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MegaMan NT Warrior Axess, known as Rockman.EXE Axess in Japan, is the second season in the MegaMan NT Warrior anime series. It borrows story elements from Mega Man Battle Network 3 and 4 and uses NetNavis from Mega Man Network Transmission, but has its own original story. It was followed by Rockman.EXE Stream, where the series only aired in Japan from then on. Axess aired in Japan from October 4, 2003 to September 25, 2004 for 51 episodes.

In America, the series aired similarly to the first two seasons: sporadically and out-of-order, running from February 28 through September 10, 2005, before abruptly disappearing after 35 episodes, ending on episode 22 (aired out of order). The series returned three months later, airing another ten episodes (having skipped six episodes throughout its run) and concluding the season at 45 episodes. After this, the dubbed version of the series was cancelled altogether.


Taking place a few months after MegaMan NT Warrior, Lan Hikari and his friends fight against the mysterious Nebula and the threat of the Dark Chips as well as ShadeMan and his Darkloids as the SciLab attempts to find a way to create Cross Fusion. They are initially unsuccessful until they manage to capture a dimensional area converter from Nebula, and Lan and MegaMan at first are the only ones who can Cross Fuse, though later Chaud Blaze and ProtoMan.EXE gain the ability to Cross Fuse as well, and the two fight the Darkloids in the cyber world and the real world. MegaMan also gains the ability to use Double Soul, which lets MegaMan combine with another Navi gain their powers.

ShadeMan and the Darkloids are the primary antagonists in the anime, with Nebula acting behind the scenes, eventually becoming the main antagonists for the second half of the series. AT the end of the season, Bass and Ms. Yuri allude to a looming threat from outer space, setting the background for Stream.


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Main Cast

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Other antagonists

List of episodes

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  1. Cross Fusion!
  2. NetCity No More!
  3. Bubble Trouble!
  4. DoubleSoul!
  5. Metal Hot Spring! Ow It's Hot!
  6. A Dangerous Bowling Game!
  7. The CyberGarden of Doom!
  8. Friendship in the Mirror
  9. Dex Returns!
  10. Threat of the DarkChips!
  11. The Unsafe Safe!
  12. Code of Conduct
  13. CrossFusion for All!
  14. The Purloined Princess!
  15. The Incredible Guts!
  16. It's All How You Look at It!
  17. SavageMan Returns!
  18. The Man from Sharo
  19. SearchSoul!
  20. Dark Secret
  21. ShadeMan's Ambition
  22. BubbleMan's Plan
  23. The Super Power of Shiver
  24. Magma Battle
  25. VideoMan Returns!
  26. Anetta's Revenge
  27. Nebula's Secret Base
  28. Wavering Heart
  29. Chaud VS ProtoMan
  30. SpoutMan's New Hero!
  31. Space Junk!
  32. Commander Beef Returns!
  33. The BattleChip Gate
  34. Wanted: PrismMan
  35. Nebula's Great Invasion!
  36. The New PET
  37. Mysterious Masked Navi
  38. Flying to Shīsā Island
  39. Go to Hell by Train?!
  40. Underground Hero
  41. Allegro
  42. Meiru's First Date
  43. Top and Grandchild
  44. MistMan's Tower
  45. Rush Runs Away
  46. The Great NetPolice Battle!
  47. Get Dr. Regal!
  48. Ms. Yuri's Mission
  49. ProtoMan Returns
  50. Dark VS Dark
  51. Dr. Regal’s Rampage


  • Opening Theme: "二つの未来 (Futatsu no Mirai; Two Futures)" by Michihiro Kuroda
  • Ending Theme: "光とどく場所 (Hikari Todoku Basho; The Place Where Light Reaches)" by Kumiko Higa & Akiko Kimura

DVD release

Despite having been dubbed to completion, MegaMan NT Warrior Axess did not receive any home media releases in any territories, though the Japanese version was released in Japan in 17 volumes of 2-3 episodes each between 2004 and 2005.


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