"Mega Hi!"
―Mega Man, Captain N: The Game Master

Mega Man from Captain N: The Game Master.

Mega Manis a main character in Captain N: The Game Master. This is Mega Man’s first animated appearance. He is a robot from MegaLand, and the creation of Dr. Wright. His nemesis if Dr. Wily, a subordinate of Mother Brain.


In the series, Mega Man is portrayed drastically different from all his other incarnations, being a short, green robot with a high pitched nasally voice and a visor over his eyes. He has a tendency to add “mega” in front of words for emphasis. He does not have a Mega Buster, instead he has wrist mounted laser shooters.

He is voiced by Doug Parker.


Mega Man’s first appearance, with Princess Lana.

Mega Man debuts in the first episode of Captain N alongside Simon Belmont and Kid Icarus, where Princess Lana declares the Palace of Power will not hold out long against the forces of Mother Brain. She tells Mega Man that he fought bravely, in which he replies it was his pleasure. He watches as the Power Glove tells the group of a legend of a warrior from another land coming and saving Videoland: Captain N. The Power Glove uses the Ultimate Warpzone to transport Kevin Keene from the real world into Videoland, where he meets Mega Man and his friends. He then catches Kid Icarus when Kevin accidentally fires his zapper, which blasted a chandelier down onto Kid Icarus. Simon, Kid Icarus, and Simon all show their disapproval of Kevin when he denies being the savior of Videoland, and Mega Man claims he "gets a low score for this game". The three then search for a way to cheer up Lana.

King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard kidnap Lana as Mega Man and Kid Icarus attempt to barricade the front door. The latter two attempt to search for her, but Simon, as the highest ranking officer, orders Mega Man to shine his boots while Kid Icaurs gives him a haircut. Mega Man hastily rubs Simon's boots, causing them to heat up, and Kid Icarus makes a storm cloud rain on him. The three get into a heated argument before Kevin steps in and breaks them up. Kevin and Simon argue over which warp pipe to take to Metroid, with Simon using a double sided coin to cheat, and the group ends up in Kongoland, the land of Donkey Kong. Mega Man un-flattens Simon, who was blown away by Donkey Kong, and they escape up a volcano. Mega Man states there are no warp zones in the area as Simon berates Kevin on his idea to go up the volcano.


  • Mega Man’s green color scheme with yellow accents and visor is similar to Quint, who himself is a time-displaced Mega Man reprogrammed by Dr. Wily.
    • The apparent reason he is green is because the animators' TV was slightly broken, resulting in all the colors being changed.[Citation needed]
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