style Change: Used in Battle Network 2 and Battle Network 3. This allows MegaMan to change his elemental alignment and get upgraded power depending on the change. There are twenty-eight different styles (four elements mixed with seven Styles), as well as one special style based on his Hub power.
  • Double Soul: Used in Battle Network 4 and Battle Network 5. By resonating with another Navi's soul, MegaMan gains a look and abilities that resemble that Navi. To transform into it, Lan must sacrifice it's corresponding elemental Battle Chip. In Battle Network 5, after overcoming his Dark Soul, MegaMan can unite with Dark Chips as Chaos Unison.[7]
  • Cross MegaMan: Used in Battle Network 5. This forms works as an alternate base form for MegaMan with several Navi Customizer programs already installed, as well as an altered charged shot.
  • Cross System: Used in Battle Network 6. MegaMan gains this form after Lan masters the use of another operator's Navi, creating a Link Navi whose form MegaMan can take. This ability is similar to Double Soul but requires no chip sacrificing.
  • Beast Out: Used in Battle Network 6. After absorbing a Cybeast within him, the Cybeast's power combines with MegaMan to create a new form. Going berserk at first, MegaMan eventually is able to tame the power. This form can combine with the Cross System to create Cross Beast forms.

Battle Chips

Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge

ID Image Name HP AP MB Element Acc Dodge Priority Attack Description Rarity
195 BCCChip195.png MegaMan
500 50 170 (basic)
330 (max)*
BCCElement None.png None A B 0 Add50
Left Bchip Attack *****
229 BCCChip229.png HubStyl
Saito Style)
200 20 350
BCCElement None.png None B B 0 Norm20
Navichip Atk x5 *****
230 BCCChip230.png HeatGuts
400 70 150
BCCElement Fire.png Fire C B 0 Norm70
Navichip Atk *****
231 BCCChip231.png ElecTeam
Elec Brother)
400 30 150
BCCElement Elec.png Elec B B 0 Stun20
Stun Enemy *****
232 BCCChip232.png WoodShld
400 10 150
BCCElement Wood.png Wood E B 0 AllAddT10
All Bchip Atk x3 *****
233 BCCChip233.png AquaCust
400 50 150
BCCElement Aqua.png Aqua S C 0 Add50
Left Bchip Attack *****
  • Max memory is achieved by clearing Class Z (Chaos).

Rockman.EXE N1 Battle

ID Image Name Element Attack HP SP CS Acc Description Rarity
089 BCCChip195.png Rockman
BC Element Null.png None Add 50
500 30 220 MB A チャージショット
後列バトルチップに ついか攻撃
(Charge Shot
Additional attack to back row Battle Chips)

As a boss

Main articles: MegaMan DS, Dark MegaMan.EXE (boss), GBeast, FBeast, and MegaMan.EXE (Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge)

MegaMan is fought several times throughout the Mega Man Battle Network series, often unwillingly and in a form that is making him go out of control.


Main article: MegaMan.EXE/Gallery


  • MegaMan's Navi mark was based on the letter "H", Hikari's initial.[8]
  • MegaMan's eyes are green, but in the first three Mega Man Battle Network games his mugshot shows him with blue eyes. In Mega Man Battle Network 6, the sprite used for walking in the cyberworld make his eyes look blue. However, his battle sprite has brown eyes, but his mugshot shows that his eyes are green which is their true color.
  • MegaMan.EXE, makes a cameo appearance in the first Mega Man Star Force game in one of the side quests. If the player completed the side quest and returned the "SciLab" data for MegaMan.EXE, he will make a short appearance from the portal and gives Geo the "BNBlaster", or "Battle Network Blaster".
  • In Mega Man Star Force 2, Lan's diary entries can be obtained through side quests. One entry reveals that Patch, Lan's son from the epilogue of Mega Man Battle Network 6, had his own NetNavi: MegaMan Junior, a program combining the best qualities of MegaMan and Roll, making Junior the son of both Navis.

MegaMan.EXE keychain with brown hair.

  • According to concept art, Hub has brown hair. As Navis are actively design to not have "real hair" as stated by Yuji Ishihara,[9] it's unknown of this is the hair under MegaMan's helmet or a digital what-if representation of it. It's of note MegaMan's hair is black and straight, while Hub's is brown and wavy.
    • While the Hub hair first appears in Mega Man Battle Network 5, concept art has shown it was designed since the first game's concepts.
    • Certain merchandise and official illustrations have taken liberties to make MegaMan's hair brown even if he's not in his Hub look.
  • MegaMan.EXE is the only Mega Man in the franchise to have his Mega Buster mainly on the right hand instead of his left. This is notable on the side by side comparison of the Mega Legends in the Super Smash Bros. games.
  • Due to the publishing rights for Mega Man Battle Network being held by another company, MegaMan does not appear in the Archie Comics Mega Man series. However, in the Short Circuits for Issue 55, a pair of silhouetted figures resembling him and Star Force Mega Man appear behind X, Zero, Model A, and a Servbot.

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