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Mega Chips are the second most powerful Battle Chips in the MegaMan Battle Network series. This division was introduced in Megaman Battle Network 3 and they are relatively rare battle chips. The chip itself is blue in color. Only one copy of any Mega Chip can be used within the folder, and the player normally can hold a maximum of 5 Mega Chips unless NaviCust Programs are used to increase this limit.

Navi chips and other high-powered chips are classed as Mega Chips. Starting with MegaMan Battle Network 4, if a user of one version of a game receives a Navi chip of a Navi that does not appear in their version, the chip appears in the user library as a Secret Chip.

In Battle Network 3-5, Mega Chips included both Navi chips and incredibly powerful dimming and non-dimming chips such as HeroSword and Muramasa. In Battle Network 6 the standards for a chip to qualify as a Mega chip were severely reduced so now only Navi chips qualify as Mega Chips just as in Battle Network 1 and 2. However, the new restriction introduced in MMBN6 using MB to determine the number of copies of a chip allowed restricted these previously Mega Chips to only 1 per folder. Either way, only 1 was obtainable through regular gameplay.

While these kind of chips are not in the anime, they are briefly referred to in Rockman EXE Beast+ Episode 3. Among the ones seen are Colonel, two versions of KillerMan, two versions of SlashMan, DustMan, ChargeMan, TenguMan, and BlastMan.

List of non-Navi Mega Chips

# Image Name Type Damage Description
BC Attribute Sword???Covers 2 panels in front of MegaMan, dealing damage equal to the difference between his current HP and maximum HP. Damage caps at 500 from BN4 onwards. Can only be used by Dark MegaMan in BN4 and BN5.
2MMBN2Chip258Hero Sword
BC Element Null180Performs a sword attack that covers 3 panels ahead of MegaMan.
3MMBN2Chip082Zeus Hammer
BC Element Null250MegaMan slams a hammer onto the panel in front of him. If it lands, it damages all combatants that are standing on panels, even MegaMan himself.
BC Element Heat40Rains a total of 30 meteors on the enemy area. Reducing the enemy area means more hits per panel.
TypeObstacle200Creates a Guardian obstacle in front of MegaMan. Whoever hits the Guardian will receive 200 damage to them and their allies.
TypeObstacle-Creates an Anubis obstacle in front of MegaMan. It generates poison mist that drains the HP of all enemies on the screen. Can only be used by Dark MegaMan in BN4 and BN5.
7MMBN2Chip112God Stone
BC Element Null150If the panel in front of the player is a hole, a God Stone is summoned. It then slams the panels to either side of it, causing rocks to fall on random enemy panels.
8MMBN2Chip113Old Wood
BC Element Wood100If the panel in front of the player is a hole, an Old Wood is summoned. It then creates wood towers on random enemy panels.
BC Element Null80Inflicts damage for each chip the opponent has loaded.
BC Element Null150Lifts all obstacles on the battlefield and throws them at the enemy.
11MMBN2Chip166Life Aura
BC Element Null-MegaMan is enveloped in an aura that blocks all attacks of power under 200.
12MMBN2Chip148Full Custom
BC Element Null-Instantly refills the Custom Gauge.
13MMBN2Chip187Attack +30
TypePlus-The chip selected directly in front of this chip gains 30 attack.
14BN5MChip001Super Vulcan
BC Element Null10Fires down the row, hitting 12 times. Also hits the panel directly behind the target.
15BN5MChip002Neo Variable
BC Attribute Sword240Holding down the A button and inputting different command sequences will change the chip's range and behaviour. Failing to input a valid command sequence simply gives it the range of a standard Sword.
16BN4MChip004God Hammer
TypeObstacle250Creates a God Hammer obstacle directly in front of MegaMan. After a short while, it slams its hammer on the ground, inflicting damage to all combatants, including MegaMan himself.
17BN4MChip007Bug Chain
BC Element Null -If MegaMan is suffering from any bugs, the enemy will suffer from these same bugs. Can only be used by Dark MegaMan in BN4.
18BN5MChip008Bug Fix
BC Element Null-Removes all bugs which MegaMan is suffering from. Cannot be used by Dark MegaMan in BN4 and BN5.
BC Element Null-Transforms all panels on the player's side into Holy Panels. Cannot be used by Dark MegaMan in BN4 and BN5.
20BN5MChip013Double Point
TypePlus-Sacrifices control the player's frontmost panel for each row. For each panel given away, the chip selected after this one gains 20 attack.
21BN4MChip016Element Dark
BC Element Null220Covers 3 panels in front of MegaMan. Powers up if he is standing on a Swamp panel. Can only be used by Dark MegaMan in BN4.
22BN5MChip016Black Wing
BC Element Null20Opens up a cave over each column of the enemy's area, and fires a total of 24 bats down random columns. Can only be used by Dark MegaMan in BN4 and BN5.
23BN4MChip018Dark Line
BC Element Null -Creates Dark Holes on the entire row which MegaMan is standing on. Can only be used by Dark MegaMan in BN4.
24BN5MChip004Number Ball
BC Element Null???Fires 5 Number Balls down the row. The damage done by each one is equal to the last 2 digits of the player's current HP
25BN5MChip017Justice One
BC Attribute Break280Duo's fist is dropped on the center of the enemy's area, hitting and cracking all surrounding panels. It inflicts 280 damage at the point of direct impact and 100 damage to the surrounding panels.
26BN5MChip018Z Saver
BC Attribute Sword100Performs 3 slashes in succession - Long Sword, Wide Sword, and Fighter Sword. Pressing B + ← during the last slash will also cause it to launch a Sonic Boom at the end.
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