Rockman Stolen! is the twenty-eighth episode of the MegaMan NT Warrior anime in Japan, and was adapted into the English dub as episode twenty-three: MegaMan Stolen. It features the debut of Raoul and ThunderMan.EXE


For the first stop of Lan's World Tour, he lands in Netopia's Heaven City. Mayor Daryl of the city gives Lan a big welcome reception, and Lan feels like a superstar! But as Lan basks in praise, someone steals his backpack and with it, his PET and MegaMan! Worried about MegaMan, Lan searches for him in the supposedly dangerous downtown area of Heaven City and finds out that someone there has his PET. He meets Raoul, the leader of the street gang, Team Thunder, that protects the downtown area. Lan makes friends with Raoul, and the two of them hit it off with an intense NetBattle! Meanwile, the mayor, who turns out to be a corrupt politician, pursues his selfish plan of urban development in the downtown area. He wants to wipe out the street people who live there, unleashing hordes of viruses upon them. Raoul and Lan stand up to the Mayor and battle for the downtown group's right to remain.[1]