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Mega Man is a Mega Man game that was developed by Freestyle and released exclusively in North America by U.S. Gold for the Sega Game Gear in 1994. Despite the title, it is not a remake of the original Mega Man, but an original title that uses elements from both Mega Man 4 and 5. It is also the only Mega Man game released for the Game Gear handheld system.


Robot Masters

Model No. Name Weapon Weakness
DWN035 Stone Man Stone Weapon Bomb Weapon
DWN025 Bright Man Bright Weapon Crash Weapon
DWN039 Napalm Man Bomb Weapon Bright Weapon
DWN037 Star Man Crash Weapon Stone Weapon

Final stages

Model No. Name Weapon Weakness
DWN034 Wave Man Wave Weapon Mega Buster
DWN026 Toad Man Rain Weapon Wave Weapon
- Wily Capsule II None



Mega Man (Game Gear): Final Stage and Credits

Game Gear Mega Man Dr

Game Gear Mega Man Dr. Wily- Final Stage and Credits


  • Even though it's shown to be Wily Castle from Mega Man 4 before the final stage, it's Dr. Cossack's Citadel that's seen exploding at the end of the game.
  • In the stage select screen, Star Man's icon is miscolored green.
  • Given the smaller screen size of the Game Gear, players often must do a leap-of-faith, hoping to land on another platform, as they often cannot see what is below.
    • However, if the player holds the Jump button for a few seconds, they can move the camera position with the directional pad, allowing them to see any platform or trap that's otherwise offscreen.
  • Unlike most other Mega Man games, Mega Man can only have two buster shots on-screen at once, instead of three.
    • Also, a fully-charged buster shot does 4 units of damage instead of 3 in this game.
  • The Robot Masters act and move considerably faster and more aggressively than their NES counterparts.
  • The styling, but not the color palettes, of the Robot Masters and level tiles in this game is similar to that of Mega Man: The Wily Wars.
  • Most of the weaponry in this game is simplified to "(One word of the weapon's name) Weapon" when obtained; for instance, the Napalm Bomb and Rain Flush are called "Bomb Weapon" and "Rain Weapon," respectively.
  • A Robot Master's weakness does 4 units of damage.
  • Sliding into Bright Man at the beginning of the battle right as he uses his Flash Stopper move will cause Mega Man to be frozen, but will also make him invincible, leaving Bright Man hopping in place forever until the player restarts the game.
  • Wave Man's theme was changed to Gravity Man's theme for this game.
    • Wave Man also has no weakness outside of the Mega Buster.
    • Oddly enough, Wave Man's actual theme can be heard during the Game Over.
  • Wily Castle consists of Quick Man's stage and a hallway which leads to the final battle with Dr. Wily, as well as a small final Wily stage that was taken from Mega Man 5.
  • When Mega Man defeats Dr. Wily, he does a final move like he is getting a weapon, which is unnecessary.
  • Mega Man's artwork on the box is a truncated version of him with the Salt Water weapon.
  • Instead of Dr. Wily jumping out of his capsule at the end of the game's final boss, he explodes with the capsule itself. However, he does appear in the closing screen following the credits, panicking before Mega Man.
  • Mega Man's helmet on the title screen is taken from Mega Man 4.
  • This is one of the few games in the Classic series that can be played from start to finish with the Mega Buster only, the other being Mega Man 10.
  • There are no continues if the player loses all of their lives. Therefore, if the players get a Game Over in the final stages, they'll have to restart over from Wave Man's stage again (assuming they use a password).

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