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A list of the CDs from Mega Man & Bass's CD database and their locations.

The CDs are generally easier to collect with Bass, as he can reach places that Mega Man cannot with his dash, double jump and Treble Boost. There are CDs however that can only be obtained by sliding into narrow passageways with Mega Man, or uncovering them with Rush Search. Even though collecting CDs with Mega Man is more difficult, he can obtain more CDs using Shock Guard and Ice Wall to reach more places.

There are also CDs that can only be collected by using a specific item or Special Weapon, such as using Wave Burner, Remote Mine, and Spread Drill to destroy flammable, frozen or stone blocks.

List of the CDs and their locations

There is a total of one hundred CDs scattered through the eight main stages. It means that there is an average of 12.5 CDs per stage.

N. Character Stage Requirements Location
001Mega ManDynamo ManRush Search,
Ice Wall
Use Rush Search in the middle of the area with many spikes. Use Ice Wall to reach the middle.
002RollCold ManBass

After killing the second enemy near ice, there will be a two way. Next, get to it by crossing the ice.

003Cut ManMagic ManRush SearchUse Rush Search left of the start.
004Guts ManBurner ManBassIn Burner Man's stage after the Rhinodriller encounter, use the double-jump to reach the visible CD.
005Ice ManCold ManRush SearchUse Rush Search on the platform between the first two ice-shooters.
006Bomb ManTengu ManRush SearchUse Rush Search on the last platform of the first screen.
007Fire ManAstro ManRush SearchThe second stage after the first disappearing blocks section under the shooting enemy.
008Elec ManDynamo ManRush SearchUnder a tellie spawning place just before a sliding path.
009Metal ManMagic ManNoneThe CD visible after Sisi Roll's room. Have a Shock Guard or get hit by an enemy, and while invincible, walk on the spikes to reach it. Alternatively, use Mega Man to slide under the moving platform and fall near it, or use Treble Boost with Bass.
010Air ManTengu ManIce Wall
or Spike Guard
and Rush Search
Use Ice Wall or Shock Guard to pass the spiked area on the top left of the second screen, go up stairs, and use Rush Search between the lone platform and the spikes.
011Bubble ManPirate MannoneIn a horizontal indoors room, the disk can be seen next to a Shelln when entering the area, but to take it the player gotta enter the water tank and go back left.
012Quick ManDynamo ManWait and be quick.
(Use Bass with
H. S. Dash)
In the last area with conveyor belts, wait until the conveyors move at maximum speed. Then move quickly to take the CD before it fall into the pit.
013Crash ManGround ManLightning Bolt/ Spread Drill, Spike guardDestroy all of the tikis guarding the CD and use spike guard to defend against the spikes
014Flash ManCold ManWave BurnerDestroy the ice cube In the room after first penguin.
015Heat ManBurner ManRush SearchUse Rush Search under the platform with the Rhinodriller.
016Wood ManBurner ManRush Search, Ice WallIn the room with the large fire tellies.
017Needle ManGround ManBassGo down on the ladder that lead to spikes and use Bass remaining jump to get to the CD on the platform.
018Magnet ManDynamo ManRush SearchUse Rush Search under the Met after the dark screen.
019Gemini ManAstro ManRush SearchIn the appearing block segment, under a Crunchan
020Hard ManBurner ManIce Wall or BassJump over the non visible falling path to get the CD
021Top ManMagic ManRush Search

Use Rush Search left to the spiked rotation block.Dash to get to it.

022Snake ManTengu ManNoneDirectly after the second orange balloon in the beginning, just before the cold mist.
023Spark ManDynamo ManMega Man,
Ice Wall
The fist CD visible. Use Ice Wall to reach it, then slide to take it. Do not destroy the blocks near the CD.
024Shadow ManAstro MannoneHidden passage to the top left of the second area with vanishing blocks.
025Bright ManDynamo ManBass,
Wave Burner
Reach the ladder on the ceiling using Ice Wall or Treble Boost, pass by the electric enemies and use Wave Burner to take it.
026Toad ManGreen DevilRush SearchUse Rush Search at the end of the rainy area.
027Drill ManGround ManSpike GuardDash through the spikes while spike guard is active to collect the CD and dash through to get back out.
028Pharaoh ManGround ManBass Buster,
Ice Wall, ...
In the first area with statues and spikes, break the circular floor near the red statue to open a hidden passage.
029Ring ManAstro ManRush SearchIn front of the first Sniper Joe that appears in the stage.
030Dust ManMagic ManBassIn the room packed with trains.
031Dive ManPirate ManWave Burner, Rush SearchUse Wave Burner to relocate the spiked mine early on and use Rush Search.
032Skull ManTengu ManRush SearchOn the second screen, take the bottom path and use Rush Search in the middle of the third screen.
033Gravity ManDynamo ManMega Man,
Ice Wall
First CD visible. Use Ice Wall and slide to take it. Do not destroy the blocks near the CD.
034Wave ManPirate ManNoneRide one of the bubbles up to the top left-hand corner of the screen and shoot the chest. The CD will be inside.
035Stone ManGround ManBassDouble jump in the middle of the area with Dig Moles to reach a hidden ladder.
036Gyro ManTengu ManIce Wall or Spike GuardUse Ice Wall to get to the highest path and before entering the building,fall down and right.
037Star ManAstro ManMega Man, Ice WallAfter the first Passworder, the disc is in plain sight, Ice Wall and Sliding are required.
038Charge ManMagic ManBass or Ice WallIn the first Train room, it is in plain sight.
039Napalm ManDynamo ManRush SearchUse Rush Search in the corridor before the Securi-Eyes sub-boss.
040Crystal ManCold ManRush SearchUse Rush Search to the left of the extra life.
041Blizzard ManCold ManWave BurnerDestroy the ice block at the beginning.
042Centaur ManPirate ManRush SearchOn the middle of the down platform guarded by two Ammoners.
043Flame ManBurner ManRush SearchAt the end of the first area to the right of the Batton.
044Knight ManCold ManMega ManBefore reaching Snoler's room, CD can be seen inside a small passage, Mega Man just have to slide to reach it.
045Plant ManBurner ManNoneIn plain sight after the spear hole path.
046Tomahawk ManTengu ManRush SearchIt's buried on a place near appearing Tellies.
047Wind ManTengu ManIce Wall or BassRight from the ladder after some spikes. 
048Yamato ManAstro ManBassThe CD is visible under a platform.
049Freeze ManCold ManMega ManSlide in the wall path two rooms before Snoler and jump to get it.
050Junk ManMagic ManMega Man, Rush SearchIn the area with the trains, CD is buried on the left side of the fourth track down.
051Burst ManGround ManBassAfter defeating the shielder enemy,use Bass double jump to get through the sand.
052Cloud ManTengu ManNoneShortly after the room with tellies and cannons, it is in plain sight after 1 cannon and 1 cold mist.
053Spring ManDynamo ManNoneSecond visible CD.
054Slash ManBurner ManNoneJust before the long vertical path with hidden pits, jump to the right, confront the Rhinodriller, and claim the CD.
055Shade ManGround ManNoneHidden,but visible,on sand near the end of the downward tunnel.
056Turbo ManMagic ManNoneA small hidden area to the right of the passage before Magic Man's room.
057Tengu ManTengu ManBassTake the higher alternate route, the CD is in plain sight.
058Astro ManAstro ManWave BurnerInside a frozen block after a Passworder.
059Sword ManGround ManBass Buster,
Ice Wall, ...
In the first area with Kao na Gahnas, destroy the Kao na Gahna in the floor to open a hidden passage.
060Clown ManMagic ManRush SearchUse Rush Search in a small hidden area to the right of the passage before Magic Man's room.
061Search ManBurner ManTreble Boost or Spike GuardOn the up most part of the trap floor path,the CD is visible.
062Frost ManCold ManMega ManGo down on the secret path(Mentioned on 049).
063Grenade ManDynamo MannoneVisible CD after the dark area.
064Aqua ManPirate ManRush SearchWhere the Ammoner were standing.
065EnkerAstro ManRush SearchDirectely at right of the ladder before one appearing block(There is a floor light under it).
066QuintMagic ManRush SearchUse Rush Search on the spiked platform on the second screen.
067PunkCold ManNoneGo down to the last breaking ice block and continue to the left.
068BalladeMagic ManNoneUse the left elevator and go to the end.
069TerraAstro ManBass,
Wave Burner
In the area with a visible CD near a fall, use Wave Burner while falling and double jump to the area to take the CD.
070MercuryPirate ManRush SearchRight of the first platform when whale robots start appear.
071VenusPirate MannoneA visible CD. There is no need for hints
072MarsTengu MannoneSame than the CD above.
073JupiterTengu ManBassUse Bass double jump to reach it.
074SaturnAstro MannoneBe quick and jump the falling platform
075UranusGround ManMega ManSlide into the extremely short narrow corridor.
076PlutoBurner ManRush SearchUse Rush Search under the first "ball thrower" enemy.
077NeptunePirate ManRush SearchUse a bubble to get to a T-shaped platform,break the treasure and use Rush.
078SunstarGround ManWave BurnerUse Wave Burner in the lower right area after the Mother Mukamukade sub-boss, and take the treasure
079Buster Rod. GAstro MannoneHidden on the wall in the first area with vanishing blocks.
080Mega Water. SPirate ManBassDash through many spikes on the surface and the Cd will be visible.
081Hyper Storm. HBurner ManMega Man,
ice block
Slide into the area with a box that can only be destroyed with Spread Drill.
082Dynamo ManDynamo ManWave BurnerUse Wave Burner on the fire box with a visible CD.
083Cold ManCold ManWave BurnerMelt an ice block near an Ice Shooter.
084Ground ManGround ManRush SearchUse Rush Search near the Sniper Joe that appears close to the boss door and destroy the Dig Mole before it digs the area with the CD.
085Pirate ManPirate MannoneUse a bubble and go to the northeastern part and destroy the box.
086Burner ManBurner ManShock Guard
and Ice Wall
or Treble Boost
Hidden passage in the top-left of the room with many ladders.
087Magic ManMagic ManRush SearchAfter leaving Sisi Roll's room, just after going through the door, the CD is buried on the ledge above Mega Man.
088DR. Thomas LightCold ManWave BurnerDestroy the ice block after the snowman.
089RushDynamo ManRush SearchUse Rush Search under the first Sniper Joe.
090EddieTengu ManRush SearchUse Rush Search where the Sniper Joe is before Tengu Man's room.
091BeatGround ManRush SearchUse Rush Search to the left of the spikes in the first vertical shaft.
092TangoGreen DevilRush SearchIn the water area under the third cannon enemy.
093AutoGround ManRush SearchOn a slinding path with giant worms.Use Rush on the background hole
094DR. Albert W. WilyCold MannoneIn one hidden passage to the right of the first penguin.
095BassAstro ManBass,
Treble Boost
In the top of the area where CD 024 is located.
096TrebleTengu ManBassAt the end of the first area, before getting to the next area, use Bass to find a hidden ladder.
097KingBurner ManMega Man,
Wave Burner
Hidden in the wall in the same place as CD 081.
098Proto ManMagic ManRush SearchIn Sisi Roll's room, on the right side of the ground (all blocks must be destroyed first)
099DuoDynamo ManRush SearchUse Rush Search in the middle of the first dark screen.
100Megaman & BassGreen DevilRush SearchIn the middle of the third area with enemies that come from the floor and the ceiling before the raining area.

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