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Script for the game Mega Man: The Wily Wars.

Scene 1: Opening

Dr. Wily appears in his ship admist the dark, cloudy sky. As he speaks, silhouettes of the Genesis Unit appear at the bottom of the screen.

Dr. Wily: You metallic moron! I'm not finished with you yet! I still have a few hundred tricks up my sleeve!! These three robots were specially designed to smash you like a tin can! Try not to go to pieces Megaman! Ha, ha, ha, ha...

Wily leaves in his ship.

Scene 2: Ending

Mega Man infiltrates Dr. Wily's fortress. As he moves through it, he is forced to again fight Buster Rod.G, who had escaped from Mega Man in their first encounter. After Proto Man shows up to help Mega Man progress later on, Wily appears and Mega Man defeats him. Wily tosses out a small bomb. Mega Man jumps away from the explosion. Wily runs away, but Mega Man chases him down as Wily's fortress collapses. Mega Man continues to chase Wily along a hillside as he remembers the Robot Masters. Among them, he remembers the Genesis Unit. Eventually, Wily trips over a rock and falls down. Mega Man slowly approaches him as Wily's ship appears. Wily beams on board and flies away.

End of Script