MegaMan NT Warrior is a soundtrack with songs from the MegaMan NT Warrior anime released in Germany in 2004.

Track list

# German title Translation
01 Willkommen in DenTech City Welcome to DenTech City
02 Warte nicht zu lange Don't wait too long
03 Entscheide Dich! Make up your mind!
04 Cybertrip Cybertrip
05 Deadline Deadline
06 World three chaos express World Three Chaos Express
07 Kämpfe wenn du kannst Fight if you can
08 Tag X Day X
09 Seite an Seite Side by Side
10 Netzkriegerin Network Warrior Woman
11 Einklinken MegaMan Hooking MegaMan
12 Letzte Warnung Last Warning
13 MegaMan Power MegaMan Power
14 Liebesmail Love mail
15 Log-out Log-out