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Script for the game Mega Man: The Power Battle.


Narrator: A.D. 20XX. (Various clips from the game are displayed before the title screen appears.)

Mega Man's ending

(After Mega Man defeats all the six Robot Masters, the Yellow Devil/VAN Pookin and the Wily Machine, Mega Man flies back to Dr. Light's Lab with Rush, where Roll and Dr. Light are waiting for him.)

Roll: Welcome back, Megaman. Glad to see you made it.

Mega Man: Yeah, but Dr. Wily got away again.

Dr. Light: Megaman, I'm glad you came back in one piece.

Mega Man: Even so, if things don't change, the battle against Dr. Wily will never end.

Dr. Light: It's just like you say but, this time, we learned what robots need.

(Auto backs off, but stays, watching.)

Auto: Yeah, a hero like me, right?

Dr. Light: Well...Not quite.

(A question mark appears under Mega Man's head.)

Mega Man: What exactly do we robots need?

Dr. Light: Like humans, the robot has to determine what is right and what is wrong by itself. Robots are not supposed to hurt humans. We need to search more on A.I. program.

Mega Man: When will there be world peace?

Dr. Light: That will be up to us.

Mega Man: Okay, I'll fight for everyone's future.

Proto Man's ending

(After Proto Man defeats all of the six Robot Masters, the Yellow Devil/VAN Pookin and the Wily Machine, Proto Man stands on top of the cliff near Dr. Wily's castle and teleports to a tall building.)

Narrator: Protoman... who is he? ProtoMan, Dr. Light's first ever built robot. Just before completion, he ran away and vanished. He appears before MegaMan from time to time and mysteriously disappears. Is he friend or foe? Where is he off to? Nobody knows.

Bass's ending

(After Bass defeats the six Robot Masters, the Yellow Devil/VAN Pookin and the Wily Machine, we see Bass dumping Dr. Wily on a cliff.)

Dr. Wily: Noooo...! My laboratory! Bass, what are you doing!?

Bass: Now you know I am the strongest. There's no need for you to make any more junk robots.

Dr. Wily: The strongest, huh? You've been beaten by Megaman before.

Bass: I underestimated him that time. But I will conquer him this time!

Dr. Wily: Yeah right. You can battle MegaMan all you want. The robot that I'm making right now will blow the both of you away.

Bass: Ha! All you make is junk. Do what you want.

(Bass teleports away. Dr. Wily reaches out to where Bass had been.)

Dr. Wily: Wait. Wait Bass. Don't leave me here!

End of Script


  • Game Script found at GameFAQs contributed by user RandyPandy.