Grave SharkMan Starter Deck

The MegaMan NT Warrior Trading Card Game was a collectible card game created by Decipher, Inc. in 2004. Three sets of cards were released before production of the game was ceased in May of 2005. The game is based on the MegaMan NT Warrior anime from the Mega Man Battle Network series.


Power Up! TorchMan Starter Deck

There were three sets with a total of 332 cards, 20 being Navi cards. There was also a promotional Navi card of Mega Man X that came with the game Mega Man X: Command Mission.

Power Up!

This 128 card set feature the following 8 NetNavis:

Grand Prix

Grand Prix PharaohMan Starter Deck

This 101 card set featured the following 6 NetNavis:

  • AirMan, Ready to Blow
  • IceMan, Deceptively Cool
  • MegaMan, Battle Master
  • SnakeMan, Sly Bandit
  • PharaohMan, Ultimate NetNavi (only available in the PharaohMan Starter Deck)
  • ProtoMan, Grand Prix Champ (only available in the ProtoMan Starter Deck)


Grave Bass Starter Deck

The final set consisted of 103 cards and featured the following 6 NetNavis:

  • MagnetMan, Polarized
  • ShadowMan, Dark Ninja
  • SkullMan, Skeletal Agent
  • WoodMan, Natural Leader
  • Bass, Ultimate Reborn (only available in the Bass Starter Deck)
  • SharkMan, Aquatic Enforcer (only available in the SharkMan Starter Deck)


Card packs

For the complete rules of the game, consult the MegaMan TCG Rulebook PDF.

Deck building

A deck has to contain 60 cards. One of those cards will be your NetNavi card. The other 59 cards are generally preportioned as such:

  • ~30 Resources
  • ~20 Battle Chips
  • ~9 Events


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