Revive! Rockman! is the twenty-fifth Japanese episode of the MegaMan NT Warrior anime, and was adapted into the English dub's twenty-first episode, MegaMan Lives!. It features the deletion of PharaohMan.EXE and the debut of Style Change, debuting with Heat Guts Style.


The BlasterMan/StoneMan clones attack PharaohMan, but he escapes unscathed. EXE and the others are not so lucky and are turned to stone by PharaohMan. As this part of the Cyber Net begins to collapse, ProtoMan succeeds in saving MegaMan's frame. SharkMan, SkullMan, and WoodMan work at shutting down SciLab's main computer, while ProtoMan takes on PharaohMan single-handedly. Just when it seems ProtoMan will be deleted, MegaMan returns and the two NetNavis attack PharaohMan with the Double Program Advance. BlasterMan and StoneMan reappear and take the weakened PharaohMan to Mr. Wily at World Three Headquarters. MegaMan follows them but is immediately set upon by BlasterMan and StoneMan, so Lan engages MegaMan's new ability, Style Change, which allows MegaMan to easily defeat the Solo NetNavis. In the end, Mr. Wily and PharaohMan's showdown of wills ends in the destruction of World Three Headquarters.[1]